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Keep track of all influencer dates and deliverables through a new calendar view.

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With so many moving pieces in influencer campaigns, it's easy for details to get lost in the shuffle. Even with a small group of influencers, teams need a system to plan and track deliverables. So as you scale, coordinating even more dates can get tricky. Across Klear, users create more deliverables every day, averaging about 3K each month. So, we've introduced a new visual Campaign Calendar to help teams stay focused and on track.

What is it?

The new Campaign Calendar view highlights all expected deliverables per month at a glance. You’ll find the campaign calendar in a new Deliverables tab within Manage, housing the new Calendar view, deliverable creation, and Predictive View all in one dedicated space.

What's the value?

Keep Track Of Deadlines: Through the easy-to-follow interface, you can see how many posts (and from which network) are expected to go live each day, which posts have already been completed, and easily be alerted to which deliverables are past due. Plus, there are topline stats for each month detailing how many overall posts are due, have gone live, or are expected. So teams sharing roundup updates with stakeholders can easily get needed metrics directly from this view.

Plan Your Campaign Content:
Get a bird’s eye view of what’s already planned for the month to strategically coordinate timing for upcoming content. Are you adding new influencers to a campaign and want to space out coverage? Check your calendar for optimal open dates and create new deliverables directly in your calendar view. Or do you or your collaborators have an upcoming out-of-office? Double-check your campaign calendar to schedule content around those key dates.

How does it work?

Head to the Manage tab of your campaign, and you’ll now see a new Deliverables tab. The Deliverables tab will populate a monthly calendar view highlighting all the deliverables expected for the month.

  • To see more details on the deliverables scheduled for each day, hover over the deliverable or hit the expand button.

  • Deliverables highlighted in red indicate a past-due date. Note: Deliverables can’t cannot be moved once set. To update a deliverable, delete the original, and create a new deliverable with your updated date.

  • To add a deliverable directly to a date, hover over the date and click Add Deliverable from the bottom of the box

  • To see and organize all deliverables in a list view, hit the Manage Deliverables button

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