How to use the Media Contacts tab in Explore

Gain insights into the journalists writing about your topic, with the Media Contacts tab

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Journalists are the ultimate influencers and targeting the right ones is critical to succeeding with pitching initiatives. Earning media coverage starts with media research and developing relationships with journalists.

With the Media Contacts tab in Explore, you can access the profiles for the journalists writing the articles matching your query results! Easily identify, vet, organize and save journalists that matter most to your topics.

This article will walk you through:

Note: Only Meltwater Media Relations customers will see the Media Contacts tab in Explore.

Accessing Media Contacts

Media Contacts is located within its own section of Explore. It can be accessed via the section filter bar, or directly here.

Vetting Contact Profiles

As you refine your search and start to identify contacts you are potentially interested in, you will want to vet them further, before adding them to your lists.

In the Media Contacts tab, click on a contact's name, to open their mini-profile, to the right side of the screen. In the mini-profile, you will see the following details:

  • Name and location

  • Sources

  • Beats

  • Lists

  • Recent Articles

  • Social Media

  • Contact Information

There is also a link to view the full profile for this contact, which will open in a new tab, in the Media Relations section of Meltwater.

Add a contact to a media list

For further details into using the Search bar, refining by Filters, and adding a contact to new or existing lists, please review our How to Create and Organize Media Lists article.

Your current media lists can be found on the My Contacts page.

Note: adding a source (publication) to a media list isn't supported.

Accessing Relevant Articles

On the Media Contacts tab, on each individual media contact card, you will see listed lists the number of Relevant Articles from specific media contact, in relation to your search.

You can click the # Relevant Articles, to expand the right-hand slide-out, which features a content stream, filtered to only display the articles from that contact.

The content stream includes all of the same features and functionality as elsewhere in Explore/Meltwater, including find, download, sort, and display options, plus AI tags, and an Add Filter option to apply an author filter to your Explore query for just this contact.

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