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Let's walk through how and why you should use the Content Analysis Card feature.

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The Content Analysis Card helps you qualify and identify relevant content faster by surfacing the top entities, entity-level sentiment, author profile, and Twitter engagement in one consolidated view.

What is a Content Analysis Card?

The Content Analysis Card delivers you previously unsurfaced enrichments and analytics for editorial articles and Twitter posts. Upon clicking the analytics icon, the Content Analysis Card shows the document’s related entities, entity-level sentiment, potential reach, author profile and social engagement.

In the Content analysis card you can find:

For editorial content with reach:

  • A preview of the article with a link to it

  • Overall sentiment

  • Potential reach

  • Breakdown of Top Entities - the entity icons allows you to easily scan entities in the article to better understand if the content includes products, locations, people, places, organizations, hashtags, or other entities.

For Twitter posts:

  • Author’s biography and number of followers

  • Authority Score

  • Social engagement metrics including likes and retweets, as well as a threaded comment view

  • Total sentiment with a sentiment breakdown for the top entities

  • Replies, quote tweets, and retweets under the Engagement tab

For Reddit and Forums:

  • Sentiment

  • Author Information

  • Top Entities

  • Engagement viewed in threaded context

What is the value of a Content Analysis Card?

The Content Analysis Card helps you qualify and identify relevant content when:

  • Building newsletters and briefing stakeholders

  • Organizing content for their earned media analysis

  • Monitoring for crises

  • Researching your market and scanning for mentions of competitive brands

The value the Content Analysis Card offers:

  • Saved time by helping you identify relevant content faster, and reducing the need to sift and read through irrelevant content.

  • Help in scaling your media monitoring efforts.

  • Help in accomplishing key tasks, such as building newsletters, briefing stakeholders, monitoring for crises, identifying and organizing content for more accurate earned media reporting, identifying brand advocates and detractors, etc.

How does a Content Analysis Card work?

Hover over the analytics icon on an editorial article or social post found in the content stream to access the Content Analysis Card.

The content stream can be found in Explore, Monitor, Topic Analysis, Analytics Tab, Dashboards, Media Relations, and Author Segments.

You are now viewing the Content Analysis Card. Lets dive into what you will find.

Within the Overview Tab -

  • Features people, companies, products mentioned in the post or article.

Within the Engagement Tab -

  • Features a threaded view of replies, comments, quote tweets and retweets to the social post.

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