Filtering News Results by Source and Criteria in Explore

Learn how to filter News results by Source or by Criteria under the Source Type filter in Explore.

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When filtering results by Source Type within Explore, almost all sources exist as an all or nothing option. Select Twitter and Reddit to include only their results, or make no selection and include all results.

News, however, allows you to filter within our News database, by Source, and or Criteria. This allows you to include, or exclude, content from specific news sources or article reach values.


News is copyrighted content from news sources such as The New York Times, BBC, CNN, local newspapers, and online journals. Content posted on television networks' websites is also classified as News. Over 3 million traditional media articles a day are crawled and archived, through Meltwater's news sources.

News is an option under the Source type filter within Explore.


Clicking the arrow beside the number of results for News, opens a new filter, that allows you to filter your News results by Source, and Reach.

By Source

Filtering News by source allows you to search for specific sources by name or URL. You then have the option to either include or exclude results from that source. You may select multiple sources. You can paste up to 2,000 URLs at a time - quickly copy/paste your comma-separated list of URLs to search all sites at once.

Check the box to include the source, or click the circle to exclude the source.

Example Use Case: Looking for local covid coverage. Since covid is global, it will be difficult to look at all news. Use By Source filtering to select small, local newspapers (i.e. The News and Observer) and exclude large, national and international newspapers (i.e. The New York Times).

By Criteria


Filtering news by reach allows you to filter results from sources that fall into the specific reach percentage ranges. Global News sources will have larger reach values, than small, local news sources.

There are eleven options when filtering by reach:


Value Range

Top ten %

(reach > 4231980)


(reach > 1297380 AND reach <= 4231980)


(reach > 357629 AND reach <= 1297380)


(reach > 144037 AND reach <= 357629)


(reach > 65260 AND reach <= 144037)


(reach > 30861 AND reach <=65260)


(reach > 14119 AND reach <= 30861)


(reach > 5815 AND reach <= 14119)


(reach > 1948 AND reach <= 5815)

Bottom ten %

(reach > 0 AND reach <= 1948)

Reach unavailable

no value

Example Use Case: Looking for news articles mentioning my company from the top news sources globally. Select Top ten % to only include results from sources with top 10% reach.

Premium license

Filter news results based on the sources' license types. Non-premium news sources are available to all Meltwater customers. Premium licenses require an additional subscription for full content access.

Combining By Source with By Reach and Premium license

When combining By Source and By Reach filters together, both will be taken into account. All results from specifically selected sources will either be included or excluded, even if they do not meet the reach criteria set up. This is because the filters operate as OR statements (i.e. By Source: New York Times OR By Reach: 30-40%.)

Use Case Example: Selecting a small local newspaper and excluding one of the big international newspapers by name, while at the same selecting the Top 10% reach value range. This will give you matching results from the small local paper but no results from the big international newspaper when the search query matches, even though the international newspaper would likely fall into the Top 10% reach value range. Since it was manually excluded, it will not appear in the results.

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