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Engage: Publish - Facebook Content Post Boosting

This article is intended to assist you with Boosting Facebook Posts in Engage.

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Facebook Post Boosting is available for published posts in Engage! You can boost published Facebook posts, via connected Facebook ads account, directly from Engage.

Let's walk through Boosting Facebook Post:

Before You Begin

Before you begin, make sure that at least one Facebook ads account has been connected to Engage. You must have a Facebook ad account connected in order to boost posts.

How to Boost a Facebook Post

  1. Within Engage, navigate to the Publish calendar. Start by finding an already published Facebook post you wish to boost.

  • Note: Published posts have a green banner at the top.

2. Click the post, to open the Post Details popup. At the bottom of the post preview to the left, you will see a Boost post button.

If the Boost post button is disabled (greyed out), that post is not eligible for boosting.

  • Reasons why a post may not be eligible for boosting

    • Tied to more than one Facebook account

    • Not published from within Meltwater

    • Already in a boosted state

3. Click the Boost post button to open the Boost Facebook post menu

To the right of the popup, you will find the Facebook post preview.

To the left of the popup, are the fields required to boost the Facebook post.

All fields are required in order to successfully boost a Facebook post.

Next, let's dive into the specific fields.


  • Ad Account: lists the connected Facebook ad accounts. Select an ad account for this post.

  • Campaign name: lists all Awareness campaigns currently tied to the selected Facebook Ad account. Select a campaign to include this post in.

    • Campaigns cannot be created in Engage. To create a campaign users must do so directly via Facebook Ads Manager.

Audience and Reach

  • Audience: lists the Facebook audience sets currently available for the selected Facebook Ad account.

    • Audience sets cannot be created in Engage. To create an audience set users must do so directly via Facebook Ads Manager.

  • Budget: this is the maximum spend limit for the lifetime of this ad. Spend must be equal to at least $1 per day.

    • Currency is set via the ad account level on Facebook Ads Manager, so ensure that entries into this field are also the same currency.

      • Depending on the setup in Facebook Ads Manager, some spending budgets are set on the campaign level. In these instances, the currency field will be automatically populated and cannot be changed.

  • Days: number of days that the ad will run (Ad Run Time)

    • Must be a whole number.

Here is an example completed Boost Facebook post popup.

The final step is to click Boost post. You have successfully boosted a Facebook post via Engage!

  • You may boost a Facebook post more than once, however you cannot boost a Facebook post until its current boost time has finished.

How to Identify a Boosted Post via the Publish Calendar

Already boosted Facebook posts are indicated on the content calendar by a green dollar sign ($) icon.

  • Hover over this icon to view the last 5 boosting periods completed in Engage.

  • Boosted posts are also identified on the Post Details preview.

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