Meltwater Release Notes

An overview of the latest features and functionality released in the Meltwater platform.

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Meltwater’s Release Notes are designed to keep you up-to-date on the latest happenings within the platform. Each monthly breakdown provides a holistic overview of the latest features and functionality released in the platform.

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Meltwater release notes prior to 2023.

April 2024

Klear: Edit Influencer Deliverables

Edit and manage your existing deliverables across multiple views in the Manage module of your campaign, which includes a visual Campaign Calendar view. Learn more about Editing Influencer Deliverables.

Newsfeeds: Updated Look and Feel + Faster Loading Times

Newsfeeds are still the best way to republish content found in Meltwater to a public website. We've updated Newsfeeds to make it even easier to use and navigate! You'll also notice faster loading times so you can refocus on PR efforts. Learn more about Newsfeeds.

PR Insight Reports: New AI-Powered Theme Analysis Slide

The theme analysis slide categorizes the top 100 articles sorted by reach into up to 5 themes, displayed in a pie chart. Learn more about Available Insights on PR Insight Reports.

Alerts: Insights & AI-Powered Insights on Sentiment Shift Alerts

Spike Detection and Sentiment Shift alerts have been updated to include an

AI-powered insight explanation of the alert. Learn more about Smart Alerts.

March 2024

Analyze: Introducing Dashboard Templates

Build comprehensive earned media Dashboards quickly, with new Dashboard templates. Choose from a selection of templates pre-loaded with insights. Learn more about Types of Dashboards.

Meltwater: Add Content Update including a Realtime Status Check

Capture more content by adding it in the modernized "Add Content" page, directly tag it or add to an existing search with a real-time status check so you know when the URL has been added. Learn more about Adding Content to Meltwater.

Engage: Updates to Facebook Metrics and Historical Data

Historical data for Facebook across Conversations, Publish, and Measure for as long as

you are a customer. Learn more about Updated Facebook Metrics and Data.

Klear: Customize My Influencers Using New Social Stats

You can now display crucial metrics such as reach and engagement on priority platforms to help make more informed decisions when evaluating your network and planning collaborations. Learn more about Managing Your Influencer Network.

Klear: Manage Account Attributes

Stay organized with one place to access and manage all of your tags, email templates, custom variables, and campaign labels through the new Attributes tab located in account settings. Learn more about Managing Your Attributes.

Radarly: Image-based Search

Go beyond text-based keywords to fuel your data set: capture image-based content in your project using logo and celebrity recognition from X (formerly Twitter) and Reddit

Analyze: Data Density

Use the new data density option to adjust how data is displayed over time within a chart by choosing to see your data broken down by hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. Learn more about Data Density.

Analyze: Manually Adjust Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE)

You can now choose which local currency you would like to display when calculating AVE (Advertising Value Equivalency) in Dashboards and customize the conversion (attribution rate). Learn more about Custom AVE.

Meltwater: Highest Syndicated Reach

The article with the highest reach is now surfaced on the top article in a duplicate set. Understand which article likely had the highest impact measured by reach at-a-glance and action it without having to expand to see duplicates. Learn more about Highest Syndicated Reach.

Meltwater: Sensitive Content Warning in Image

Be warned if the content might not be suitable. For PR and Marketing pros in high-risk industries or those prone to large amounts of spam, content with sensitive content like violence or NSFW images can be automatically blurred. Learn more about Possibly Sensitive Content.

Explore: Boolean Syntax

Write boolean faster with the new ability to add any combinators (AND/OR/NEAR/ONEAR, etc) within an operator. Example below:

  • Old way: ingress:“Solar energy” OR ingress:“Solar power” OR ingress:“Photovoltaic” OR…

  • New way: ingress:(“Solar energy” OR “Solar power” OR “Photovoltaic” OR “Solar panels”)

Learn more about Boolean.

Explore: Keyword Search Keyboard and Mouse Navigations

Save time by easily modifying your keyword searches with new keyboard navigation and drag-and-drop.

  • Improved Keyboard Navigation

    • Tab on keyboard to move left to right between boxes

    • Shit+Tab to move right to left

    • Use arrow keys to shift through dropdown options (i.e. company search)

    • Delete inputs with backspace

  • Improved Mouse Interaction

    • Drag and drop inputs between boxes

    • Inputs have ‘remove’ as an immediate action

Engage: Measure - List View Includes Image Previews, Post Date, and Post Type

The Top Posts' List view is a grid-style view, prominently displaying post metrics in columns that now include image previews, post date, and post type. Learn more about Dashboard Features in Measure.

Engage: Custom Thumbnail Uploads for Facebook Video and Instagram Reels

Select custom thumbnails for your Facebook Video and Instagram Reels through Engage. Learn more about Creating Posts in Engage.

Author Segments: URL Dashboard

Create an Author Segments input dashboard based on the authors who reposted or replied to an individual post on X (formerly Twitter). Learn more about Author Segments Dashboards.

Klear: My Influencers - Activity Filter Now Includes 'In Active Campaigns"

The Activity filter has changed from "Added to Campaign" to "In Active Campaigns," making your database more current and up-to-date. You will no longer see influencers appearing who you added to a campaign and later deleted. Learn more about In Active Campaigns.

Klear: Suggested Topics in Discovery

Suggested Topics is a new section on the Discovery homepage, including a list of twelve topic search prompts personalized just for you. Suggested Topics uses AI to evaluate your brand/service to compile personalized suggestions to enhance the discovery. Learn more about Suggested Topics.

Radarly: Video Analysis Available for Instagram

You are now able to analyze all videos coming from Instagram in addition to the ones from X (formerly Twitter).

Klear: Add Attachments to Emails

Add attachments to all emails sent in Klear. Previously, attachments were only available when sending Klear messages. But now, image, video, or PDF attachments can be included in the following email communications. Learn more about Sending Email Outreach in Klear.

  • Mass email

  • Individual email

  • Campaign invites

  • Individual Recruit (approve or decline) response emails

Engage: Product Tagging for Instagram Images

Tag products directly from your Instagram product shop. Learn more about Instagram Photo Tagging.

Author Segments: Baseline Search in Compare

Unlock deeper insights and refine strategic decisions with the enhanced Compare dashboard builder featuring two new baseline Search options: Country baseline and Segment baseline. Seamlessly compare up to five countries or segments side-by-side, or explore the overlap and differences between two selections. Learn more about Author Segments.

Analyze: Upload Image from Files

Upload an image directly into your Dashboard to display your brand, the Dashboard’s initiative, use case, or apply it to your slide background in Dashboard Reports. Learn more about Uploading Images into Dashboards.

Analyze: Remove Words from Word Cloud

Remove repeated words or irrelevant words in Insights that use the word cloud visualization and hover over the word cloud options to see which words have been removed. Learn more about Removing Words from Word Clouds.

February 2024

Measure: Top Posts List View

The Top Posts widget on all templates has been upgraded to include a new view: List. This view is a grid style view, prominently displaying post metrics in columns for easy consumption. Learn more about Dashboard Metrics in Measure.

Explore: Introducing the Weibo Insights Tab

A new Explore tab for surfacing channel-specific insights about Sina Weibo conversations, with widgets covering volume by post type, engagement trends, location data, online behavior, and more. Learn more about the Weibo Insights Tab.

Radarly: Visual Analytics Searching in Explore now with X (formerly Twitter)

Visual enrichments are a major leap forward in AI-powered analytics, allowing you to gain insights about your brand in non-verbal/non-textual content posted on news, blogs, Reddit, and now X!

Smart Alerts: Follow a Post from the Content Stream

You can now follow an post, directly from the content stream! Every time that post then receives a new reply, repost, or quote, get notified. Learn more about Following a Post.

Klear: Planning Mode in Campaigns

Planning mode in campaign management (formerly called Deliverables) now includes a new Demographics view for access and insight into the audience your campaign will reach. The three views in Planning mode now include: Deliverables (campaign calendar), Predictive, and Demographics. Learn more about Campaign Planning Mode.

Klear: New Ways To Send Mass Email

Send Mass Email Outreach directly from Discovery search results or My Influencers database instead of only being able to initiate through Recruit. Learn more about Scaling Outreach in Klear.

Reporting: Renaming Exposure and Volume to Mentions

Your PR Insight Reports will now refer to Exposure and Volume as Mentions to match the measurement in Analyze and Explore. Learn more about PR Insight Reports.

Analyze: Total Insights in Dashboards

With total insights, you can now see the aggregated volume in one number for either, total reach, social echo, potential social reach, or AVE for selected inputs. These allow key stakeholders to understand key metrics for a dedicated time period at a glance. Learn more about Total Insights.

Analyze: Date Range Selections

We've now added four common reporting intervals to avoid the need to select a custom date when reporting on earned media. Select from new date ranges such as Last Week, Last Month, Last Quarter, and Last 365 Days (replacing 'Last Year'). Learn more about Date Range Selections.

Newsletter: Introducing Newsletter (New!)

Our Newsletters Solution has received a glow-up. Newsletters now have a fresh and modern design, more intuitive workflow, modern layouts, advanced editing capabilities, extensive customization tools, and branding options that you can create and manage effortlessly. Learn more about Newsletters (New!).

Measure: Top Posts: Sorting, Resizing, Impressions and Reach

The Top Post widgets in Measure dashboards now include a Sort By option (i.e. Comments, Shares, etc.), the ability to expand to feature more rows of top posts, and impressions and reach metrics below each applicable post. Learn more about Measure.

Explore: Drill Into Any Metric in Compare

Click on any word line, or chart to open a new content stream to the right of your screen, that automatically filters for only those results related to what was clicked. Learn more about How to Use Compare.

Explore: LinkedIn Data and Insights in Explore

Gain insights into professional audiences on the world’s most popular professional network directly through Explore. Learn more about LinkedIn Data and Insights in Explore.

Klear: Set Default Tracking Keywords

Set Default Campaign Tracking Keywords to apply the same tracking keywords to all of your campaigns moving forward. Setting default tracking keywords is optional. If you will be tracking different keywords across your campaigns, it’s suggested that you still configure keywords separately for each campaign.

Klear: Manage Your Influencer Network & Relationship

Use your My Influencers database as your go-to place to access your entire influencer network and run targeted searches. Leverage new metrics that put the power in your hands to customize your view. And now, each influencer’s Relationship tab (formerly Manage) details your complete history with each individual.

Klear: Vet Influencer Content Using Topic Filters

Use the new Content Filters in influencer profiles to see the key topics areas an influencer

posts about most. Then, view the posts within each category to evaluate their expertise,

quality, and engagement. Learn more about Filtering Influencer Content by Topic.

Klear: Bulk Select Influencers in Discovery

Select multiple influencers from search results to bulk tag or add them to a campaign instead of one by one. Before, tags could only be applied individually, and you could only add influencers to a campaign in bulk when selecting all Top 50 influencers.

January 2024

Alerts: Follow a Post

Follow an X (formerly Twitter) post, directly from an every mentions alert email. Every time that post receives a new reply, repost, or quote, you will be notified. This will help you in both traditionally negative and positive cases. Learn more about Follow a Post.

Reporting: Estimated Views

Approximate the number of times an average article from a publication has been viewed. This is accomplished by dividing a publication’s monthly page views by the number of articles it published in a given month. Additional logic is applied to eliminate outliers. Learn more about Estimated Views.

Analyze: Share of Voice by Engagement Insights

Shows a comparison of share of voice between your selected inputs, based upon the engagement across news, social media and other source types. Can compare up to 25 inputs. Learn more about Share of Voice Inputs.

Tags: Tag Up to 1,000 Articles (up from 500)

We've doubled the max number of tagged documents in the content stream for Monitor, Author, Segments, Explore, Analyze, and Media Relations. Now, you can tag a maximum of 1,000 articles or posts, up from 500. Learn more about How To Use Tags To Get Organized.

Analyze: More Inputs per SOV Insight in Dashboards:

Discover more comprehensive benchmarking by Share of Voice when comparing up to 25 inputs for a combined Insight instead of separating across multiple Insights. Learn more about Share of Voice Inputs.

Engage: Instagram Photo Tagging

Tag brands, celebrities, and influencers or give UGC credit through photo tags directly from Engage to expand your post's reach, create a sleek look, and encourage user engagement and interactions. Learn more about Instagram Photo Tagging.

Engage: Custom Thumbnail for Reels

Choose a custom thumbnail for your Instagram Reels through the Instagram channel-specific composer. Select from one of the five frames automatically populated from the uploaded video, or upload a custom thumbnail. Learn more about Custom Thumbnails for Reels.

Klear: Similar Influencers

Previously the Network tab, the Similar Influencers tab is enriched to surface more relevant matches for easier discovery. Featuring a targeted list of influencers who have posted content similar to the influencer you are reviewing. Learn more about Similar Influencers.

Workspaces: Custom Categories, Filter Sets, and Author Lists

Introducing the ability for admin users to decide if Custom Categories, Filter Sets, and Author Lists should be private to a Workspace, or shared across the larger organization. Learn more about Workspaces.

Engage: User Generated Content (UGC) via Explore in the Engage Asset Library

Discover Content allows users to search for and find user-generated content (UGC) via your saved Explore searches. Both the content media and text can then be used within Publish for content ideation. Learn more about Discover Content.

Reporting: Mentions by Media Type in Insight Reports

Introducing a new slide for PR Insight Report users: Mentions by Media Type. This showcases metrics across news media types; TV, radio, online news and print news. Learn more about creating PR Insight Reports.

Media Relations: Limited Profile Type

Introducing a new Profile Type discoverable in Media Relations: Limited Profiles. Previously, profiles for journalists or other contacts that we considered inactive were not shown in Media Relations, nor were their profiles accessible. Limited profiles can be found in Meltwater in exact searches or when viewing older content. Learn more about Profile Types within Media Relations.

Media Monitoring Tagging: Faster Performance with Light-Speed Tagging

As part of our continuous efforts to improve speed and performance across the Meltwater app, we’re introducing faster tagging in content streams found in Monitor, Author Segments, Explore, Analyze, and Media Relations.

Engage: Mixed Media Support for Instagram Carousel Posts

Create, schedule, and publish Instagram carousels in Publish, now with the ability to support Mixed Media (i.e. photo and video together). Learn more about How to Create a Carousel Post in Instagram.

Klear: Influencer Suggestions Right In Your Inbox

Klear provides AI powered Suggested Influencers directly on the homepage. We've made it even easier to access and review curated recommendations with a Suggested Influencers Weekly Email that goes straight to your email inbox.

Analyze: Top Journalists

Introducing two new insights now available in Dashboards:

  • Top Journalists by Volume

  • Top Journalists by Reach

Top Journalists shows you which journalists have been covering your brand, competitors, or topic of interest. With this insight, you can understand the impact of your media coverage, or research journalists for future outreach. Learn more about using Analyze and additional Insights via Insights Catalog.

Klear: Access & Request Data From My Influencers Database

Two new updates to My Influencers in the Profiles module makes it easier to view and request important data on your influencers from one centralized place:

  • Customize Table View with Campaign Performance: Customize the information displayed in the Table View, now including Campaign Performance data. Add columns to display aggregated metrics for total Campaign Posts, Engagements, Reach, and EMV.

  • Two New Action Options: Get TikTok Demographics and Fetch Email Addresses have been added to the Actions drop-down within My Influencers.

Klear: Refine Your Discovery Search Results with the New Exclude Filter

Use the Exclude Filter to remove influencers already in your network (through tags and campaigns) from appearing in Discovery search results.

December 2023

Engage: Tags can now be used as Filters in Measure

Use your saved tags in Measure as filters in dashboards to make it easier than ever to get post-level insights at the campaign level. This update allows you to apply up to 50 post tags at a time. Check out the Measure User Guide to learn more.

Klear: Make Recruit Pages Pop with New Hero Image Settings

Make Recruit landing pages stand out with new hero image settings that allow you to adjust the font colors and/or add a color overlay on your feature image. Previously, there was only one setting, which would apply one color selection to all title sections on a Recruit page. Check out Klear: Custom Landing Pages in Recruit to learn more.

Klear: Send Individual Emails During Discovery

Send individual influencer outreach emails during the Discovery process (from Search Results and Profile pages) instead of through the Campaigns module. Previously, you needed to add an influencer as a member of a campaign to access contact details.

Analyze: Top Entities, Engagement Trend by Source Type

Introducing two new insights now available in Dashboards:

  • Top Entities - Shows the entities mentioned within a given date range. An entity is a keyword that is classified as a common or proper noun.

  • Engagement Trend by Source Type - Shows the Engagement trend across selected inputs, broken down by source over time.

Check out Getting Started with Analyze: Dashboards to learn more. For a full list of insights check out our Dashboards: Insights Catalog.

Engage: Discover Content - Adding Facebook and Pinterest support for User Generated Content (UGC) via Explore in the Engage Asset Library

Discover Content in the Asset Library of Engage allows users to search for and find user-generated content (UGC) via saved Explore searches that can then be used within Publish for content ideation and creation. This update adds UGC support for two new channels: Facebook and Pinterest, to already supported TikTok and Twitter. Check out Explore: How to Use Spike Detection & Analysis to learn more.

Explore/Explore for MI: AI-Powered Plain Language Summaries for Spike Analysis & Detection

AI-powered insights straight from the Mentions Trend widget in Explore, now with AI-powered plain language summary explanations to provide additional context, including the reasons for a spike. Check out Explore: How to Use Spike Detection & Analysis to learn more.

Engage - Publish: New tones and Social Variations for the ChatGPT-powered AI Writing Assistant

We've added 18 new prompts to the ChatGPT-powered AI writing assistant, allowing users to take advantage of the latest advancements in generative AI:

  • 11 new Tones

  • 7 new Social Variations

Klear: Campaign Analytics In Reports

Campaign Report exports now include additional slides highlighting data from the Analytics tab in Measure. Based on the campaign configuration, reports will include new slides for Metrics Over Time (comparing multiple data points), Performance Breakdown across social channels, and Top-Selling Products.

Klear: Daily Email Limits

Outbound emails sent from a customer’s email address integrated with Klear have a threshold of 300 per day. Now, if a customer tries to send more than 300 emails in a day, the remaining emails will go into a queue and will be scheduled for the next available day.

November 2023

Analyze: Show All Content Powering an Insight and a Filter Update

Now you can expand all the content assigned to an insight, as well as select all when updating your language or location using the Filters feature in your Analyze Dashboard. Learn more about using Analyze here.

Klear: Free Image Library in Recruit

In Recruit’s landing page builder, users can search and use images in Unsplash’s free image library when building or editing their content on a landing page. Learn more about Creating a Landing Page in Recruit here.

Smart Alerts: AI-Powered Summaries on Spike Detection Alerts

Spike Detection alerts have been updated to include an AI-powered summary explanation of the alert. Identifying statistically relevant shifts in news and social media conversation, with added context via plain language summary explanations that include both the cause and reason for a spike. Learn more about how to use Spike Detection and Analysis here.

Analyze: News Media Type Analytics Insights Bundle

Addressing a common need for more detailed PR reporting in Dashboards, we're introducing a new set of insights that break down metrics across news media types; TV, radio, online news and print news. As part of this release, we’re also introducing a new insight called Mentions Trend by Source Type. Learn more about creating dashboards here and check out the insights catalog.

Media Relations: PR Assistant Update Bundle - Introducing Saved Drafts and AI-Powered Recommended Journalist

Now, you can send your content to suggested journalists, use an expanded text box when adding in Key Messages, and see your team’s saved generation history in Drafts. Available for Media Relations users only. Learn more about using PR Assistant here.

Reporting: Sort Daily Digest by Social Echo, Engagement

Sort content in your Daily Digest, using any of the seven available values to help surface the most impactful content first. The two new options are:

  • Social Echo: displays the content with the highest Social Echo on top.

  • Engagement: displays the content with the highest Engagement on top.

Learn more about setting up your Daily Digest sorting here.

Reporting: Top Social Posts in PR Insight Reports.

A slide for Top Social Posts is now available in Insight Reports for PR pros reporting on brand conversations in addition to earned media. By default, it showcases the top 8 social posts sorted by Engagement. Learn more about PR Insight Reports and adding Top Social Posts here.

Explore for Media Intelligence: Media Profile Icons for Authors and Journalists

Easily discover profiles with our new media profile icons for authors (Twitter/X) and journalists (Editorial/news).

NOTE: you must have access to Media Relations in order to 'view full profile' from the profile preview in Explore. Journalist profiles can be accessed via the Overview, Analytics, Topic Analysis, and journalists tabs in Explore.

API: TikTok, Twitter/X, & LinkedIn Capabilities for Social Analytics API

We’ve added three new social channels to our Social Analytics API - TikTok, Twitter, &
LinkedIn alongside their respective metrics. Check out our developer portal to learn more and for an extensive list of metrics.

October 2023

Klear: Visual Search Results By Posts

Visual Search results can now be displayed by posts or by influencers. With results by posts, you’ll see a feed-style view of the exact pieces of content matching your search query instead of the influencer card view. Learn more about visual search here.

Klear: HQ Dashboard Reports

Create and export high-level reports from your HQ Dashboard including aggregated metrics from multiple workspaces or campaigns. Learn more about HQ Dashboards and how to create reports here.

Smart Alerts: New Alert - Industry Events

A brand new alert - Industry Events! This alert is designed to alert you to high-impact business events for an entire industry (i.e. Automobile Manufacturers, Health Care Services, etc.). Learn how to set up Industry Event alerts here.

Engage: Attached Link Process Enhancements in Publish

A streamlined attached link process in the Publisher, including auto-detecting embedded links, easier link shortening options, and better link preview warnings, allowing for faster content creation. Learn more about how to use the new attached link process here.

Engage: Customize Image and Metadata for LinkedIn Links

Increased flexibility when scheduling LinkedIn posts, featuring the ability to customize the title, description, and thumbnail for LinkedIn links. Learn more about scheduling LinkedIn posts here.

Analyze: Social Reach Insights Bundle

Introducing three new insights now available in Dashboards: Social Reach by Source, Social Reach Trend, and Top Posters by Social Reach. Learn more about these new insights in our Insights Catalog.

Author Segments: New Media Preferences tab, plus an increase in saved dashboards to 200

The Media Preferences tab in Author Segments displays the percentage of users within your audience that follow other media accounts on Twitter. This helps identify the affinities your audience might have towards other media outlets/accounts. Media accounts are defined as Radio, Newspaper, TV, Magazine, Event, Podcast, Person, Movie. Learn more about Author Segments here.

Engage: Discover Content - User Generated Content (UGC) via Explore in the Engage Asset Library

A new Discover Content option is available in the Asset Library for Engage users with Explore. Discover Content allows you to search for and find user-generated content (UGC) via your saved Explore searches. Both the content media and text can then be used within Publish for content ideation and creation. Learn more about using User Generated Content here.

Klear: Visual Search Suggestions

Visual Search Suggestions is a new section appearing on your Discovery homepage, including a list of search prompts curated just for you.

  • A list of five Visual Search Suggestions are displayed on the Discovery homepage.

  • To surface more, click into the search bar of a Visual Search, and you’ll see five additional options to consider. Learn more here.

Analyze: Introducing Dashboards

Unlock earned media analytics with Dashboards – your all-in-one solution to monitor, understand, and report on your brand initiatives, with industry-standard metrics and consistent data transparency. We’re introducing two options for building dashboards to fit your intended use case - daily interactive dashboards, and stylized dashboard reports:

  • Dashboard Layout helps you build an at-a-glance overview of your chosen KPIs. Use it for quick and easy measuring, and analyzing of your active PR efforts.

  • Report Layout is your place to build an organized view of your metrics in a collection of slides - these can be shared as PDF, PPT, Google slides, or a Shareable Link.

Learn more about Dashboards here.

Explore/Explore for MI: Bubble Chart Visualization for AI-Powered Content Clusters

A new bubble visualization for AI-Powered Content Clusters! Combining related search results based on topic similarity, organizing similar stories together, in an easily readable format. Learn more about AI-Powered Content Clusters and additional widgets found in Explore's Overview here.

Meltwater Homepage : Social Connections Banner

Introducing a new banner for Engage users on the homepage that prompts you to connect your social accounts right away. The same banner also reminds you to reconnect accounts that are 48 hours away from expiring. Learn more about setting up your Engage social connections here.

Engage - Conversations: Full Salesforce Integration in Conversations + Meltwater Engage via the Salesforce AppExchange

A brand new integration for Conversations in Engage: Salesforce! Featuring a 2-way sync of cases, contacts, and leads, between Conversations and Salesforce. Learn more about how to use the Salesforce Integration here.

Engage: Publish - Post Boosting for Published Facebook Content

Facebook Post Boosting for published posts in Engage! You can now boost published Facebook posts, via your connected Facebook ads account, directly from Publish in Engage. Learn more here.

Engage: Introducing Measure (Early Access)

Introducing Measure! Brand new dashboards for measuring owned social media performance, with new features including expanded metrics, drag and drop, and resizing. Learn more about using Measure here.

Explore/Explore for MI: Location Data for Instagram Content

Location data is now available for Instagram content in Explore results! Location data is AI-based, using post-level data, such as hashtags, language, user bio, etc., to infer the country/location of the person/handle. Learn more about applying and using location filters here.

Explore/Explore for MI: Relocated Search Actions

The actions available for searches in Explore have been relocated from the search drop-down menu to the purple Actions button for Keyword, Advanced, and Combined searches. Learn more about search options here.

Engage: Publish - Best Time to Post, Now for TikTok + Improved Models and Updated Data

An AI-powered tool designed to help you pick the optimal time to schedule and post social content across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and now TikTok! Our algorithm uses a collection of over 4.1 billion social posts across all time zones to provide you with precise suggestions for your social media posts, tailored to each day of the week and each social media platform. Learn more about using the best time to post feature here.

Explore/Explore for MI + Media Relations: Drill into a Journalist's Relevant Articles via the Media Contacts Tab

Explore + Media Relations users can now expand and drill into the Relevant Articles for a media contact via the Media Contacts tab in Explore! Learn more about drilling. Learn more about using the Media Contacts Tab here.

Klear: Personal Influencer Database

The My Influencers section on the Profiles page has been transformed into your own personal influencer database, which can be searched and filtered using your historical influencer data. Learn more here.

Reporting: New PR Insight Reports Experience

Introducing a new experience for building dynamic, AI-powered custom stakeholder reports. Create reports that demonstrate the ROI of PR efforts within just a few minutes. For those who hand the report off to executives, Insight Reports enable you to highlight key learnings, modify the text in the slides for clearer storytelling, and customize the results for maximum accuracy. Learn more about PR Insight Reports here.

Smart Alerts: Enhancements for Spike Analytics Alerts

We’ve updated the Spike Detection alert to include two additional new details:

  • Message Type - message type driving the spike (i.e. Twitter Retweet)

  • Top Topics - the most relevant topics driving the spike (i.e. people and society)

Learn more about Smart Alerts here.

September 2023

Content: X (formerly know as Twitter) Bookmarks

X Bookmarks are an additional engagement metric. Discoverable on content cards in Explore, Monitor, and Analyze. Bookmarks indicate how many times users have bookmarked the post. Learn more about Twitter Engagement Metrics here.

Smart Alerts: Four New Event Categories Added to Event Alerts

We’ve added four new alert categories to Event Alerts:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

  • Signs and Deals

  • Marketing Advertising Initiatives

For a full list of event types and categories, check out Get Started with Alerts.

Explore/Explore for MI: Spike Detection & Analysis v2

An update to the AI-powered insights feature on the Mentions Trend widget in Explore: Spike Detection and Analysis. This update includes:

  • A highlight of the specific piece of content with the highest reach in the selected spike.

  • A new Insights tab in the View More Insights slide-out.

Learn more about Spike Detection and Analysis here.

Explore/Explore for MI: Journalist Mini-Profiles from the Content Stream

The same journalist mini-profiles featured in Media Relations and Monitor are now present in Explore for all users. Mini-profiles offer a streamlined way to view additional information on a contact, without leaving your current screen. This provides a faster way to easily vet contacts, without interrupting the customer workflow. By not opening a new tab, customers don't lose context or crowd their workspace when trying to gather info on multiple contacts at a time. Learn more about Mini-Profiles in Explore HERE and Mini-Profiles in Explore for MI HERE.

Klear: Import Existing Shopify Codes in Bulk

Through a new Manage Coupons module within account settings, you can now bulk upload and import existing influencer coupon codes from your Shopify store. Learn more about the Shopify Integration and how to Import in Bulk here.

Bulk Duplicate Selection in Explore and Analyze

When selecting multiple pieces of content in Explore, or Analyze for further action like tagging or exporting, you can save your selection instead of being prompted each time you bulk select. Learn more about bulk action options and duplicate settings here.

Recent Custom Date Ranges in Monitor and Analyze

Recently applied custom date range selections are now available across Monitor and Analyze for more granular media monitoring. Specify your date selection precisely to the time frame required for your media monitoring. Rediscover the date selection when switching apps. Learn more about applying custom date ranges in Monitor and Custom Dashboards.

Media Relations Relaunch: Helping Our Customers Earn More Impactful Media Coverage

Introducing a reworked Media Relations Platform, featuring an overhauled media database, common CRM features, and more customizable search for targeted media lists. Contact profiles in Media Relations now feature badges indicating profile types: automated, verified, private, and user-modified. We’ve also improved the data and contact richness in our media relations platform for more consistent updates and made it easier to bring in your imported media lists. Learn more about how to do media research in the new Media Relations here. And check out our updated mAcademy course, PR Media Relations with Meltwater!

Engage: Search for Social Profiles & Handles by Name in Conversations

The find bar in Conversations has been upgraded to allow searching for social profiles, usernames, and handles! The ability to now easily search across social channels, and message types, for a specific user will save you time, as you no longer need to scroll and sift through messages. Learn how to use the updated find bar HERE.

Account Settings: Optional Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor Authentication, also known as MFA, is now available on your profile page in Meltwater. Work safer and smarter with added security and protection. While MFA is optional, it delivers added security for those who enable it. Learn more about and how to enable MFA HERE.

Klear: Enhanced Campaign Analytics

Dive deeper into campaign results and build a smarter strategy with new Analytics in Measure. The new Analytics tab features a full page of interactive charts and graphs displaying real-time results for your campaigns. Acting as a hub for your most impactful data, this includes an overview of metrics across time, a breakdown of social networks/content types, sales data, top influencers/content, and audience demographics. Learn more about using these enhanced measure analytics HERE.

Klear: HQ Dashboard

Workspaces in Klear allow cross-functional teams to organize and run campaigns in separate environments while staying consistent in their influencer workflow. The HQ Dashboard provides visibility into top-level metrics and activity across all workspaces. Learn more about and how to use the HQ Dashboard HERE.

August 2023

Explore for Media Intelligence: New Fields in Content Stream Exports

Ten new fields are now available in content stream exports found in Explore, Monitor, and Analyze. These fields include Social Echo Total, Editorial Echo, Is Verified (Twitter Only), and further engagement metrics breakdown including Likes, Replies, Retweets, Comments, Shares, Reactions, and Threads. Learn more about exporting content streams here.

Engage: Facebook Mentions in Conversations

Facebook 3rd party mentions will now appear in Conversations, where you can view and take action where your brand is mentioned, even if the mention was not on their owned page. Learn more about managing your social post through Engage conversations here.

Engage: Instagram Story Publishing via web

Instagram now allows for the Publishing of stories directly from the web! This means you can draft, schedule, and publish Instagram stories directly within Meltwater, without needing to use the Engage mobile app. Learn more here.

Analyze: Download a CSV, PNG of an Insight, plus Custom Text Formatting

Introducing the option to export a widget as a CSV or image from your dashboard, plus more customizable text formatting.

  • Download CSV: Select a specific analytic or visualization from the Custom Dashboard and download the underlying data that is used to create that particular analytic.

  • Download Image as PNG: Whether you need to download or copy for use in presentations, exporting the insight as an image removes the need to take a screenshot! This was previously available in Classic Dashboards, and addresses customer asks.

  • Custom Text Formatting: New custom text options in the Custom Text Insight, including fonts, bullets, numbered lists, as well as bold, underline and italics.

Learn more the new updates in Custom Dashboards here.

Engage: Twitter API Updates

Engage has been upgraded to Twitter’s latest v2 API, featuring several new updates and enhancements for Engage users including updated polling times, backfills, and more:

  • Polling every 4 hours

  • Increase in Tweet polling from 7 days to 30

  • Automatic backfill of the last 7 days at time of new connection

  • RT engagements are now attributed to the original Tweet

  • Likes is a now total count (likes - unlikes)

  • Tweets with Twitter polls now appear in Social Analytics

Learn more about the Twitter social analytics metrics here.

Media Relations: Collaborative Inbox Now Available for Users Outside the US

In Collaborative Inbox, now available for all Media Relations users regardless of region, you’ll be able to connect your email into your Meltwater account. With an integrated email, journalist contacts in Media Relations will show a pitch status once you’ve interacted with them. With this release, you’ll be able to see your team’s interaction history for a contact, and reply directly in a shared thread.

Learn more about how to set up and use the Collaborative Inbox here.

Explore: Two New Source Types with KakaoTalk and LINE Voom, plus Expanded VK Coverage

  • Introducing two new social Source Types in Explore: KakaoTalk and LINE Voom

  • We’ve also doubled our VK coverage, currently included under the Forums source type.

    • These are free additions for all customers with the following packages: Social - Essentials, Social - Advanced, Media Intelligence + Social Suite - Essentials, Media Intelligence + Social Suite - Advanced

Klear: Create Coupon Codes in Bulk

You can now create and send unique coupon codes to multiple influencers at once rather than one by one through Klear. Many e-commerce customers use coupon codes in influencer campaigns to increase sales, engage new customers, and track best-performing influencers. But creating and distributing codes can be a repetitive and time-consuming process, especially with scaled activations.

Learn more about how to send coupon codes in bulk here.

Engage: LinkedIn Personal Profile Mentions in Publish, Reorder Attached Media per channel, plus Lifetime Facebook Connections

  • LinkedIn Personal Profile Mentions in Publish - You can now @ mention LinkedIn Personal profiles when drafting and scheduling content in Publish. Learn more about creating a LinkedIn post here.

  • Reorder Attached Media Per Channel - You are now able to reorder attached media assets at the individual channel level, when drafting and scheduling content in Publish, just like in General Compose. Learn more about using the media uploader here.

  • Lifetime Facebook Connections - Facebook page connections have been updated to never expire when connected to the Owned Connections page. Learn more about connecting your Facebook profiles here.

Content: Improvements to Adding Content

Add content directly into the content stream without the need to modify your Explore search. Adding content is easier and more effective than ever! Previously, adding a URL into the “Content” tab required lengthy descriptions to match the underlying search. Or tags to ensure the content gets included. Now, you can add any content you like into your search results in a few easy steps. Learn more here.

Explore/Explore for MI: AI Powered Content Clusters

a new AI-powered widget on the Overview tab in Explore. Using a proprietary AI, Meltwater clusters related search results based on topic similarity and generates summaries for the clustered content. The new widget helps by highlighting the most relevant content, quickly organizing similar stories, and summarizing the main points. Source types include News, Blogs, Twitter, and Reddit. Learn more here.

Explore/Explore for MI: Spike Analysis

A new AI-powered insights feature on the Mentions Trend widget in Explore: Spike Detection and Analysis. Identify statistically relevant shifts in news and social media conversation, with summary explanations and insight drill-ins to view mentions and additional spike analytics. We’ve also updated our Spike Alerts with the new contextual analytics across email, in-app, and Slack. Learn more here.

Klear: New Campaign Calendar

Keep track of all influencer dates and deliverables through a new calendar view. The new Campaign Calendar view highlights all expected deliverables per month at a glance. Through the easy-to-follow interface, you can see how many posts (and from which network) are expected to go live each day, which posts have already been completed, and easily be alerted to which deliverables are past due. The new Deliverables tab within Manage houses the Calendar view, deliverable creation, and Predictive View all in one dedicated space. Learn more about how to use the campaign calendar here.

Klear: Visual Search Extending to YouTube

Klear’s AI powered Visual Search capabilities are now available for YouTube discovery. Visual Search for YouTube allows you to describe an ideal video to generate results with influencers creating similar content. Learn more about Visual Search here.

Meltwater API: Data Streams

The Meltwater API allows you to build reports, dashboards and custom solutions by pulling listening data into their tools and systems. While the frequency of exports was previously limited to daily and manual exports, we are now enabling real-time streaming. With this update, Data Streams is now sellable in all markets, includes all the sources in our Export API, and is scalable for Enterprise use cases. Learn more here.

Engage: Publish on the Go for Android

You now have the ability to publish to all social channels on the go, via the Engage mobile app! Featuring a new Create option within the Publish section, allowing you to draft, schedule, and publish social posts directly from your phone! Learn more about how to publish content on the go here.

Engage: Asset Library Gallery View

The Asset Library in Engage has been updated to include a new Gallery View option, featuring a tile display for easier viewing of images and folders. Learn more about navigating the asset library and new gallery view here.

July 2023

Analyze: AVE is now available in Custom Dashboards

Now you can now create 5 new insights in Custom Dashboards including Share of Voice by AVE, Top Locations by AVE, Top Publications by AVE, Keywords by AVE, and overall AVE trend. Learn more about creating custom dashboards here and the new insights to choose from here.

Engage -Mobile: Publish on the go for iOS

You now have the ability to publish to all social channels on the go, via the Engage mobile app! Featuring a new Create option within the Publish section, allowing you to draft, schedule, and publish social posts directly from your phone! Learn more here.

Klear: Recruit Influencers on your Website

We recently launched the Custom Landing Page Builder, guiding users through a simple workflow to create engaging branded spaces for influencer recruitment. Now, we’ve taken it a step further, empowering users to easily embed these custom pages directly on their website using just one piece of code. Learn more about creating a custom landing page here.

Media Relations: Collaborative Inbox

In Collaborative Inbox, now available for Media Relations users, you’ll be able to connect your email into your Meltwater account. With an integrated email, journalist contacts in Media Relations will show a pitch status once you’ve interacted with them. With this release, you’ll be able to see your team’s interaction history for a contact, and reply directly in a shared thread. Learn more and how to use the Collaborative Inbox here.

Engage: Best Time to Post, + Validation Updates for Multiple Platforms

  • Best Time to Post: an AI-powered tool designed to help you pick the optimal time to schedule and post social content! Our algorithm uses a collection of over 4.1 billion social posts across all time zones to provide you with precise suggestions for your social media posts, tailored to each day of the week and each social media platform. Learn more here.

  • Validation Updates for Multiple Platforms: Based on the latest APIs, we’ve updated the valid character counts and file sizes TikTok, LinkedIn, and Facebook publishing. Learn more about channel specifics here.

    • Facebook:

      • Increased video max size to 3 GB

      • Increased image max size to 8MB

    • LinkedIn:

      • Increased video max size to 5 GB

    • TikTok:

      • Increased character count to 2200

      • Increased video length to 10 minutes

AI Tagging: in Content Streams

Our new content tagging experience leverages AI Large Language Models (LLMs) to suggest content categories based on the document content. Wherever you can find a universal content stream including Explore, Analyze, and Monitor, you can now tag your content with AI-powered suggestions based on existing tags. Learn more about how to use AI Tagging here.

Author Segments: Compare Saved Dashboards, plus an Updated Homepage and Topics increase to 1072

  • Introducing Compare in Author Segments. Featuring the ability to directly compare up to five (5) saved Author Segments dashboards side-by-side.

  • Or, uncover shared and differing aspects between two dashboards with Overlap and Difference, featuring an easy way to compare differences and similarities between audiences.

Learn more about Author Segments here.

Explore: Key Metrics for Twitter widget breakout on the Twitter Insights tab + Twitter Views; plus a New Look Donut Chart

  • Key Metrics For Twitter - Breaking out the four metrics and one trend line from the Key Metrics for Twitter widget on the Twitter Insights tab, into five separate widgets, and adding the new metric Twitter Views for the first time!

  • New Look Donut Chart -The donut chart widget has been updated with a new look and feel, featuring a new legend, that includes color labels, percentages, and actual values.

Learn more about Twitter Insights here.

Klear: Customize Affiliate Fees

The Affiliate Fee column is now available in Manage, allowing you to configure affiliate fees during campaign set-up rather than just within Measure. The affiliate fee column (in both Manage and Measure) has also been updated with the option to set fees as a fixed amount per conversion, rather than just a percentage. Learn more here.

Klear: Use Existing coupon Codes Across Campaigns

The existing coupon code feature now allows brands to re-use coupon codes created in Klear or import existing codes from a Shopify store to use across multiple campaigns. Learn more here.

Explore Bundled Release: Twitter Verified Checkmarks, Sort by Views, NSFW filters, Expired Monitored Profiles

Announcing four new enhancements for comprehensive media monitoring in your daily workflows.

  • Twitter Verified Checkmarks: Grey, Blue, and Gold badges are now visible and searchable for verified Twitter authors in the new content stream. More information about verified checkmarks can be found here.

  • Sort by Views including Twitter: Driven by popular requests, we’ve enabled sorting content streams by the new Views analytic. Learn more about sorting by views here.

  • NSFW Filters: More comprehensive filters have been expanded to include NSFW Twitter content in Explore. Learn more about the NSFW boolean filter here.

  • Banner indicating Expired Profiles: Expired monitored social connections can be the cause of multiple underlying errors (especially missed data), so we’ve exposed them in a persisting banner alerting you when the profile needs to be reset. More information about why social accounts disconnect can be found here.

June 2023

Analyze: Select Chart Type, Updated Donut Chart, Duplicate Tabs

More data in one multi-tab dashboard view for powerful analytics and faster workflows

  • Chart type: Select from bar chart, pie chart, line graph layouts and more for select widgets in Custom Dashboards.

  • Donut chart: Introduces a combined legend to the right of the donut chart for easier data interpretation.

  • Duplicate Tab/layout: Duplicating a tab recreates the same tab, removing the need to select individual Insights for the dashboard tab. Need to duplicate the tab without the searches so you can power the tab with new ones? Duplicating a tab layout repeats the tab with no inputs selected.

Learn more about these new Custom Dashboards functions here.

Engage: Updates to Owned Social Connections Page

The three tabs under Account > Social Connections (Monitored, Owned, and Paid), have been updated with a matching look and feel. More options have been pulled from the previously hidden three action dots to allow for easier access to critical actions, like Assigning Users on the Owned connections tab. Learn more about connecting your Owned Social accounts here.

Engage - Conversations: AI Assistant Powered by ChatGPT API

An AI Assistant Powered by ChatGPT API in Conversations. Built with the same OpenAI technology as the AI Assistant in Publish, the AI Assistant in Conversations allows you to take full advantage of the latest advancements in generative AI to work faster, beat writer’s block, and formulate more engaging responses to fans. Learn more here.

Newsletter: Combined Explore Searches

Explore searches now no longer require source type category selection to power a Newsletter. Explore searches now show up in their own category, and the results will respect the Explore filters (saved with the search) rather than the search type (News, Social or Broadcast). Learn more here.

Analyze: Select Multiple Insights, Total Mentions Trend

  • Select Multiple Insights: Save time by adding multiple insights at once. When you select insights to power your Dashboard, you no longer have to select one at a time.

  • Total Mentions Trend: Our latest insight offering, Total Mentions Trend, is now available in Custom Dashboards. This analytic shows the aggregated volume of mentions for selected inputs across time.

Learn more about using multiple insights and total mentions trend in custom dashboards here.

Media Relations: ChatGPT API-Powered PR Assistant

Introducing PR Assistant, your ultimate writing companion powered by GPT-3, right within Meltwater! It's here to make your life easier by helping you craft compelling copy for your email pitches and press releases. With the PR Assistant, you can effortlessly generate draft content and refine it to connect with your target audience.

Learn more about how to use PR Assistant here.

Engage: DALL-E, a ChatGPTPowered AI Image Generator via the Media Uploader in Publish, Asset Library, & Conversations

A new option via the media uploader in Engage to create one-of-a-kind AI-generated images in Engage. Powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology, ‘DALL-E’, takes user-generated text prompts to instantly create unique images.

  • Available in Publish, Asset Library, & Conversations

  • Our second generative AI offering in Engage, and the first in the industry to offer AI-generated images via a Publishing tool.

Learn more about how to use DALL-E here.

Engage: Post Fail Alerts for Publish, & Reconnect Social Channels from the Account Picker in Publish and Conversations

  • Post Fail Email Alerts for Publish - Post fail emails will automatically send for any social post that fails to successfully publish via Meltwater Engage. Learn more about post fails here.

  • Reconnect Social Channels from Account Picker - The ability to see and an option to reconnect disconnected social accounts directly from the account picker in Publish and Conversations. Learn more about how to reconnect your social accounts here.

Explore: Removing InfoType Requirement when Saving a Search

You no longer need to specify an Info Type (News, Social, or Broadcast) when you save a search. Search results will include the source type filters the search was saved with. For example, a search saved with News and Twitter and used for Daily Digests would only include content from those source types. Learn more about creating and saving searches here.

Analyze: Tabs for Custom Dashboards

We’ve created the ability for you to add additional analysis tabs into one dashboard to help you tell your story your way. Easily switch between views, initiatives, or visualizations with more data in one Custom Dashboard. You can now have up to 5 tabs in your dashboard with 20 insights per tab! Learn more here.

Content Stream Enhancements:

We’re surfacing more advanced analytics in the Content Analysis Card for granular content classification. Enhancements include Editorial Echo, Authority Score, Entity Icons, and threaded content for Reddit and forums. Learn more about Content Analysis Card here.

Explore: Instagram Engagement Metrics on Content Cards

The inclusion of Engagement metrics for Instagram on the content card in the content stream in Explore! Also available in Monitor, and Analyze!

  • Engagement includes comments (threads) and likes (reactions), for both monitored hashtags and profiles.

  • Reach (follower count) is also available (on posts of verified Instagram business accounts only).

Please note in order for Instagram content to appear in search results, you must first authenticate an Instagram Business Profile within Meltwater, then set up Instagram Monitoring for hashtags and other IG Business profiles. Learn more on set up here.

Klear: Discover Influencers with Visual Search

Klear’s Visual Search uses AI and advanced image analysis to surface a targeted list of influencers with images matching text descriptions you input. Learn more here.

Klear: Automated Vetting in Recruit

Brands can set up rules to automatically approve or decline applicants based on influence score or follower count. Take it a step further by also automatically adding a tag, adding to a campaign, and sending approval/decline emails. Learn more here.

Explore for Media Intelligence: Adding Instagram Monitoring into New Media Intelligence Packages + Updates to Instagram Monitoring Rules

Instagram monitoring has been added to our Media Intelligence Essentials and Media Intelligence Advanced packages at all levels. We have also changed the rule that required a Facebook account to only have 1 Instagram connection at a time. Now, when connecting Instagram Business profiles to Meltwater, if a you have multiple Instagram profiles connected to a single Facebook account, you can connect them all. Learn more about connecting Instagram here.

May 2023

Klear: Custom Landing Page Builder in Recruit

Klear has revamped the landing page builder in Recruit with easy to follow templates to create professional quality pages in just a few minutes. You can customize all imagery, copy, fonts and colors to make your page match your brand look and feel.

Learn more HERE.

Homepage: Pick Up Where you Left Off Option

Located on the Homepage above the Product Overview section, Pick Up Where You Left Off is a new tile view of up to six of your most recently used features, projects, or workflows, with date and time stamps indicating last access, including Explore, Monitor, Custom Dashboards, and Media Relations (Outreach).

  • Simplified workflows: Instantly jump back into your previously initiated work, directly from the Homepage.

  • Unique to each user: with date/time stamps for a complete, high-level view of your projects at one time - even projects spanning multiple product areas.

Learn more here.

Engage: Google Business Reviews in Conversations

Meltwater Engage has added support for its seventh social account: Google Business! View and reply to Google Business reviews alongside your other connected social accounts in Engage.

  • Monitor and respond to Google Reviews centrally alongside your other connected accounts.

  • Improve customer experiences by assigning owners and creating templates for faster, on-brand replies

  • Find areas for improving team and brand performance by tracking and measuring activity and response times.

  • Since Google Business is an owned account, the same reviews that you will see in Conversations will also appear in Explore, under the Source Type > Product Reviews filter.

Learn how to connect your Google Business account here. Learn more about Google Business conversations options here.

Explore: Custom Categories added as New Tab on Explore Homescreen

Saved Custom Categories now have their own tab on the Explore homescreen.

  • Previously, Custom Category management was buried within Explore, requiring users to load a search in order to access the Custom Categories filter. Now, the list of saved custom categories will sit alongside Searches, Comparisons, Filter sets, and Author lists.

Learn more about custom categories here.

Klear: Custom Member Exports

You can now customize your member exports by selecting the specific columns you want included.

  • We know running influencer campaigns doesn’t happen in a bubble. Sometimes you’ll need to extract data to update or collaborate with key stakeholders. You’ll no longer have to sift through or reformat a lengthy export. Instead, you’ll save time with a clean file at the ready with the information you need most.

Analyze: More Inputs per Insight in Custom Dashboards

As an enhancement to the existing Custom Dashboards functionality, you can now use up to 10 inputs instead of five for more in-depth benchmarking.

  • Now, you can unlock more combinations of regional, competitive, and campaign-based dashboards with the ability to power your dashboards with up to ten search inputs.

Learn more about Custom Dashboards here.

Engage: Publish - a new calendar, publishing workflow & ChatGPT powered AI Writing Assistant

An updated calendar, publishing flow, and ChatGPT-powered AI writing assistant in Engage!

  • The calendar features drag-and-drop posts, a workbench slide-out for actioning drafts and approving posts, plus additional calendar and post-level views.

  • The all-new simplified single-step publishing includes a minimize option, updated post previews in platform aspect ratios, and more scheduling options.

  • Also featured in the new publishing flow is a ChatGPT-powered AI writing assistant, allowing you to take advantage of the latest advancements in generative AI to work faster, beat writer’s block, and formulate more engaging content.

Learn more about the new Engage Calendar & Publishing workflow here.

Learn more about AI Writing Assistant here.

Klear: Bulk Custom Product Gifting

With Bulk Custom Product Gifting, you can now send a subset of influencers in your campaign specific products or collections all at once instead of one at a time.

  • Drive Better Results: Sending customized and relevant products to influencers helps brands promote more authentic content creation and increased audience engagement.

  • Save time & Scale: Custom Product Gifting previously allowed you to send a specific product/collection to one influencer at a time. Now you can expedite the process and send specialized gifts to more influencers faster.

Learn more here.

Klear: Microsoft 365/Outlook Email Integration Now Available

You can now connect Microsoft Office 365/Outlook accounts in Klear to send campaign invites & mass outreach from your brand email.

  • Recruit influencers faster: Receiving a pitch from an unknown email could create a disconnect with new influencers, causing emails to get overlooked. Whereas, sending communication from a brand email helps build trust from the get-go.

  • Save time: Using your brand email reduces follow ups, so you can spend more time making meaningful connections.

  • Scale outreach and recruitment strategy: Microsoft email users now have access to use the new Mass Email feature to streamline outreach and level up recruitment.

Learn more here.

Analyze: Custom Dashboards Bundled Insights
Three new Insights are now available in Custom Dashboards!

  • Share of Voice by Source Type: shows the relative number of mentions for your selected inputs across source types.

  • Top Organizations: identify brands that are mentioned most frequently across your inputs, including editorial and social.

  • Top Organizations and Share of Voice: the most mentioned brands in your search selection listed in a bar graph sorted by Share of Voice.

Learn more here.

Explore: Updated Visualizations 2.0 and Upgraded Content Stream on the Twitter Insights tab

  • Updated Visualizations 2.0 - We’ve updated visualizations in Explore with a new look and feel, plus added data. Also, introducing the ability to download visualizations as a PNG!

  • Upgraded Content Stream on the Twitter Insights tab - The content stream in Explore has been upgraded to the universal Meltwater design for content cards. The new experience supports the filtered mentions side pop-out and the ‘Content Analysis Card.’ You will also find new displays for source types and custom categories, a compact view option, and new options for sharing and opening in a new tab.

  • The above updates combine with the previous releases and now apply to the Overview, Analytics, Topic Analysis, and Twitter Insights tabs.

Klear: Export Filtered Campaign Reports; Added Networks for Deliverables

  • Export Filtered Campaign Reports: Now, when you sort results and apply filters in Measure (ex. Instagram posts from Beauty tagged influencers), you can export a campaign report mirroring this specific dataset.

  • Added Networks For Deliverables: Now you can assign deliverables on Instagram Reels, Pinterest, Twitch, and Blogs. These new networks accompany the already existing options including: Instagram Posts, Instagram Stories, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

April 2023

Universal login credentials for Meltwater, Radarly and Klear

  • If you have any combination of Meltwater, Klear, and Radarly you will now be able to access all of your apps with one set of credentials.

  • Credential Updates for existing customers:

    • Meltwater & Radarly users -> Meltwater credentials will be used

    • Klear & Meltwater users -> Klear credentials will be used

    • Klear & Radarly users -> Klear credentials will be used

    • Klear, Meltwater, & Radarly users -> Klear credentials will be used

Author Segments: Rebranding Communities to Author Segments, plus Twitter Follower Analysis, Ad Targeting, Ads Packs, and more

  • Communities has been rebranded as Author Segments, our social listening segmentation, or audience discovery, tool. Author Segments helps marketers deepen their understanding of existing audiences and identify new ones.

  • As part of this rebranding effort, we have several new updates available, including:

    • Twitter Follower Analysis

    • Ad Targeting tab + Ad Targeting files

    • Expanded Social Media Analytics via Author Profiles

    • Launch a Twitter Follower Analysis dashboard directly from an Author's profile.

    • Updates to the Community Relevance Rank widget including a clickable Topic Wheel icon and pagination

    • Topic Wheel Categories Increase from 200 to 360

    • Addition of income bracket to each social channel displayed within an Author Profile

Explore: Updated visualizations 2.0 and Upgraded Content Stream on the Analytics tab

  • Updated Visualizations 2.0 - We’ve updated four visualizations in Explore with a new look and feel, plus added data. Also, introducing the ability to download visualizations as a PNG!

  • Upgraded Content Stream on the Analytics tab - The content stream in Explore has been upgraded to the universal Meltwater design for content cards. The new experience supports the filtered mentions side pop-out and the ‘Content Analysis Card.’ You will also find new displays for source types and custom categories, a compact view option, and new options for sharing and opening in a new tab.

  • The PDF export limit from the content stream has been increased from 100 to 500.

Explore: Updated visualizations 2.0 and Comments in Advanced Boolean

  • Updated Visualizations 2.0 - We’ve updated four visualizations in Explore with a new look and feel, plus added data. Also, introducing the ability to download visualizations as a PNG! These updates apply to the Overview, Topic Analysis, and Authors tabs, as well as Compare and Shareable Dashboards.

  • Comments in Advanced Boolean - The ability to leave comments in advanced boolean for organizing and providing context for sections of boolean.

Alerts: Increased context for alerts via Slack & Teams, plus a new feedback submission option owner prompts, and alerts on the homepage

  • Meltwater is now exposing more context on all alerts delivered via Slack and Microsoft Teams.

  • Email alerts include a new feedback submission section, allowing you to provide feedback on the validity and usefulness of the alert with either It’s great or Not so great.

  • A new prompt to set an owner on any alert without one.

  • Alerts are now visible on the Meltwater homepage and accessible via the left-hand navigation.

Klear: Mass Email

  • With so many creators and influencers producing valuable content for brands, marketers are looking to scale their influencer strategy. But increasing outreach and sending dozens of extra invites is a time consuming process that can take days. Mass Email Outreach streamlines outreach efforts, letting you email hundreds of influencers at once! Learn more here.

Monitor: Media Lists & Author Lists

  • Now you can power your content stream with mentions from your people of interest, selecting a Media list or Twitter author list from the main dropdown View. Any input selector in Monitor will load mentions from the media contacts or social handles in that list. Learn more here.

Custom Dashboards - Early Access:

  • A new solution that allows you to easily build dashboards & reports in a single hub, incorporating insights from across our product suite. This new solution will eventually replace Classic Dashboards. This first release will allows us to share an early version of this new solution and gather feedback. You can measure, understand, and report on earned media coverage with insights from more Meltwater sources. Learn more here.

Klear Bundle: Filter by Instagram Followers/Engagement Rate; Explore Data From Connect; Customize Your Homepage

  • Klear has released a series of features that give you greater ability to access and organize data across your entire campaign workflow to more effectively vet, track, and report on your campaigns!

    • Filter By Instagram Followers and/or Engagement Rate allows you to filter your influencer search for Instagram followers and engagement rate in order to refine your results and enrich the influencer discovery process.

    • Export Data From Connect updates the existing functionality to include additional data from Connect including: Product Gifting, Coupon Codes, Link Tracking, Agreements, and Payments.

    • Customize Your Homepage: Klear's homepage now allows you to customize your campaign view.

Klear: Set Custom Due Dates for Deliverables

  • Klear updated the Set Deliverables action allowing you to assign different due dates for deliverables across networks. The enhanced Set Deliverables action now accommodates varied campaign timelines, so if you have an influencer posting two Instagram Stories- you can set a different due date for each of these.

March 2023

Klear: Fetch Influencer Email Addresses Upsell

  • Fetch Email Addresses is a premium add-on that lets you bypass the extra time and unneeded stress of manually collecting influencer emails. All you have to do is let us know which influencer email addresses you’d like for a specific campaign, and our team will take care of the rest.

Twitter Views & Media Views: Twitter Views are now available in the Explore content stream, as well as the Content Analysis Card, Monitor, Media Relations, Communities and Analyze!

  • Meltwater is bringing more engagement data to you with the new Twitter Views and Media Views features from Twitter. We are the first social listening vendor in the industry to be able to provide this. Twitter View counts, also known as ‘Impressions’, show the total number of times a Tweet has been viewed and Media Views reflects the number of times media (attached image or video) has been viewed within a Tweet. We also expanded your exposure to Reddit metrics, adding number of reactions, threads, & Reddit score (votes up minus votes down). You can now also view full threads by clicking on the ‘Engagement’ button in the Content Card.

Explore/Explore for MI: Two new subfilters: Media Format & Outlet Type

  • Refine your News results in Explore with the Media format and Outlet type subfilters. The Media format subfilter allows you to include or exclude search results by specific news media format - Online and Print. The Outlet Type subfilter lets you include or exclude news media results by specific categories - press releases, trade publications, stock market news, and more. Learn more here.

Explore/Explore for MI: Upgraded Content Stream (Overview Tab)

  • The content stream on the ‘Overview tab’ in Explore & Explore for MI has been upgraded to the universal Meltwater design for content cards. The new experience supports the filtered mentions side pop-out and the ‘Content Analysis Card.’ You will also find new displays for source types and custom categories, a compact view option, and new options for sharing and opening in a new tab.

Chinese Mobile News: Apps added to the Chinese Data Additions PLI

  • Mobile News Apps aggregate news from their own official media, with other official media and official individual contributors. They play a crucial role in the Chinese media landscape and significantly improve our China offering. We’ve added the 120 most popular Chinese News Apps. This increases the data volume substantially (400k - 500k docs per day from certified accounts available under News) and makes the PLI best in class.

Explore/Explore for MI: Bulk URL Source List Generator

  • You can now paste up to 2000 URLs at a time when filtering for News by source. Quickly copy/paste your comma-separated list of URLs to search all sites at once. Learn more here.

Alerts: Now available on the Homepage and Main Navigation Menu

  • Alert subscriptions enable you to stay on top of mentions, spikes in coverage, sentiment changes, and other alert offerings. Alerts are now being made available on the Homepage via a module that shows the newest content, located below the More from Meltwater promo card. Alerts have also been elevated to a primary location in the left hand navigation panel, now located below Reports.

Klear: Save Custom Influencer Information to Profiles

  • Klear has launched the ability to save answers gathered during influencer recruitment (from information requested in Recruit and campaign briefs) and assign them as custom variables within influencer profiles.

February 2023

Klear: Filter Using Multiple Tags

  • You can now filter influencers using more than one tag in Profiles to vet across categories for campaigns. You can filter for either “Any Selected Tags” or “All Selected Tags”. Learn more here.

Klear: Tracking Links With Custom Parameters

  • There is a new UTM builder in Connect to make the process of creating tracking links easier and offer more flexibility for cohesive reporting. Learn more here.

Klear: Sponsored Engagement Rate

  • There is a new Instagram metric available to view the “Sponsored Content” specific engagement rate for influencers. Learn more here.

Klear: Weekly Campaign Email

  • Klear has revamped the campaign summary email to feature a new layout and include more robust stats for brands to have the most relevant campaign information summarized. Learn more here.

Explore: Improvements to Advanced Search Highlighting

  • All operator fields will now be highlighted in orange, making it easier for you to distinguish between the search terms and the search operators. Learn more HERE.

Explore: Create and Apply Labels from the Search Selector

  • You can now create and apply Labels directly from the search selector drop-down. This allows you to apply labels to a saved search while in the search, or create and apply a new label.

Klear: Discover RED (Xiaohongshu) Influencers

  • Klear’s influencer discovery tool is now compatible with the Chinese social media platform RED (Xiaohongshu), allowing you to find the perfect influencers for your brand. By using Klear’s keyword search, you can discover RED influencers that mention any keyword or phrase.

Reporting: Introducing new sort options for Daily Digest

You can now sort content in your Daily Digest, selecting any of the new five different parameters/values with the option to sort the order ascending or descending to help surface the most impactful content first.
These options are:

  1. Reach: displays the items with the highest viewership on top.

  2. Relevance: displays the most applicable items first. Relevance is based on an algorithm that takes the prominence, reach, and age of the article into account.

  3. Prominence: displays items by term frequency. Term frequency means how many times a particular word appears in a text, divided by how many words exist in the text.

  4. Geo: displays items by their country (the country is listed in the header of the item; some items may not be associated with one particular country).

  5. Language: groups and displays by most recent language first.

Learn more HERE.

Explore: Twitter sub-filters

  • Refine Twitter results with new sub-filters, including followers, demographics, tweet type, and more.

  • 7 new sub-filters for Twitter results in Explore. When filtering by source type in Explore, users now have the option to go beyond just selecting Twitter, with 7 new criteria options.

    • Account: Status, Followers, Gender

    • Tweet: Type, Retweets, Replies, Likes

Engage: Team performance dashboard in Analyze

  • Track community engagement and response times from Conversations.

  • The Engage Team Performance Dashboard provides a single lens for community teams to easily track actions in Conversations and identify trends and areas of improvement.

Learn more HERE.

Monitor: ‘Since Last Viewed’ date picker; ‘Favorite’ Pin; Mini Profiles: Media Relations Contacts & Twitter Authors

  • ‘Since last viewed’ date picker: a new date picker option which displays only the content from the last time that you viewed a particular search, tag, RSS feed, or saved View in Monitor.

  • ‘Favorite’ Pin - You can designate any search, tag, RSS feed or saved monitoring view as a “favorite,” pinning that item to the top of Monitor’s drop-down menu.

  • Mini Profiles: Media Relations Contacts & Twitter Authors - You can easily retrieve important information about authors directly from the content stream. By clicking on the name of journalists in our contact database and Twitter authors, you will get the highlights about that author, including: Author/contact audience size, List of the recent articles that they have written, Interest topics (usually indicates their area of expertise), Author social handles across other platforms, including YouTube and Instagram, Contact information (email address, phone number, physical address and more).

Learn more HERE.

January 2023

Klear: Import Tags & Custom Variables; Customized Product Gifting; Influencer Reminders

  • Import Tags & Custom Variables: Klear has updated the Influencer List Template upload capabilities to include “Tags” and “Custom” fields so all of your relevant data from external sources can be captured and centralized right in your Klear campaigns. Learn more here.

  • Customized Product Gifting: Klear now offers a new action allowing you to send influencers different products. Through the “Send Gift” action in Connect for you can designate specific items to offer for each influencer rather than providing the same options for all. Learn more here.

  • Influencer Reminders: Klear has launched new automated reminder emails for influencers. The first reminder will be sent 2 days before the due date. If the influencer has missed the deliverable date, a second reminder will be sent the following day. Learn more here.

Klear: New Homepage; Bulk Agreement Send; Updated Recruit Form; Tracking Pixel Status Indicator

  • New Homepage: On the Klear homepage, we now show performance metrics, recent campaign posts, and other notifications.

  • Bulk Agreements in Connect: Klear has upgraded the workflow to make the process of sending agreements to influencers more efficient, allowing the ability to send an agreement out to multiple influencers at once.

  • Updated Recruit Form: There are two new features updated in the Recruit Form for extended information gathering from influencers- checkbox questions and updated contact information.

  • Tracking Pixel Status Indicator : We’ve added a new status indicator for the Klear Tracking Pixel that helps you know if your conversion tracking is up and running.

Klear: Manual Story Upload by Influencers

Klear now offers a way for non authenticated influencers to upload Instagram Stories directly to the campaign they were invited to.

Engage: Reply with Asset for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn via Conversations

You can now add assets (images, videos, and GIFs) to comments and replies via Conversations in Engage. Upload directly from your computer, pull from the asset library, or use one of the built-in integrations to add images, videos, or gifs directly to fan comments and replies for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Learn more here.

Explore (Boolean): New boolean for finding Facebook Reels

Isolate Facebook Reel results using attachmentType:reel in Explore Advanced search

Engage Mobile: Edit Scheduled Post Text in Publish

You can now edit the text of a post before approval. Previously, you would need to reject these posts and have them resubmitted. This is also the first step to allow for full publish creation via the mobile app. Learn more here.

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