Meltwater: Estimated Views
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Meltwater: Estimated Views

Introducing a more accurate metric for your earned media measurement!

This article will cover:

What is it?

Estimated Views is a metric that approximates the number of times an average article from a publication has been viewed. This is accomplished by dividing a publication’s monthly page views by the number of articles it published in a given month. Additional logic is applied to eliminate outliers.

Estimated Views are found in Insight Reports, Dashboards, Explore, Media Relations, API (exports and streaming), and Content Stream Exports.

With this release, you can measure, search, sort, and filter content and sources by Estimated Views.

What is the Value?

While Reach offers the ability to benchmark against past campaigns or against competitors to understand change over time, for some, Reach values often seem suspiciously large and speculative. Leverage a more realistic analysis of average readership and ultimately feel more confident about reporting on metrics when reporting to stakeholders with Estimated Views.

Rather than aggregating the number of monthly visitors to a publication for each article, Estimated Views offers a more realistic approximation of how many people may have read an article. As a result, the aggregate values are more relatable and trustworthy when used in a report outlining the impact of a campaign or an issue.

With Estimated Views, you can rely on a more realistic metric across your Earned Media reporting, and find more simplified benchmarking for continued reporting.

How does it work? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Estimated Views in Explore

  1. Navigate to Explore on the left-hand navigation bar

  2. Select an existing Explore Search

  3. Navigate to your Content Stream

  4. Editorial content now includes Estimated Views as a metric

    Open the Content Analysis Card for more information on the editorial article, including Estimated Views

Estimated Views in PR Insight Reports

In PR Insight Reports, slides providing insight and measuring on reach are now populated with Estimated Views. Learn more about PR Insight Reports.

Estimated Views in Dashboards

In Analyze Dashboards, Estimated Views is measured in three insights: Estimated Views Trend, Top Publications by Estimated Views, and Share of Voice by Estimated Views. Learn more about Dashboards.

Estimated Views in Editorial Articles

In Explore, Analyze, Monitor, and Media Relations, Estimated Views is a metric on the article and can be used for sorting and filtering. Learn more about Editorial Articles.

Estimated Views in Exported CSV Files

In CSV exports from Explore, API exports, and streams, Estimated Views is now available as a new field. Read more about exporting from Explore here.

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