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Welcome to your go-to-guide on Klear!

Klear, is a state of the art Influencer marketing platform where influencers across Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest and blogs, best suited to market one's products or services, can be found. The platform also provides instant access to influencer analytics, audience demographics, workflows to manage influencer programs, and a monitoring section where monitoring reports can be created.

In this get started guide let's walk through how to use each section of the Klear tool:


Discover how to navigate your Klear dashboard.

Once you log in to your Klear account you will be directed to your Klear dashboard.

You should think of your dashboard as your central hub on Klear. Your dashboard visualizes your recent campaigns and Klear monitors, and offers shortcuts to the influencer discovery, and analysis features.

Find Influencers

Learn how to find the perfect influencer using Klear.

Klear’s influencer Discovery portal is your go-to resource for discovering new influencer collaborations. Here you can use our smart search filters and identify influencers that perfectly match brand values and campaign objectives.

Before getting started it is important to understand that a strong influencer is not just someone with a large follower count. Rather, it is a social user that has a strong audience and impressive performance metrics. Our discovery filters are the best way to find the strongest influencer for your next campaign.

How To Set Discovery Filters

Klear influencer discovery filters are designed to ensure that you are finding influencers that best support your needs. One of the key advantages of running an influencer campaign is the ability to specifically target niche audiences. With Klear’s discovery capabilities you can find influencers whose audience aligns with brand goals.

  1. Social Platform

First, set the social platform you are running the campaign on and then set your discovery filters.

2. Topic

The Topic filter indicates the area in which your desired influencer is a thought leader, creates a majority of their content around, generates engagement, and has a relevant and interested audience.

Examples of Topics: Yoga, Fashion, DIY, Parenting, Travel, etc.

3. Location

The location filter indicates where your desired influencer’s audience is located. This comes in handy if you are running a location-based campaign.

4. Vetted

Influencers have the ability to authenticate their social media profiles on Klear, thus becoming Vetted influencers. This means these influencers have a registered Klear account and are familiar with collaborating on Klear.

If an influencer is not Vetted, don’t worry! You will simply send them an invitation and they will be onboarded to Klear in a matter of seconds.

5. Brand Search

If you would like to find influencers that have past collaborations with a specific brand ( i.e a competitor or industry leader), simply put the brand’s @handle in the brand search filter. This will render all influencers that have participated in a branded collaboration with the brand.

This filter is great for finding an influencer that has collaborated with brands that share your values. Or for performing a competitor audit, to better understand the influencer marketing strategy of your ecosystem.

6. Influence

Social influence is determined by a number of factors, and follower count is just one of the many important factors you should use when vetting an influencer. In fact, our research has proven that follower count and content exposure have little to no correlation. For this reason, we have an AI algorithm that identifies social influencers and creates a 0-100 score known as the Klear Score.

The influencer filter lets you determine the level of influencer you would like to collaborate with: Nano, Micro, Macro, and Mega. All levels are impacted by a number of factors including follower count, Klear Score, and engagement metrics.

Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 12.58.41.png

7. Gender

If you have a preferred gender for your desired influencer you can filter your discovery results by gender. Our current gender options are “Women and Men”.

8. Audience Location

The audience location filter lets you identify influencers whose audience is based in a specific location. This filter is important because an influencer’s location does not always indicate the audience’s location. And, it ensures that your collaborations are super targeted.

9. Audience Age

The audience age filter enables you to discover influencers with an audience that aligns with campaign objectives. For example, if you're targeting Gen-Z, you can set the audience age filter to 18-24, and the influencers with a majority of followers in this demographic will be rendered.

10. Language

The language filter enables you to discover influencers by language. You can select from suggested languages or type in your language of choice.

Add To Campaign

Once you’ve set your discovery filters and rendered relevant influencers, it’s time to select desired collaborations. If you spot an influencer that you think would be a perfect fit for a campaign click the “add to campaign” icon. You can either add the influencer to an existing campaign or create a new campaign.

Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 16.55.59.png

Tag An Influencer

If you think an influencer looks like a good fit for your brand, but not for your current campaign, you can set a tag and always come back to them later. Influencer tags are color coded, and multiple influencers can receive the same tag.

Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 17.09.17.png

View Influencer Profiles

Analyze and vet influencers by reviewing performance and demographic data.

Your discovery results will render the top 50 influencers that align with your search filters. The search result page will offer a preview of the influencer’s profile including audience demographic data, follower count, and past collaborations.

Tagged Influencers

Think of the Profiles tab as your shortcut to all your relevant influencers. Here you can view all of your tagged influencers and all of the influencer profiles you’ve recently viewed.

profiles tab.png

In the search bar, add your influencer’s @handle, and their profile will appear in the drop-down. If you would like to learn more about the influencer, click on the influencer’s name and a new tab will open with the influencer’s complete profile. Here you can learn everything you need about a potential collaboration to ensure proper vetting. Within your influencer’s profile page you will see five tabs: Overview, Content, Demographics, Network, and Manage.

jamie oliver.png


When you arrive on an influencer profile page, by default you will view the Overview section of their profile. This offers you an overview of all the essential insights you need to vet your influencers including; engagement, top content, brand safety, and network overview. Once you see something interesting, you can then get a more comprehensive look at the insights by investigating their profile.

Brand Safety

brand safety.png

A critical element of the Overview tab is the Brand Safety feature. This capability can detect whether collaborating with an influencer presents any risk and if an influencer aligns with your brand values.

Our AI algorithm can determine the authenticity of an influencer's audience (i.e. fake accounts), and if any suspicious practices have occurred like auto-liking bots or pods. Additionally, you can set a list of suspicious keywords to identify if an influencer has posted any content that contradicts brand values.



The content section is where you can review an influencer’s past collaborations and assess top-performing content. Such insights are perfect for ensuring value alignment, and confirming that an influencer does not have controversial collaborations.

Additionally, reviewing performance metrics of top-performing content will allow you to set realistic expectations of campaign content.

All content can be granularly filtered by time-frame or sponsorship.



A key element of a successful collaboration is ensuring an influencer’s audience aligns with your campaign target. For example, if you are targeting Gen-Z males but an influencer’s audience is mainly Millennial females, then that would not be the right fit.

The demographic tab will show you a complete breakdown of an influencer’s audience. This includes age demographics, dominant gender, top city, top country, and most relevant hashtags.

You are also able to access TikTok audience demographic data within Klear profiles including age, gender, language, and location. You can request TikTok demographics from multiple campaign members simultaneously rather than one by one.



Another important way to vet a potential collaborator is by reviewing the strength of their audience. Rather than understand the audience demographic, this step will help you understand the relevant influencers within their audience. Meaning, not only are you engaging with a relevant audience, but with strong social media users. It’s a win-win all around.

The Network tab will render the most influential users in an influencer’s audience. You can assess followers’ influence by their Klear Score, and look to see if they have participated in branded collaborations.



Under the manage tab, you can see relevant information about an influencer that you or a teammate has updated. This information ensures that everyone is fully prepared to enter a collaboration.


Learn how to leverage Klear for all campaign management and influencer collaboration needs.

Once you’ve identified the perfect influencers, all campaign management and collaboration will take place in the campaign tab. This is where you will invite influencers to join your campaign, communicate directly with your influencer, approve content, process payments, and measure the impact of your campaign. Seamless collaboration is critical for the success of your campaign, and Klear ensures that all stages of your campaigns will run smoothly and transparently.

Manage Campaigns

manage campaigns .png

When entering the Campaign tab, you will see all of your existing campaigns. Each campaign has its own name, relevant keyword, #hashtag, or @brand for monitoring, and a blue icon will indicate any new campaign posts.

The typical funnel of a campaign is:

  • Identify relevant influencers

  • Add to Klear campaign

  • Invite influencers to collaborate on Klear

  • Share and approve content

  • Set tracking keywords

  • Monitor and review campaign progress

    Simply click on a campaign to begin working and collaborating.



Once you enter a campaign you will see a list of all the influencers you have added to the campaign during your vetting process.

If the campaign is live you will see the number of posts the influencer has contributed to the campaign, as well as relevant influencer insights which can be customized to best suit your experience.



This is where you can view the status of each influencer, review budgets, and identify which team-member owns the influencer relationship. This is great for ensuring team transparency.



In landscape, you can view all other brands mentioned in your campaign ecosystem. This means brands your influencers have collaborated with in the past. This feature is important for recognizing if your influencers are compatible, or if a specific brand does not align with your values.



Connect is our influencer collaboration and communication portal. It is where you will first invite influencers to join a campaign by sending a campaign brief. As well as handle all influencer communication including content approval, payments, and contract signing.

campaign brief.png

Klear Connect makes influencer management easy and hassle-free. We have an integrated direct messaging service so you can communicate with your influencers from within Klear. All communication and content submissions are logged.

The foundation of any successful campaign is a strong relationship, which is what makes an influencer relationship management capability so essential. Watch the video at the end of this section to learn how Connect can act as your CRM.



When you set up your campaign, you are required to set a campaign keyword. The keyword is typically a campaign-related #hashtag or @brand. Klear will automatically aggregate, save, and analyze all influencer content with the relevant keyword, including Instagram stories. Once your campaign is live, you can view the impact of the aggregated campaign content under the measure tab.

granular content.png

You can view macro insights including total posts, engagements, reach, and EMV. If you’d like to receive more granular insights, you can review the impact of each individual influencer and each individual piece of campaign content.

Campaign Reporting

campaign report.png

Within the measure tab, you can download a beautiful campaign report, which is a digestible PDF of all relevant campaigns insights. All reports include a campaign summary, audience demographics, top-performing content, and granular insights.

Reports can be downloaded as a PDF or a customizable Google Doc, which can then be shared with the rest of the team.


Use monitors to stay updated on industry trends and competitor activity.

By monitoring relevant #hashtags and competitor influencer mentions, you can perform a competitive analysis and stay on top of industry trends.

You have two types of monitors you can set: Brands or keywords. A brand monitor means you are monitoring a brand’s social profiles. While a Keyword monitor means monitoring the activity generated from a relevant keyword or #hashtag (i.e. #JustDoIt).

monitor 3.png

A brand filter will give you an overview of the influence of a brand’s social profile. In the overview tab you can see how many mentions the brand has generated over a specific time period, how many new followers the brand grew, and the relevant engagements. Think of this like the influencer profile page, but for brands.


Review a brand’s top-performing content and see which influencers were behind the success. All content can be sorted by date or engagement.



Assess your competitor’s audience demographic to understand who they are targeting and identify untapped markets ready for penetration.



Review the most influential users mentioning a brand. This is great for identifying potential collaborators. Or, take your analysis one step further, and review the influencer’s profile to understand why your competitor is working with them.



Learn how to leverage Klear for eCommerce goals.

If you’re looking to leverage influencer marketing for eCommerce success, then our Recruit feature is perfect for you. Rather than searching for relevant influencers, Recruit helps you identify influencers who already exist in your customer base and turn them into brand ambassadors for an influencer loyalty program.


You're able to create an application form that can be embedded into your website or act as a landing page. On the application form, customers are invited to share their social details in order to be selected as brand ambassadors.


All social credentials will be sent to Klear, and customers with strong influencer metrics will be flagged as ideal candidates.

Share Coupon Codes and Track Conversions

Within Recruit you can generate customizable coupon codes to be shared with your brand ambassadors.

coupon codes.png

Add a tracking pixel to your coupon codes, product pages, and check-out to measure link clicks and conversions. This can help you estimate the impact of your influencer loyalty program and set realistic expectations for future campaigns. All tracked conversions will be aggregated into your campaign report, so your success can be easily shared with the rest of your team and relevant stakeholders.


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