How To Use Tags To Get Organized

Group and save your content into folders for easy access

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Are you looking for ways to get more organized when using Meltwater? Tags are central to many workflows in our media intelligence product. They help you structure and organize relevant content and subsequently use it to create earned media reports, apply it dashboards to do analysis, or curate and share content with stakeholders through newsletters or newsfeeds. It’s exciting to see the many creative and useful ways our customers use tags to create value!

How to Tag

Load the content you'd like to tag in a content stream such as Search, Explore or Monitor.

  1. Via the tick box, select the articles. A select all tick box is available next to the number of results

  2. Select the Tag icon

  3. Select a tag from the list or create a new one by entering the new tags name and select 'Create tag:'. An article can be associated with multiple tags.

Edit & Manage your Tags

To review your tags, select Content from the lefthand side navigation bar and then Tags.

Before opening each folder, you can hover over the tag to select the drop-down menu to select Delete. If you delete a tag that is used (e.g. for a dashboard) the tagged content will no longer be visible in the widgets the tag was applied to.

If you would like to change the name of a tag, while there isn't an update option we would recommend following these steps to copying the content to a new tag with the updated name. Copying tagged content to another tag is achieved by simply adding a new tag. Open the current Tag and select the content, then follow the same steps as creating a new tag.

Note: Your list of tags can also be accessed anywhere you want to expose the content associated with them (Inbox, dashboard widgets, newsletter, newsfeed, and reports) to enable workflows.

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