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User Guide: New Publish Calendar, Publishing Flow, and AI Writing Assistant for Engage
User Guide: New Publish Calendar, Publishing Flow, and AI Writing Assistant for Engage

This user guide outlines the new upgraded Meltwater Publishing experience, with an all-new calendar and publish flow.

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This user guide is intended to assist you with using the new Publish Calendar and Publishing Workflow features in Meltwater Engage.

What is Publish?

Publish is the main source to create, collaborate, and schedule content for your social media channels. You can post new messages immediately, schedule them for the future, or save them as drafts. You are able to create posts for multiple accounts, and channels, at once.

What's Changed?

An updated calendar, publishing flow, and ChatGPT-powered AI writing assistant in Engage!

  • The calendar features drag-and-drop posts, a workbench slide-out for actioning drafts and approving posts, plus additional calendar and post-level views.

  • The all-new simplified single-step publishing includes a minimize option, updated post previews in platform aspect ratios, and more scheduling options.

  • Also featured in the new publishing flow is a ChatGPT-powered AI writing assistant, allowing you to take advantage of the latest advancements in generative AI to work faster, beat writer’s block, and formulate more engaging content

New calendar

New publish flow

New AI assistant

Why These Changes?

Engage's newly updated calendar, publishing experience, and Ai writing assistant, help users scale content creation and meet the growing demand to post more and more content. Based on extensive customer research and feedback, these updates are designed to help customers get more done, with fewer clicks, and more efficiency.

  • Streamline workflows - Spend less time clicking and more time building your brand presence with a new one-step publishing experience and drag and drop. For routine tasks, like rescheduling posts, the experience reduces clicks by 7 to 10 clicks.

  • Create more compelling content - Beat writer’s block, and formulate more engaging content - at scale. Find just the right tone with options ranging from witty to educational, check grammar, make your content more engaging through suggested emojis and hashtags, translate into over 13 languages, and apply proven writing models to create multiple post variations.

  • Be more productive - A new workbench slideout on the calendar centralizes one space to complete more work - faster than ever. Users can action drafts, review assigned posts, and make changes to posts requiring changes from a single space. Combined, these productivity tools help our users scale content creation.

  • Better visibility - Previews in the publisher now show platform-specific aspect ratios, giving users peace of mind before posting. Media-rich calendar previews give users a bird's eye view of their upcoming posts' visual look and feel. An option to view upcoming posts in a stacked view reduces calendar scrolling.

  • Improve collaboration - A new post-detail view shows post status and makes it easier to share notes with teammates. The workbench slideout shows all the actions you need to take when collaborating on posts with teammates, like reviewing posts and making necessary changes.

How Does it Work?


The calendar is still the main place to view, collaborate, and schedule your social content. It has been upgraded to feature a new design, view options, a slide-out workbench, and more.

New calendar features

  1. Stacked view offers a more compact view of all posts each day, by removing hour blocks on the calendar and instead putting everything in chronological order by day

  2. A dynamic legend that doubles as a filter on the calendar for content by status.

  3. New calendar post cards with expanded info and actions.

    • Hover for additional info on tags, assignments, media, post restrictions and social channels.

    • Click on new quick actions to edit, duplicate, or delete.

    • New icons to indicate post status.

    • New loading states on the calendar posts.

  4. New slide-out workbench

    • Features three sections: Drafts, Assigned, and Needs Changes

    • Includes a find bar, sorting, and the ability to drag and drop drafts onto the calendar.

  5. More prominent CSV download button.

  6. Drag and drop calendar content to schedule/reschedule.

  7. Calendar real-time auto-refresh when posts publish.

  8. The calendar week starts on either Sunday or Monday, dynamically based on user location settings.

  9. Click to create content from the monthly and stacked calendar views.

  10. In-app post notifications with a push notification when a post has been posted.

  11. Full translation of publish based on user language settings.

  12. Reconnect social accounts from the calendar account selector filter

    Other changes: Clone renamed Duplicate, Reject renamed Needs changes, Feed view and calendar Day view removed.

New publish flow features

  1. Single publish flow: everything is all on one screen.

  2. Minimize post creation to come back.

  3. More accurate post previews featuring channel-specific aspect ratios.

  4. Expansion accordions for all post options - accounts, post time, approval, tags, audience restrictions, etc.

  5. New drop-down when scheduling (9 options):

    • Schedule, Schedule and Duplicate, Schedule and New

    • Post Now, Post Now and Duplicate, Post Now and New

    • Save Draft, Save Draft and Duplicate, Save Draft and New

  6. New customized indicator per channel when using general compose

  7. Updated account selector with easy find, add, and remove.

  8. Confirmation when closing a post to save or discard your changes.

Can I no longer @ tag accounts?

  • You can! While you won’t be able to @ tag via the General Compose copy box, you can @ tag via each applicable channel’s individual Edit screen.

AI Writing Assistant features

  1. Five optimization options

    1. Change Tone

      1. Find the inspiration you need to make your post achieve just the right tone for your audience.

      2. Options include:

        1. Educational

        2. Informational

        3. Inspirational

        4. Witty

    2. Translate

      1. Reach new or untapped audiences by translating your post into 13 different languages.

    3. Improve Writing

      1. Avoid embarrassing spelling or grammar mistakes before pushing your post live.

      2. Beat writer’s block and find ideas to make your writing more engaging with the click of a button.

    4. Social Variations

      1. Liven up your posts and make them more engaging with suggested emojis.

      2. Extend the reach of your posts with suggested hashtags.

    5. Marketing Models

      1. Attract and persuade your audience with these three proven marketing models:

        1. AIDA: Trace the customer journey through Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action

        2. BAB: Hone in on what the customer wants and needs and drive conversions with Before-After-Bridge.

        3. PAS: Connect with your audience emotionally with the Problem, Agitate, and Solution model.

  2. AI - this is where the AI’s responses will appear

  3. Quick pick options for optimization

  4. Select this AI-suggested version - select the version you want to move forward with

  5. This closes the AI window and inputs the selected variation you’ve chosen, into the publisher compose window.

  6. Cancel your AI optimization session to return to the publisher.

Learn more about AI writing assistant in this dedicated article.

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