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Asset Library: Discover Content - How to use Discover to find and use User Generated Content (UGC)
Asset Library: Discover Content - How to use Discover to find and use User Generated Content (UGC)

This article is intended to assist you with Discover Content, the UGC solution for Engage.

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Discover Content

Discover Content is available in the Asset Library for Engage customers. Discover Content allows you to search for and find user-generated content (UGC) via your saved Explore* searches or influencer-generated content (IGC) via your Klear Campaign. Both the content media and text can then be used within Publish for content ideation.

*You must also have an Explore license and at least one saved search for Discover Content to work.

Learn more about how to use Discover Content and User Generated content in the sections below:

How to use Discover Content in the Asset Library to find and save UGC

  1. Navigate to Engage, Asset Library. Here you will find a new Discover Content section in the top right-hand corner.

Note: Discover Content is powered by Explore and Klear, and require either an Explore license and a saved search, and/or a Klear campaign with influencers added, to work.

2. Select a search from the list of saved Explore searches or a campaign from the list Klear campaigns.

3. The Discover Content page will load with content cards related to the selected search.

  • UGC cards are sorted by engagement total, in descending order.

  • UGC on the Discover Content page includes the following sources:

    • Social - Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tiktok, Twitter, and Youtube

    • Editorial

    • Blogs

4. Use the Add to Library button on a UGC card to save that piece of content to the Asset Library.

5. Give your saved content a name, select a folder and click Add to library.

Multi-image posts will be saved as individual asset library items.

  • I.E.: a Facebook post with two images named Dog will return as two items in the asset library - Dog (1) and Dog (2)

How to Access User Generated Content (UGC) in the Asset Library

  • Once saved in the asset library, UGC content can be viewed in either the list view, gallery view, or the user content details view.

    • In the list view, the Type column will say User Content.

    • In both the gallery view and the user content details view, the images will have a User Content tile placed on them.

  • Once you select or click into a saved UGC you can view the User Content Details View as shown below

  • Left-Hand Side:

    • Title: originally named during the addition to the asset library (editable)

    • Description: pre-populated with the following (editable)

      • Author: {social author}

      • Source: {native channel} {message type} / {timestamp}

      • URL: {native post URL}

    • Folder: originally assigned during addition to asset library (editable)

    • Original Author:

      • Show the social author name

      • Attribute author checkbox

        • Defaulted to checked

        • Unchecking removes the attribution information from the post copy and shows a warning banner encouraging attribution

        • Learn more link

          • Includes a legal disclosure information popup

      • Asset Details

        • Modified Date

        • Created By

    • Right-hand side:

      • The media associated with the UGC Post

        • Click on the media to bring up the gallery view

      • Post copy

        • Unless the Attribute Author checkbox is cleared, the following post copy is appended at the bottom:

          • Author: {social author}

          • Source: {native channel} {message type} / {timestamp}

          • URL: {native post URL}

How to use UGC Content in Publish

Now that you have saved User Generated Content within the Asset Library you can use the content within Engage's Publish.

  1. Navigate to Engage, Publish, Create Post.

2. To select UGC content with images, use the image icon in the media tray. For videos or gifs, use the corresponding inputs.

3. Select Asset library source in the media attachment selector.

  • When a UGC item is selected, both the media and post copy will be brought into the composer and media tray.

  • If more than one UGC item is chosen, the last added post copy will be used.

    4. Upload the UGC. Media and text can be customized as needed, including swapping the original author name for an actual @mention tag, if known.

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