Alerts automatically send key insights about your brand, competitors, or industry trends. There are five different types of Alerts. Read below to learn more:

Access to these alerts is dependent on your subscription. If you don't currently see these alerts in your account, please contact your account manager or our Support Team via Live Chat.

How to create an Alert

  • Click on the bell icon in the upper right-hand corner. A panel will appear and select 'go to settings'

  • Via Content in the left-hand side navigation bar, select Alerts

  • Select the cogwheel to access alert settings

  • Select the type of alert you'd like to create. Please see further details on each alert type within this article.

  • Fill in the details required for your alert type

  • Select how you'd like to receive your alert: Web/Mobile and Email

  • You can choose if you'd like to set the alert for yourself or another user on your account

  • Click Save

Alerts can be sent in-app on web or mobile, or via email.

Access in-app alerts using the bell icon in the top right-hand corner. When you receive a new alert, there will be a notification on the bell icon. Click the bell icon to view the alert. A panel will appear with your new alert. You can sort by all or by alert-type.

Types of Alerts include:


An Events alert is sent when Meltwater detects a high-impact business event (partnership, acquisition, headcount growth, etc.) for the companies you are following.

Events reduces the noise, by narrowing-in on the most business critical events that can be instantly actioned across all organization departments. Having full visibility into your business ecosystem gives you the power to be the informer.

What type of events can Meltwater detect?

Currently Events will detect the following categories:

  • Criminal Law

  • Civil Law

  • Customer Win

  • Customer Losses

  • Fundraising

  • Partnership

  • M&A

  • Financial Results

  • Capacity Change

  • Market Change

  • Brand Crisis

  • IPO

  • Organizational structuring

  • Award

  • Insolvency

  • Launch

  • Headcount Change

  • Executive Change

What type of content does Events track?

Events tracks content based on the following parameters:

  • Editorial content

  • Editorial sources must have a minimum reach of 1,000

  • English only

What are some examples of an Events alert?






Remaining competitive in a rapidly changing industry.

Competitor announces a partnership with a courier company to use drone services to drop-off drugs and prescriptions.

Company received timely information and shifted strategy to remain competitive.


Assessing competitive landscape while operating in a volatile market.

Industry leader slashes workforce amid corporate restructuring.

Competitor's recruitment team expedited their seasonal hiring campaign.


Low turnover highly skilled executives.

CMO departs from a competitor company.

Organization to poach a giant industry fish and add them to their C-suite.

Marketplace software

Strategic market expansion in a broad and complex global market.

Top competitor starts operations in Dubai.

Narrow global expansion to one region, and identify potential acquisition target.

Why haven't I received any Events alerts?

Events should be rare and actionable, so there is no guaranteed amount of 'Events' you will receive.

Why isn't the company I'm searching for appearing in the drop-down?

There are ~193,000 companies available for Events. If a company is not appearing, please contact your account manager or support to see if it can be added.

Spike Detection

A Spike Detection alert is sent when Meltwater detects that a search volume is much higher than your saved search’s baseline.

Social search baselines compare the last hour against the previous 12 hours of data. Editorial search baselines compare 1 day against the previous 14 days of data. To ensure the search results are a true anomaly, we check for fluctuations against the previous day and week before sending the alert.

Why Use Spike Detection?

This type of alert notifies you when there's an unusual change in volume regarding your specific search. It can help identify whether your brand, a competitor, or a topic is trending on social or has received wide news coverage. Receiving this information in a timely manner can help participate in social conversations as they happen, react to issues as they occur, stay informed regarding important topics, and help your overall PR or marketing strategies.

Here are some examples of Spike Detection:

  • The social mentions for a cosmetic brand averages 200 hits during Saturday afternoons. This is its current baseline. One Saturday afternoon its number of social mentions jumps to 500 within an hour. This alert will notify the user of this change.

  • Compared to the last two weeks, the news mentions about car safety features increased by 300% after an announcement by a major automotive manufacturer. This alert will notify the user of this change.

Why haven't I received any Spike Detection Alerts?

Spike Detection alerts only occur if there's an unusual spike in volume for your saved search.

Top Reach

A Top Reach alert is sent when a high-reaching editorial source mentions keywords for your saved search.

Alerts are sent when a mention scores much higher than your search’s baseline, which is calculated from the last 3 days of data or the first 20,000 mentions. Mentions are scored on the source’s reach.

Why use Top Reach alerts?

When influential sources mention your company, competitors, or industry, it can directly or indirectly impact your organization. The Top Reach alert allows you to stay on top of influential editorial sources that mention your keywords. Notify executive leadership if your company receives high reaching press coverage or tag these mentions to use in your reports.

Twitter Influencer

A Twitter Influencer alert is sent when a high-reaching Twitter source mentions keywords for your saved search.

Alerts are sent when a tweet scores much higher than your search’s baseline, which is calculated from the last 3 days of data or the first 20k mentions. Tweets are scored on the account’s engagement level and network size (number of tweets, follower count, and following count).

Why use Twitter Influencer alerts?

When influential Twitter handle mentions your company, competitors, or industry, it can directly or indirectly impact your organization. The Twitter Influencer alert allows you to stay on top of influential Twitter handles that mention your keywords. Engage with influencers who are mentioning you and potentially create new partnerships, understand what could cause your search terms to trend, and mitigate potential risks.

Pro tip: if an influencer mentions your brand, use Engage to track if your social profiles receive an increase in followers.

Every Mention

The Every Mentions Alert allows you to be notified when new search results come into a monitoring folder via email or mobile. These notifications can be configured for any of your Meltwater users to be recipients similar to the previous feature Instant Notifications.

Alerts are sent each time a new mention appears in the selected search, with a maximum of 200 alerts sent each hour.

Learn more about Every Mention Alerts in our dedicated article here.


System Alerts will notify you when an action has been completed or when a task has been assigned to you.

System Alerts are designed to be automatically 'turned on' for all users. You can opt-out of any alerts you don't wish to receive via the Alerts page, select System and deselect the alerts.

Types of System Alerts:

  • Assignments in Publish: Alert me when I have a new assigned, approved, rejected post or draft in Publish Engage

  • Downloads: Alert me when my CSV export files are ready

Sentiment Shift

Sentiment Shift can help you to understand the spikes and dips in your brand, industry and competitor’s tonality. Think of sentiment shift similarly to spike detection; but instead of coverage volume, this alert is dictating changes in positive and negative sentiment compared to a standardized baseline.

Please note this isn't available within the Meltwater Lite or Meltwater Lite+ Engage packages.

Thank you for reading. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat!

Team Meltwater

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