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Welcome to Klear, your advanced platform for influencer marketing. This guide will walk you through how to find & vet new influencers, create and manage campaigns, and analyze results to support your marketing goals.

Influencers can also be called Creators, we use both terms throughout this guide.

This guide will cover:

Getting Support from a Meltwater Rep

Use the chat feature at the bottom right-hand side of your Klear home screen to talk with a product expert who can with any questions you may have.

Getting Familiar with the Klear Dashboard

When you log into Klear, you will land on your Klear dashboard. You should think of your dashboard as your central hub. When your dashboard is built out, it will visualize your recent campaigns, suggest influencers that may be a good fit for your brand, and provide shortcuts to key parts of the platform. Let’s take a look:

Understanding the Types of Searches

In Klear, you can utilize machine learning for enhanced searches, allowing you to find Influencers based on specific Topics, Keywords, and Visual Styles. Let’s review each type of search option:

  • Topic - A topic indicates the area in which your desired influencer is a thought leader, creates a majority of their content around, generates engagement, and has a relevant and interested audience.

  • Keyword - Keywords are a way to find influencers who post content that references niche topics, hashtags, or brands. A Keyword search is a great way to cast a wider net when searching for influencers as it will pull any profile that has mentioned that keyword, unlike a topic search where the influencer must be considered a thought leader to be included in the search results for that particular topic.

  • Visual - Uses advanced image analysis to find the most relevant images based on a description or uploaded image you’ve provided.

Finding New Influencers by Topic

A Topic search is an excellent way to find thought leaders or experts within an industry or field. If you are looking to partner with Influencers who are leading voices in their respective disciplines (eg. Fashion, Beauty, Fitness), the Topic search is the place to start.

To Search by Topic:

  1. Click on the Discovery tab

  2. Select the social media channel your campaign will run on, this will ensure the results will show platform-specific influencers.

  3. Select Topic from the Search Type drop-down

  4. Enter a topic in the Topic field: Specify the area of expertise you're looking for in an influencer. This helps identify individuals who are leading voices in their field and have an active, engaged audience. The topic can cover a broad range - from a particular industry to various content categories or areas of interest, such as Yoga, Fashion, DIY, Parenting, Travel, and more.

  5. Set the location for your search

  6. Click Vetted for:

    1. Influencers that have authenticated their social media profiles on Klear, thus becoming Vetted influencers. This means these influencers have a registered Klear account and are familiar with collaborating on Klear

  7. Click Search

  8. The search results will populate; you can use additional filters to fine-tune your results.

Finding New Influencers by Keyword Search

Keywords are a way to find influencers who post content referencing niche topics, hashtags, or brands.

For instance, if you’re looking for people who regularly post about plant-based food or diets, we recommend searching for #plantbased. Simply type in the hashtag relevant to your campaign, product, or service.

To search by Keyword:

  1. Click on the Discovery tab

  2. Select the social media channel your campaign will run on, this will ensure the results will show platform-specific influencers.

  3. Select Keyword from the Search Type drop-down

  4. Enter the Phrase or Keyword(s) you would like to search. If you are looking to search for multiple keywords at once, you will need to use Boolean logic. It would be helpful to read the Boolean Keyword Searching article if you aren’t sure how to do this.

  5. Click Search

  6. Search results will populate, and you can use additional filters to fine-tune your results.

Finding New Influencers by Visual Search

Visual Search lets you quickly find and vet content that matches the goals and aesthetic of your campaign.

There are two ways to use Visual Search:

  • Text prompt - this will bring back content that matches the description you provide.

  • Image upload - will bring back content similar to the reference photo you provide.

To search by text prompt:

  1. Click on the Discovery tab

  2. Select Visual from the Search Type drop-down

  3. Select Text Prompt from the drop-down

    1. Klear provides suggested search prompts on the right-hand side of the drop-down menu.

  4. Enter the description of the content you would like to find into the search bar

  5. Click Search

  6. Search results will populate

To search by image upload:

  1. Click on the Discovery tab

  2. Select Visual from the Search Type drop-down

  3. Select Upload Image from the drop-down menu

  4. Upload your image by clicking the Upload Image button on the right-hand side of the drop-down

    1. Images uploaded can be up to 10MB

  5. Click Search

  6. Search results will populate, you can use additional filters to fine-tune your results

Searching for an Influencer’s Social Handle

If you already know the Social Handle of an Influencer you would like to search for in Klear you can directly look up an Influencer using the Profiles Tab.

Please note: For Instagram profiles to be searchable in Klear they are required to be either a Business or Creator account.

To Search for an Influencer via Social Handle:

  1. Click on the Profiles tab

  2. Select the correct social network for the respective handle to return the correct results.

  3. In the search bar at the top of the page, add your influencer’s @handle and their profile will appear in the drop-down.

  4. If you would like to learn more about the influencer, click on the influencer’s name and a new tab will open with the influencer’s complete profile. If you are having trouble finding an influencer profile you can learn more about what social profiles Klear supports.

Vetting Influencers

Once your search results populate, it’s time to vet the influencers to ensure that they are a good fit for your brand. You can use their Klear profile to discover more about their engagement metrics, audience demographics, content, and much more.

Understanding an Influencer’s Klear Profile

When you select the influencer you would like to further vet you will be brought to their Klear profile.

Below you will find additional information about the Overview tab, Demographics tab, and Content tab as they are the most pertinent when vetting influencers To learn more about the Similar and Manage tabs you can read more in the Vetting Influencers FAQ article in the Klear Help Center.

Determining an Influencers Engagement Data

Before partnering with an Influencer you will need to check their past engagements to ensure both consistency in engagements as well as the social networks that will return the highest engagements for your campaign posts.

When you arrive on an influencer profile page, by default you will view the Overview tab of their profile. This is where you will find detailed engagement data for all available social platforms.

To view an Influencer’s Engagement Data:

  1. Click the Overview tab of an Influencer’s Klear Profile

    jamie oliver.png
  2. Click on the Breakdown option on the right hand of the screen

  3. Select the social platform for which you would like to view a breakdown of metrics and click the graph icon to view detailed engagement metrics

  4. Engagement data will be provided for that social platform

Viewing an influencer’s audience demographics

The demographics tab will show you a breakdown of an influencer’s audience. A key element of a successful collaboration is ensuring an influencer’s audience aligns with your campaign target. For example, if you are targeting Gen-Z males but an influencer’s audience is mainly Millennial females, then that would not be the right fit.

To View an Influencers Demographics:

  1. Select the Demographics Tab

  2. Select the social media platform for which you would like to view audience demographics.

  3. Click on the demographic data you would like to view to pull up an expanded breakdown.

Reviewing an Influencer’s Content

The content tab allows you to review an influencer’s past collaborations and assess top-performing content.

To View an Influencer’s Content:

  1. Select the Content Tab

  2. Select the social media platform you would like to view content for

  3. Set the time frame for which you would like to view the content

  4. Click on an individual piece of content to see the caption, likes, comments, reach, engagement rate, and EMV where applicable per channel

To View an Influencer's Content by Topic:

  1. Click on the content filter buttons to see the matching posts within each topic

  2. Use the Sort By drop-down on the right-hand side to customize the order of the posts. You can sort posts by Similarity, Engagements, or Date.

  3. Hover over each content topic button to see how many matching posts an influencer has

  4. Hover over each post to see a preview of the caption, and click on the tile to see the full-size post

Creating and Managing Influencer Campaigns

The Campaign Tab is where you will invite influencers to join your campaign, communicate directly with your influencer, approve content, process payments, and measure the impact of your campaign. Seamless collaboration is critical for the success of your campaign, and Klear ensures that all stages of your campaigns will run smoothly and transparently.

How to create a new campaign:

  1. Click the Campaigns Tab

  2. Click New Campaign on the top right side of the screen

  3. Enter your campaign name

  4. Click Finish Setup once you have named your new campaign

  5. To ensure campaign content is correctly captured enter your tracking Keywords, Hashtags, or Brand Handles.

  6. You can now add Influencers to your campaign

Managing Influencer Information with the Members Tab

Once you click into a campaign you will see a list of all the influencers you have added to the campaign during your vetting process under the Members Tab. This is where you can keep track of and input information about your influencers such as their shipping address, their contact details, and other important information.

To customize visible influencer metrics in the Members Tab:

  1. Click the Campaign Tab

  2. Select the campaign you would like to view

  3. Click the Members Tab

  4. Click the column icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen

  5. Select up to 10 influencer metrics you would like to be visible

Inputting information about your influencers into a campaign

Klear allows you to keep track of all of the information about your influencers like shipping addresses, email addresses, influencer preferences, and notes in one place. The Members tab houses all of this information and acts as an internal CRM system for your campaign.

To add information about your Influencers:

  1. From the Members Tab, click the Relationship button on the top right-hand side of the screen.

  2. Select the information (email, personal information, budget, etc.) you would like to input by clicking the plus sign on that column

  3. Any information added to the Relationship Tab will be saved within that campaign and will only be visible to account users.

Communicating with your influencers

Klear Connect makes influencer communication easy and hassle-free. We have an integrated direct messaging service so you can communicate with your influencers from within Klear. All communication and content submissions are logged in the Connect tab for quick access.

Influencers must first be invited to collaborate on a campaign using a campaign brief to communicate within the Connect Tab.

To communicate with Influencer in Klear:

  1. Click the Campaigns Tab

  2. Select the campaign you would like to view

  3. Click the Connect tab

  4. Select the influencer you would like to invite to collaborate with

  5. Click Invite to Campaign

  6. You will see when the campaign invite has been delivered in the influencer chat box

  7. You will be notified when your Influencer has accepted the campaign invitation

  8. Once the Influencer has accepted the campaign you will be able to send them a message using the chat box.

    1. Influencers will receive both an email and a notification in Klear that they have received a message. They can respond directly in Klear or via email to your outgoing communication.

Reporting on Campaign ROI

Klear will automatically aggregate, save, and analyze all influencer content with the relevant keywords, hashtags, or brand handles that have been posted by your influencers for each specific campaign. Once your campaign is live, you can view the impact of the aggregated campaign content under the Measure tab.

To access the Measure Tab:

  1. Click the Campaigns tab

  2. Select the campaign you would like to view

  3. Once inside the campaign, select the Measure tab

  4. Select either the Overview or Analytics tabs to customize how you would like to view your campaign performance.

Overview and Analytics- What’s the difference?

Measure Tab - Overview

In the Overview tab, you can view high-level insights including total posts, engagements, reach, sales, and EMV. If you’d like to receive more granular insights, you can review the impact of each influencer and each piece of campaign content by clicking on the specific content.

The Overview Tab is a great place to get a high-level look at how your campaign is performing while the Analytics Tab will provide a more interactive and in-depth understanding.

Measure Tab- Analytics

The Analytics tab is accessible within Measure and features a full page of interactive charts and graphs displaying real-time results for your campaigns. Acting as a hub for your most impactful data, this tab includes an overview of metrics across time, a breakdown of results from social networks/content types, sales data, top influencers/content, and audience demographics. Of course, custom filters from Measure can also be applied in this tab, so you can narrow down results to subsets of influencers, specific networks, or media types.

Creating a Campaign Report

Within the measure tab, you can download a beautiful campaign report, which is a digestible PDF of all relevant campaign insights. All reports include a campaign summary, audience demographics, top-performing content, and granular insights.

Reports can be downloaded as a PDF or a customizable Google Doc, which can then be shared with the rest of the team or interested stakeholders.

To create a campaign report

  1. Click the document icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen

  2. Select the Editable Version to add any custom branding or other pertinent information from other sources within your organization.

  3. Click Create Report

  4. A campaign report will be sent to your email inbox within 5-10 minutes

To preview the format and structure of a campaign report you can view sample campaign reports and demo campaigns

How to get additional help

Enhance your Knowledge in the Klear Academy

If you would like to dive deeper into the information we covered here and learn more advanced features of the tool check out the Klear Academy. Become an expert in Klear and get certified while you learn!

Participate in mCommunity

mCommunity is a collaborative space that lets you engage with other Klear users, ask your questions to community members, and learn more about product updates and Meltwater events.

Attend Klear Office Hours

These sessions, led by one of our Klear specialists, provide a structured and interactive learning opportunity that will allow you to ask questions, gain learnings from others, and provide a monthly refresh on best practices within the platform. Each month's session will have a specific focus that aligns with your workflow in Klear. Sign up for the next session!

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