Below you will find the most common questions users have when using the Discovery portion within Klear.

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How are the topics for discovery created?

The topics in the search engine are based on the type of audience the influencer is reaching. The machine learning algorithms analyze the audience’s interests based on the type of content they create and engage with overall. There are thousands of different features we use in creating these topics.

Some common features that would be considered a positive signal are:

  • When an influencer's audience frequently uses hashtags related to the topic

  • They have close relationships with other influencers within the same topic.

  • When they frequently mention entities related to the topic.

How does the location filter work?

Klear’s technology enables discovery by both the audience’s location and the influencer’s location. When running a search, the default location is that of the audience but can be switched using the advanced filter toggle.

How do you know where the influencer is located?

The influencers’ location can be found beside their profile name. Their location is determined based on various parameters. If the user has disclosed their location on one of their profiles then this will be the location set on their Klear profile. If not, our system will use machine learning algorithms to assess the influencers’ location through the content they're posting.

Can I use more than one topic in my search?

Yes, you can search by multiple topics. In such a case influencers will need to be influential in both topics in order to show up in the results. Simply run a search with one topic and once your results show up, you can add additional topics on the left hand side using the filters.

For example, if you search for influencers in the topic “fashion” and then choose to add the topic “photography,” the list will only be of people influential in both photography and fashion. We would not recommend adding more than two topics, as the likelihood that an influencer is influential in two or more is not high and you may limit your results.

How are search results ranked?

The results you see are ranked/ordered by relevance according to your search criteria. As for the skills an influencer identifies with, it has to do with many factors. The first being that they are in fact influential in the skill category (ie, they have a strong audience in the relevant skill).

How does the topic search for Facebook work?

It is based on the topic categorization assigned to the influencer’s Instagram account. Where there is no Instagram account connected to their profile, it is based on Twitter.

Why isn’t a certain profile coming up in my search under the Profiles tab?

Klear’s platform shows influential profiles. If a certain profile isn’t coming up on the platform then it could mean that it’s not considered influential. In an instance like this, we still allow you the ability to track the profile in a campaign. You can use the “import from CSV” option under the campaigns tab to add the profile by their Twitter or Instagram handle into a campaign and then track their content there under the “Measure” tab.

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