Meltwater’s Release Notes are designed to keep you up-to-date on the latest happenings within the platform. Each monthly breakdown provides a holistic overview of the latest features and functionality released in the platform.

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Note: certain product releases are specific to different modules in the platform. Please check your subscription and reach out via Live Chat or your Account Manager if you’d like to learn more about a particular release.

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Explore: Monitor, Research, and Analyze over 200 billion online conversations.

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Engage: Social Media Management and Measurement.

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April 2022

Engage - YouTube in Publish, Conversations, and Analyze - Learn More
Manage your entire presence on YouTube, the world’s second-largest search engine, in Meltwater! Schedule and publish videos, respond to and interact with your fan comments, and view post and channel data, within Engage.

Smart Alerts - New Events Type Filter for Events Alerts - Learn More
Pick the event types that matter to you. The Event type filter allows you to customize your Events alerts to only those most relevant to your use case. Choose from over 35 events!

Klear - Campaign Affiliate Data - Learn More

Aggregate all of your affiliate metrics per influencer, for a campaign! The affiliate tab has been added to the Measure section of campaigns, and offers a dedicated view focused on conversions, sales, and revenue. View sales data by products sold, or influencer, and even pay affiliate fees via Klear pay!

March 2022

Meltwater - Advanced Permissions for Users - Learn More
Advanced user permissions allow administrators to grant the same Admin and Viewer access for users, at that Meltwater module level. Meaning, you can set a user's access specifically to Explore, and different permission for managing users. This feature also introduces the No Access role.

Analyze - Earned Media Measurement Dashboard - Learn More

The Earned Media Measurement report allows you to measure and understand the drivers of earned media metrics. It consolidates the most relevant metrics and trends into a single report. Create a report to share the insights gained, outside of Meltwater, in the format of your choosing, including PPT and PDF!

Explore - Bilibili and Youku Add to the Chinese Premium Sources Package - Learn More

Youku is one of China's top online video and streaming service platforms whilst Bilibili focuses on animation, comics, and games. The Chinese data addition is a premium add-on for Explore customers.

Explore - Apply labels to Custom Categories - Learn More

Keep Custom Categories organized with labels. Easily segment and manage all categories for easier use and collaboration both via the Manage Categories page, as well as in the dropdown filter in Explore.

Explore - Broadcast Subfilter

A new subfilter option has been added to the Broadcast source type filter in Explore, allowing for the selection of Radio or TV as a filter!

Klear - Predictive Mode Updates - Learn More

Klear has enhanced the predictive capabilities for campaigns! Updates include: export data to csv, see total campaign predictions, receive a complete metric breakdown.

February 2022

Engage/Reporting & Analytics - Introducing the Paid, Earned & Owned dashboard - Learn More

The new Paid, Earned, & Owned dashboard in Social Analytics offers a unified overview of campaign performance across channels and mediums. This new PEO dashboard provides PR and marketing teams with a holistic understanding of how omnichannel marketing efforts are working together to drive engagement and exposure. Save time, measure and improve your social media performance, and find the optimal balance of conversation and promotion across your social media efforts.

Introducing Meltwater for Universities! - Learn More

A modular solution, Meltwater for Universities complements our standard products and uniquely offers:

  • Track the interplay between research, citations, social media, and news media. Identify how these channels interact to drive awareness.

  • Attribute media coverage at a university, department, faculty, and academic/professor level.

  • Identify threats and opportunities to your brand by monitoring your share of voice according to University-specific themes, like campus culture.

Explore - New Search Switcher - Learn More

Easily find and switch between saved searches directly within Explore via the new Search Switcher! Click the name of your search to launch the dropdown menu which includes all saved searches, as well as labels (with subfilters), and a find bar. This provides a major usability and user experience upgrade for Explore users.

Klear - Set Preferred Currency - Learn More

New Currency Selector allows you to set your preferred display currency when using Klear! Choose from one of 35 currencies (EUR, JPY, GBP, AUD, CAD, CHF, CNY, etc.).

Monitor - Custom Date Range - Learn More

A new Custom date range option and design in Monitor. Select the desired start and end date for Monitor content with a fresh interface.

Klear - Create and Save Email Templates, with new variable options! - Learn More

Email Templates! This new feature will allow users to customize and save email templates for specific use cases. Creating more efficient channels of communication that will only enhance the collaboration experience. Email templates also have specific variables you can include: first name, Instagram username, etc. for creating a more personalized tone in emails.

Engage - Owned Social Notifications Updates - Learn More

An overhaul of how users are alerted to the expiring of their owned and paid social media accounts, including in-app notifications, re-designed email messages, and Slack and Teams integrations!

Explore - New boolean operator to support searching for video or image - Learn More

A brand new boolean operator that searches for only results that include a video or image attachment. This operator works for Twitter, Reddit, Blogs, and Comments.

  • For videos: attachmentType:video

  • For images: attachmentType:image

January 2022

Explore - New Media Contacts Tab - Learn More

Journalists are the ultimate influencers and targeting the right ones is critical to succeeding with pitching initiatives. Earning media coverage starts with media research and developing relationships with journalists.

With the Media Contacts tab in Explore, you can access the profiles for the journalists writing the articles matching your query results! Easily identify, vet, organize and save journalists that matter most to your topics.

Klear - Slack Integration - Learn More

Communicate with ease with this new Slack integration. Send and receive direct messages with influencers, approve content submissions, and foster team collaboration.

Monitor - Sampled CSV Downloads in Monitor Content Stream - Learn More

Export a random sampling of results when results exceed 20k in the content feed. A randomized sample provides a more accurate view of the type of content in your results, vs reviewing every piece of content or downloading just the first 20k documents.

Klear - Multiple Recruit Forms - Learn More

Klear offers our customers the ability to create customizable recruit forms, that beautifully promote ambassador programs and help you collaborate with your clients. We are now upgrading our recruit form capabilities, and allowing clients to create as many recruit forms as they desire. Perfect for agencies working with multiple clients, enterprises with multiple brands, or if you just need multiple forms.

Klear - WooCommerce Integration - Learn More

As more and more brands are leveraging influencer marketing for eCommerce, we know that it’s essential to easily measure the impact of your collaborations. Our clients already enjoy our Shopify Integration, and now we are excited to launch a new WooCommerce integration letting you connect multiple stores to your Klear Account.

Explore - New Source Type Filter: Request for Proposal - Learn More

A request for proposal, also referred to as RFP or Tender, is a business document that announces a project, and solicits a proposal, often through a bidding process, by an agency or company interested in procurement of a good or service, to potential suppliers. RFPs offer a very specific use case to users, and those actively looking for them can more easily find or filter them out.

December 2021

Content Source - Now Supporting Articles From The New York Times - Learn More

New York Times articles are now available in your search results. Read full-text articles from The New York Times – no paywalls or subscriptions necessary, directly within Meltwater.

Explore - A New Authors Tab Goes Beyond the What and Uncovers the Who - Learn More

The Authors tab has been revamped to offer new key insights! An audience snapshot report, uncovering the demographics, top professions, and interests of the people tweeting about topics that matter to you.

Smart Alerts - Now Available: Send Email Alerts to External Recipients - Learn More

Widen the scope of your Meltwater alert recipients to ensure the entire team, not just those with a Meltwater login, are aware, aligned, and taking action on business, brand, and industry-critical information.

Media Relations - Mini-Profiles Save You Time When Running Journalist Searches - Learn More

Mini-profiles offers a new, streamlined way to view additional information on a contact, without leaving your current screen. This provides a faster, easier way to vet contacts, without interrupting your workflow.

November 2021

Monitor - Create a Digest Report Direct from Monitor

Digest reports offer a way to deliver reports directly to your inbox, at your preferred frequency. You can now create and schedule these reports directly from Monitor!

Smart Alerts - Receive Alerts for Significant Engagement Increase on Your Facebook Page - Learn More

Be nimble, and stay in the know. Receive a Page Engagement alert when the engagement volume of your posts on your owned Facebook page is significantly higher than your baseline.

Explore - Include Relevant Content Outside Your Filtered Location, with the Unknown Filter

This new filter allows the inclusion of content that would be previously filtered out of results, because the individual result, or source, does not include location data. The Unknown Filter will keep these items in your results.

Explore - Enhance Your Boolean Searches for URLs and Domains with Two New Operators - Learn More

Search for parts of a URL and search for website domain and subdomains with the new site: and containslink: boolean operators.

Mobile - Tag Fan Messages On-The-Go

Meltwater Engage Mobile users will now have full tagging capabilities! Users can tag fan messages, see tags displayed on brand and fan content, filter by tags, and create new tags. Messages tagged on mobile will reflect on web, and vice versa.

Smart Alerts - Receive Alerts for Every Mention of Your Brand, While Excluding Duplicates - Learn More

Stay in the know by receiving alerts for Every Mention of your brand or topic, while excluding syndicated duplications of the same mention, to track the true impact of the mention.

October 2021

Engage - 🚀 Schedule Instagram Stories and Carousels in Publish 🚀 - Learn More

With the Instagram Story and Carousel content creator, you can manage your entire social calendar in one place. Create your stories and carousels in advance, and see them alongside your other social content on the calendar.

Explore - Subfilter by individual RSS feed

Previously, when using RSS feed as a filter in Explore, all RSS results returned together. Now, you can now subfilter down per individual RSS feed you receive results for! Simply click the arrow next to the RSS results, to drill further into your added RSS feeds for subfilter selection.

Monitor - Introducing Monitor! - Learn More

Monitor is a multi-stream experience for consuming relevant content, from multiple source types, in a single view. These content streams within Monitor are where you view and take action on the content generated from your searches, tags, and RSS feeds. Monitor will soon replace Inbox, so be sure to check it out now!

September 2021

API - 🚀 Create and update Explore searches via the API 🚀 - Learn More

API users can now create and update Keyword, Boolean (advanced), or Combined searches directly via API calls.

Navigation - 🚀 More from Meltwater 🚀 - Learn More

Navigate directly to another Meltwater app, all within the same login session. No extra logins, passwords, or URLs needed.

Media Relations - Outreach attachment size increases

Attachment file size limits in Outreach have been increased. Individual attachment file size has increased from 1MB to 10 MB, and the overall attachment limit on an outreach email has increased from 3MB to 10MB (sum of all attachments).

This allows you to upload more attachments, larger attachments, or both!

Explore - 🚀 Twitter Insights - New Gender Breakdown Widget 🚀

When reviewing results within the Twitter Insights tab in Explore, there is a new Gender Breakdown widget. This widget is based on tweets from authors for which we were able to infer gender, using their name. Tweets may not have a gender associated because personal info was unavailable or because it is an organization Twitter account without an associated gender. We currently do not have a way of identifying non-binary gender, so authors are identified as Male or Female.

Engage - Two new message types added in Conversations - Learn More

You can now see recommendations of your brand on Facebook! These are listed as “recommendations for” as a positive review and ”recommendations against” as a negative review. Also, the new Brand Posts/Tweets type filter provides the ability to view brand published content directly in Conversations, allowing for post tagging and post level moderation.

August 2021

Explore - Create Author List Directly from Authors Tab - Learn More

You can now create an Author List directly in the Authors tab in Explore. After selecting your Author(s), and clicking Add to List, the pop-up with your list of current Author lists, will also include a button to Create List!

Engage - 🚀 Send Twitter Direct Message to Public Reply 🚀

Users can now send a direct message to a public Twitter reply in Conversations! This can be used for customer service to take a public conversation, private.

Replies now have an option to Send direct message, via the ellipses menu.

Engage/Reporting & Analytics - 🚀 IGTV Insights In Analytics 🚀 - Learn More

IGTV Insights are now included in the Instagram Overview report template in Social Analytics. They will be included in all post-level data, as well as the Top Performing Posts.

In the top-performing List view, they are distinguished by a TV icon.

IGTV is also now a separate post type in the Post Type graph.

Engage/Reporting & Analytics - Overview Report Thumbnail Improvements

Thumbnails for posts in the Facebook and Instagram overview templates in Social Analytics will now be available indefinitely! This includes images, videos, and Instagram stories!

Navigation - Pin the Navigation Bar in Meltwater - Learn More

The Meltwater Navigation bar can be pinned open or, closed to dynamically open and close as you hover over it.

Smart Alerts - 🚀 Microsoft Teams Integration Launch - Learn More 🚀

With the ability to push Alerts via a direct Microsoft Teams integration, your organization will receive your latest news alerts in the most modern and convenient way!

Password: Meltw@ter1!

Explore/API - 🚀 Twitch, Tiktok and Pinterest sources added to API exports for Explore - Learn More 🚀

Engage - Facebook and Instagram Ad comments in Conversations

Review and respond to Ad comments / replies. Two new message types have been added under the Types filter in conversations. Ad comments and Ad replies are new options for both Facebook and Instagram.

Engage - ‘Select All’ options in the Message Type Filter

As we expand available message types, we’ve added a new way to easily select them. The top option allows for bulk selection for all channels. Each channel also has a ‘Select All’ at the top of their section, for intra-channel bulk selections.

Engage - Facebook - Edit video thumbnails and titles

You can now customize your Facebook video thumbnails prior to posting! Select from one of the five pre-populated images automatically selected from the first few frames of your video, or upload a custom thumbnail.

Engage - Cross Channel Overview Audience Growth Graph Update

The Audience Growth graph on the Cross Channel Overview report in Analyze, has been updated to now depict fan changes, rather than total fan count.

Engage - Assignment popup during account connections

Assigning users to newly connected accounts is now even easier! After connecting a new social account to Engage via the Owned Connections tab, the user assignment window will automatically open, allowing you to easily assign account access to all necessary users.

July 2021

Engage- Instagram Direct Messages for Web & Mobile - Learn More

Instagram Direct Messages includes the ability to respond to Direct messages, Story replies, and Story mentions within Conversations.

Engage- Total Engagements Widget available in Social Analytics -Learn More

Total Engagements= The total number of times users liked, commented, and saved your posts. This includes organic activity only. Values are attributed to the post date.

Engage- Post Link Clicks Widget available in Social Analytics -Learn more

Post Link Clicks Widget available for the LinkedIn, Twitter

and Facebook Overview Reports)

Facebook post clicks= The number of times that users clicked on the links within your posts during the reporting period. This includes both organic and paid activity.

LinkedIn post clicks= The number of times during the reporting period users clicked on the link, media, more icon in the top right corner, or organization page from your posts. This includes organic activity only.

Twitter post clicks= The number of times users clicked on the links within your posts during the reporting period. This includes both organic and paid activity.

Engage- 24 hr Response Restriction to Facebook Private Messages Increased to 7 days - Learn more

Users now have up to 7 days to respond to Facebook Private Messages across both the Web & Mobile App.

Explore- Export 20k Random Sample of Content -Learn more

Researching large topics (COVID-19 vaccine, Tokyo Olympics Sentiment, Future of

Cryptocurrency) pulls in a high volume of results. Being able to export a randomized sample of content, allows you to get a pulse on the conversation which will better inform you of key messages, sentiment, and media prominence to better refine and inform your research efforts.

Explore - Introducing three new data types - Learn more

Incorporate data from Pinterest, Twitch and TikTok into your Explore searches via the source type filter.

Explore- Introducing Custom Categories -Learn More

Utilize saved boolean queries as filters to narrow your search results for analysis and comparison. Custom Categories can be used wherever filters are available and can be applied across Keyword, Advanced and Combined searches.

June 2021

Engage- Facebook & Instagram Paid Performance Reporting -Learn More

Introducing a new template to your owned social analytics- FB & IG Paid! This report allows you to analyze your paid performance across Instagram, Facebook and Messenger.

Engage Mobile - Approvals in the Mobile App - Learn more

With the Engage Mobile App you can approve posts assigned to you while on the go. Under the My Tasks tab you can quickly see the posts awaiting your approval in one stream.

May 2021

Alerts- New Alerts Launched -Learn More

Introducing two new alerts to the Smart Alert Library:

  1. Sentiment Shift: Understand the spikes and dips in your brand, industry and competitor’s tonality. Be alerted when a brand, topic or competitor experiences an increase in positive or negative sentiment compared to an average baseline.

  2. Every Mention: Get notified any time a new result populates for a specific search. Every Mention keeps you informed during times of crisis monitoring or when you need to follow a breaking and developing piece of content.

Engage- Facebook Audience Customization for Publishing -Learn More

Introducing the ability to add Audience Restrictions to your Facebook posts in Meltwater Engage. Users can now target their posts by age, country, region or city!

Newsletters -Exposed Article Image for Custom Templates -Learn More

Editorial and social images can now be exposed in custom templates! This will provide additional context and incorporate a visual component for your Newsletter distributions.

*Please reach out to your Account Manager or to add this feature to your current customer Newsletter template. Requires Meltwater Newsletter in your subscription.

Mobile- ‘What’s New’ Updates- Learn More

With our latest update, it’s easier than ever to get instant access to your top mentions, all from a simple push notification. Get recommendations for top searches based on your past readership history, so you never miss an important article or social mention. Our mobile app is available in both the Google Play and Apple App store. Using your camera on your phone, scan the below QR code and download it today.

Engage- Integration for Publishing - Learn More

Introducing our connection for a more elegant publishing experience in Meltwater Engage. Shortening links provides more manageable messaging and can help track and compile key insights around your audience and customers!

April 2021

Introducing System Alerts! Learn More

System Alerts help notify you of when an action has been completed or when a task has been assigned to you. These alerts provide zero disruption to your workflow and will be the future of how you will be notified of generated reports being ready, accessing all downloads and more. Stay tuned for future alerts being added to our growing library!

Explore/Search- Owned Facebook and Instagram Data available in results - Learn More

Access your owned Facebook posts, comments and owned Instagram comments within your search results if you have both Meltwater Engage and social media monitoring within your account. By showcasing owned and earned data in a single search, you will be able to better understand the conversations happening around your brand and industry, and how your owned posts may be driving those conversations.

Explore - Introducing ‘Quick Picks’ for source selections - Learn More

Pre-defined source selections specific to your region now available as a filter in Explore. Increase the relevance of your search by narrowing your results down by a specific geo and source type with a simple click!

Note: Image below is from a user based in the Americas. ‘Quick Picks’ will reflect the user’s local geo.

Explore- Edit a Search from Combined Search -Learn More

Make edits to or duplicate an original search directly from Combined search. Quickly and efficiently make edits to your search keywords or filters directly from Combined search without having to exit the environment to make edits to the original search.

Engage- 🚀 Assign Users to Specific Social Channels- Learn More 🚀

Select which of your Engage users are permitted to publish and view content to each of your connected social profiles. The ability to assign users to specific social profiles will help segment your profiles based on the roles and responsibilities of your team members.

Engage/Reporting & Analytics- 🚀 Introducing ‘Social Analytics’ (FKA ‘Measure’ in Meltwater Engage)- Learn More 🚀

‘Social Analytics’ allows you to measure your social channel performance individually or aggregate data from multiple profiles so you can report back on the success of your social media channels. All Meltwater Engage customers will find their saved reports and templates (formerly in Measure) now in Social Analytics under Analyze.

March 2021

General Platform- New ‘Account’ Landing Page -Take a Look

The new ‘Account’ landing page provides a modern and organized overview of all things related to your account. Full account details are crisply outlined while all set-up components are readily available for user set-up, social connection management and more.

Explore - 🚀 Twitter Engagement Metrics - Learn More 🚀

Easily identify and surface the most engaged content across Twitter, with the ability to drill down by Retweets, Likes and Replies. Sorting by Twitter engagement will help with campaign tracking and reporting, competitor intelligence and aid in influencer identification.

Engage - 🚀 Instagram Competitive Benchmarking Launch - Learn More🚀

Compare your owned handles against those of your competitors or peers to assess overall audience growth, top performing posts, messaging effectiveness and more with Instagram competitive benchmarking!

Engage - Saved Responses in Conversations - Learn More

Introducing the ability to save template responses in Conversations! Saved Responses allows teams to work more efficiently to reply to comments, replies and direct messages while maintaining a standardized voice for your audience, customers and followers.

February 2021

Smart Alerts - 🚀 Slack Integration Launch - Learn More 🚀

With the ability to push Alerts via a direct Slack integration, your organization will receive your latest news alerts in the most modern and convenient way!

Explore - Custom Date Range for Compare Searches Learn More

Sometimes you need to compare your brand’s coverage from two different date ranges, such as benchmarking your product launch from the summer against your competitors’ winter launch. With the ability to override the date for individual compare searches, you’ll be able to do proper comparison analysis regardless of the point in time.

Engage - Author Lists Now Available in Conversations Learn More

Author Lists are now a filter option for Conversations! By bringing in your Explore Author Lists, you will be able to connect the dots between owned Twitter content and authors on their lists mentioning them.

*Please note that you must have Explore to see this new filter option

Engage-CSV Exports Now Available in Publish Learn More

Sharing your social content calendar with other departments and key stakeholders keeps everyone informed. With the ability to export your social calendar from both the Calendar and Feed View, you will be able to provide full visibility of your social media publishing.

January 2021

Engage - Instagram First Comment in Publish- Learn More

Maintaining a crisp clear caption is difficult to do with the additions of #hashtags in order to drive engagement and measure performance. With the ability to add the first comment directly in the Instagram Publisher, you’ll be able to retain the engagement benefits of adding #hashtags without cluttering the parent post.

Explore - New Simplified Boolean Operators - Learn More

With a focus on ease of use, we are introducing seven simplified boolean operators and two NEW operators like sourceName to find documents from a specific editorial or social source and tweetId to quickly find a specific tweet within Meltwater.

December 2020

Engage Mobile- Saved Searches Now Available In-App - Learn More

By pulling in both Explore and classic Searches into conversations in your Engage mobile app, users can now add value to conversations that may not necessarily mention them directly but are relevant to their brand or industry.

Engage- Scheduled Measure reports and classic searches in Engage- Learn More

You can now schedule Measure reports to be delivered on a weekly or monthly basis. These reports can be scheduled for up to 25 recipients and are delivered via a PDF report attached to an email. The recipients do not need to be Meltwater users.

Saved classic Searches are now available as a filter option in the Conversations tab in Meltwater Engage. Being able to engage with content that does not directly @ your brand allows you and your team to participate in conversations that are relevant to your brand and industry.

Explore/API - 🚀 Facebook & Instagram Data Available in Exports + Analytics- Learn More 🚀

Facebook & Instagram data is now available in your Explore PDF and CSV exports Meltwater API Updates!

Engage - 🚀 Facebook Competitive Benchmarking Launch- Learn More🚀

Compare your owned handles against those of your competitors or peers to assess your performance, messaging effectiveness and more with Instagram competitive benchmarking!

Explore - 🚀 Introducing the ‘Authors’ Tab- Learn More 🚀

The newly added 'Authors' tab will showcase, in ranked order by number of followers, the top Twitter authors from Explore search results. This functionality highlights key information about these Twitter users, and allows users to add some or all of the returned handles to an existing Author List. This is a great opportunity to identify who the most important influencers are tweeting about a particular topic of interest.

Engage - LinkedIn @mentions in Publish - Learn More

You can now tag a LinkedIn Company and Showcase/Affiliate Pages in your Engage posts. To start, type the @ symbol followed by at least 2 characters. Multiple handles can be tagged in a post, and when the message is posted the handles will be notified that they have been tagged.

November 2020

Smart Alerts- 🚀 Smart Alerts launch for all Meltwater Customers - Learn More 🚀

Smart Alerts automatically send key insights about your brand, competitors, or industry trends. With five active Alerts, and many more in production, users can customize what alerts they need and how they want to receive them. Alert delivery is supported across Web, Email and Mobile.

Engage - 🚀 Launching Approvals in Publish- Learn More 🚀

Having another member of your team to review social content before it's published can help you to ensure your tone of voice and branding is consistent. Posts can be assigned for approval on the final page of the Publish workflow. Once a post has been assigned, the reviewer will receive an email notification where they can Accept or Reject a post.

Explore- Product Review Boolean Operator - Learn More

Research Product Reviews with a specific rating. Reviews are normalized on a percentage scale from 0-100. For example, 80 would represent 80% positive or 4/5 stars. Users can now search for reviews for a specific product or brand using the productReview operator. *This is available in Explore and Search.

Influencers- 🚀 Custom Templates for Outreach - Learn More 🚀

You can now save your own templates in order to use when crafting outreach through Influencers. With saved templates, you can make sure your branding is consistent and formatting is accurate across the board.

October 2020

Explore - Newly AddedTop Forums’ to Analytics Tab- Learn More

With the addition of Top Forums users can uncover questions, opinions, and feedback that people have about their brand, products, competitors, and overall industry category

Explore-Facebook Page Monitoring - Learn More

Monitor Facebook pages to track posts, comments, and engagements. To monitor Facebook pages you must authenticate your account. Each authenticated Facebook account can add up to 50 Facebook pages for monitoring.

*Please note that monitoring Facebook pages is included within our Premium Social Package (PSP), Explore Lite and Explore Unlimited packages.

September 2020

Engage- 🚀 Launching Assignments in Conversations - Learn More 🚀

With Assignments in Conversations, users can now make sure the right teammate is notified of and respond in a timely manner to incoming posts. Once a conversation has been assigned, the assigned user will receive an email notification alerting them of their assignment.

Engage Mobile-Collision Detection & Quote Tweets now Available - Learn More

Collision Detection helps notify team members if someone is replying to social posts and who is taking the action, ensuring no two people are responding twice to the same message. Users now have the option to add a comment to a retweet. To make a quoted tweet, click on Retweet and select “Retweet with comment”.

Engage - Updates in Publish - Learn More

A flurry of updates happening in the Publish tab of Meltwater Engage. Beginning with the ability to filter posts by tags to easily identify owned content for specific campaigns. Next is an updated calendar picker and the ability to ‘clone & edit’

August 2020

Engage - GIF Publishing - Learn More

Last month we released GIF publishing on Twitter- now you can also publish GIFs for Facebook and LinkedIn! Select the GIF button when composing to add a GIF to your post. You can post up to 1 GIF at a time, as long as it is less than 5MB.

Influencers - Influencer’s Search Improvements - Learn More

The new Influencers search allows users to easily toggle between "Contacts named..." and "Contacts writing about...", helping you get to the results you are looking for quicker.

Newsletter - Social Echo Available in Custom Templates - Learn More

Customize your template to include the social echo an article had across the various social networks to allow your reader to quickly pinpoint the content that is most trendy and impactful.

July 2020

Explore- Two New Widgets in the Analytics Tab - Learn More

With the addition of Top Blogs and Top Subreddits users can research which sources post about a specific topic, discover blogs to partner with or add to outreach campaigns and more!

Engage - 🚀 Twitter @mentioning + GIFs in Publish - Learn More 🚀

Users can now tag Twitter handles in their Twitter posts when publishing through Meltwater Engage! To get started, type the @ symbol followed by at least 2 characters to see name, username, and whether the handle has been verified or not.

Engage Mobile- Conversations’ Updates - Learn More

Users can now filter incoming messages by status and marking posts and tasks as complete to maintain an up-to-date social inbox-all on the go!

Download Meltwater Engage Mobile Today

Engage - 🚀 LinkedIn Video and Multi-Image Publishing - Learn More 🚀

Introducing the ability to publish videos and multi-images for LinkedIn through Meltwater Engage! Enriching your content with multi-media will help tell your story for your audience and network.

Influencers - New beats added to Influencers - Learn More

With over 14,000 Beats including, pop culture, cryptocurrency, Blockchain Technology and B2B Marketing & Communications, adding additional beats will expand your search.

Newsletter - 🚀 Add Content functionality directly available in Newsletters - Learn More🚀

Improved workflow for Newsletters! Introducing the ability to Add Content directly from the Newsletter. No more needed to Add Content externally. Seamless curation all from one spot.

June 2020

Engage- Tagging available in Conversations and Publish - Learn More

Tagging in both Conversations and Publish allow team members to be more agile and organized when it comes to their social management and measurement. Tag incoming posts relevant to a campaign, and tag owned content you publish directly for seamless reporting with the Cross-Channel Tag Report.

Engage- Explore Searches in Conversations - Learn More

Saved Explore searches are now available as a filter option in the Conversations tab in Meltwater Engage. Being able to engage with content that does not directly @ your brand allows you and your team to participate in conversations that are relevant to your brand and industry.

Engage-Facebook @mentions in Publish - Learn More

Users can now tag a Facebook page in their Facebook posts when publishing through Meltwater Engage! To get started, type the @ symbol followed by at least 2 characters when creating your next Facebook post.

May 2020

Explore - 🚀 Launching ‘Combined Searches’ in Explore - Learn More 🚀

Combined Searches allow users to join together two or more existing saved searches using AND, OR, and NOT Boolean operators. This is helpful for managing a large number of saved searches and for quickly combining topics with brand and competitor saved searches.

Engage Mobile - Conversations Now Available - Learn More

Introducing Conversations in the Meltwater Engage Mobile App. Bringing in the same desktop conversations into Mobile, allows teams to view incoming social posts on the go!

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Engage - Collision Detection + Quoted Tweets in Conversations - Learn More

Collision Detection helps notify team members if someone is replying to social posts and who is taking the action, ensuring no two people are responding twice to the same message. Users now have the option to add a comment to a retweet. To make a quoted tweet, click on Retweet and select “Retweet with comment”.

April 2020

Explore + Search-🚀 Launching 'Labels' for Saved Searches - Learn More 🚀

Labels help keep your saved searches organized. With the ability to categorize searches by brand, industry, competitors and disciplines, users will be able to easily find the information they need.

Engage - Image Editor and Drafts available in Publish - Learn More

No need for photoshop! Users can now edit images directly in Meltwater Engage with various filters and edition options. Secondly, users are now able to save content as a draft in the Publish module. All drafted content can be found in the Feed View of Publish.

March 2020

Explore-PDF Export in Content Stream - Learn More

Users now have the ability to export a PDF with up to 100 results from the content stream. Similar to exporting to CSV, select the documents you want to export, click the export button, and choose "Download PDF".

Explore- Unpacked Learn More - Learn More

Introducing the ability to match Twitter or Reddit documents that share a URL in the content. Particularly useful for Twitter since this social channel masks links with a URL. Use a specific link or a general domain with an asterisk to find all shared links from that site.

Engage-🚀 Instagram Video Publishing - Learn More 🚀

Introducing the ability to upload and publish Instagram videos through Meltwater Engage!

Mobile-Quick Select Tags - Learn More

All of your most commonly used Tags will now appear at the very top whenever you tag content on Mobile. Allowing teams who often use a specific tag for outreach, project, campaign and competitor tracking to easily tag the content based on their “favorites.”

February 2020

Explore - Facebook Comments - Learn More

Distinguish between Facebook comments and posts for your social listening. To search for Facebook comments you can filter by Facebook and use two available operators:

  • author:Comment

  • metaData.discussionType:re

Mobile - The ‘Story of Syndication’- Learn More

Ever want to find the ‘first identified’ story? Meltwater Mobile’s ‘Story of Syndication’ helps surface that ‘first identified’ piece of content and shows the syndication journey while providing an analytics summary to showcase a story’s virality and reach.

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January 2020

Explore - 🚀 Author Lists Launch - Learn More🚀

Author Lists allow you to create a list of Twitter handles or Reddit users, and use the list as a filter to find documents from those handles and users. For Twitter, you can also use the list as a filter to find Twitter documents to those handles.

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Team Meltwater

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