Welcome to your go-to guide for the Engage mobile app. The article below walks you through the process of downloading the app through to engaging with your Conversations. Read below to learn more!

Downloading the app

The Engage mobile app is available for both iOS and Android. It is a separate app from the Melwater mobile app and requires a separate download. After downloading the app you will login with your Meltwater account credentials.

Meltwater Engage app for iOS

Meltwater Engage app for Android

Note: you will only see data if you are marked as an Engage user. Learn more about updating your user permissions in this article.

App Overview Video


With the Engage mobile app you can easily interact with and respond to content seen on the web version of the Conversations tab. Conversations that are actioned on in the mobile app, such as comments or replies, will be reflected in the web app and vice versa allowing you to respond for anywhere without worrying about having your laptop nearby.

From the top bar you can filter by social handles, message type, and message status to see the conversations that are most important to you. These streamlined views help you action on the most pressing conversations first.

The same API limitations that apply to the web app, such as not being able to “like” Instagram replies, apply to the mobile app. Unfortunately, these are limitations in place by the social channels and we must follow their rules.

Mark as Complete

After responding to a conversation, it will automatically be marked as complete on both the mobile and web app. Messages that do not require action can be marked as complete by selecting the checkbox next to the conversation. If a message has been marked as complete on the web app, the status will be reflected on the mobile app.

Approvals in Publish

With the Engage Mobile App, you can approve posts assigned to you while on the go. Under the My Tasks tab, you can quickly see the posts awaiting your approval in one stream.

To approve posts:

  • Go to My Tasks

  • Select a post to review the content per channel, any assets such as images or videos, and assignment notes.

  • Choose to approve or reject the post.

  • If rejecting, include a note with an explanation or changes you would like to be made. The user who assigned the post to you will receive an email letting them know their post has been rejected.

In the My Tasks stream posts will appear in chronological order by the post date. Draft posts and posts that have gone past their post date will appear at the bottom in creation date order. Posts that have gone past their post date have a banner calling this out.

Overview video of Approvals

Thank you for reading. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat!

Team Meltwater

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