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Access and filter all of your influencers using tags, custom variables, and more!

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What is it?

The upgraded My Influencers section on the Profiles page now acts as your personal influencer database, which can be searched and filtered using proprietary data and influencer activity. Previously, you could only search and filter for influencers who were tagged or recently viewed. Now, you can use a combination of filters to run targeted searches across your influencer network, including custom variables, tags, campaign activity, and recently viewed.

So, for example, if you are a beauty brand looking to re-engage influencers for a campaign for a specific foundation, you could run a search for all influencers you’ve tagged as “makeup influencers”, with “warm skin tone” as a custom variable, who have also accepted a campaign invite. In just a few clicks, you have your targeted list of influencers to jump right into outreach. Saving you the time and headache of digging through campaigns or manually recreating lists.

How does it work?

Head to the Profiles page in Klear and locate the My Influencers section below the search bar. All influencers you’ve worked with, tagged, added custom variables, or recently viewed will be searchable here.

You can configure your view to show your influencers in a Grid View or the new Table View using the buttons on the right. To search and filter your influencers, click the + Add Filter button then:

  • Select which configuration of Tags, Custom Variables, and/ or activity to include. Note: You can include multiple tags, custom variables, or activity status within your search. Simply select the additional filters as you go along. To review or remove any specific tags or variables, use the drop-down tooltip to adjust your search.

  • As you include additional filters your search criteria will be reflected in the bar above and your influencer list will automatically update.

  • To change your filter combination rules from OR to AND, click directly on the OR text and select AND option from the pop-up. Note: You can also adjust the Any or All rule for a group of tags you select using the tooltip. The more AND filter combinations you include, the more limited your results may be.

  • Use the Table View to see extended data including campaign participation, tags, date tagged, email, custom variables, skills, and more.

  • Use the actions bar to add tags, add to a campaign, or create a PDF report of your lists.

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