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How to Schedule Instagram Stories via Web Only
How to Schedule Instagram Stories via Web Only

Publish Instagram stories directly from the Meltwater web platform.

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Prior to August 2023 you may remember that in order to schedule Instagram stories you had to use the web and Meltwater mobile app together. Instagram now allows for the Publishing of stories directly from the web! This means you can draft, schedule, and publish Instagram stories directly within Meltwater, without needing to use the Engage mobile app.

Note: You can still schedule Instagram Stories through the Mobile App work flow found here. This option does allow additional features options such as adding stickers, music, etc..

How does it work?

  1. In Publish, click Create and select Post, or click the day and time via the calendar.

    To post via mobile app, learn more here.

  2. Select one Instagram profile. Instagram does not allow story publishing to multiple handles at the same time.

  3. Add a single video or image to your Instagram story, either via general compose or the Instagram-specific composer. Attaching multiple media assets at one time is not supported.

  4. In the channel-specific composer, use the Post Type dropdown to select Story.

    1. If more than one Instagram profile is chosen or more than one media asset has been added to the post, Story will not be available to select.

    2. Instagram stories do not support descriptions, unique links, or first comments. If a user selects the ‘story’ option from the dropdown, any entries to these areas will be removed.

  5. Instagram stories have specific aspect ratio requirements, and users may be prompted to change their ratio. This can be done via the image editor in-app.

  6. Continue with the regular posting process all other channels follow.

  7. Instagram stories appear alongside all other scheduled content on the calendar.

What's the value?

  • Save time - Eliminate the need to publish Instagram stories through the mobile notifications flow. You can schedule your content in advance and trust that it will get published, no further steps needed.

  • Stay relevant and further your brand’s reach by meeting your fans across the post types they watch and engage with most - Instagram stories.

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