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Streamline account organization, empower global teams, and reduce complexity for more targeted searching and reporting.

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Workspaces is a capability designed to simplify the management of larger accounts. Separate users and searches into dedicated teams for consistency and organization. While global teams and enterprise teams find impact with Workspaces, smaller teams may benefit from assigning Workspaces as well.

Note: If you do not have access to Workspaces, contact your Meltwater Representative.

Features available for Workspace assignment include: Searches, Alerts, Monitoring Views, Tags, Monitored (earned) social connections, and Dashboards.

How does it work?

  1. Once you have access, navigate to the Workspaces feature on the left hand nav under Account.

  2. This will launch the Workspaces Configuration Tool. To get started, click “Add Workspace”.

  3. Next, add some members by selecting “Update Members”. Users can be in multiple workspaces, one workspace, or none. Users that are not added to any workspace will be able to see all assets on the account. Users added to one or more workspaces will only be able to see the assets that are in the workspace they are actively using.

  4. Next, tab over to the other sections of the app to add Explore Searches, Tags, Monitored (Earned) Connections, Monitoring Views, and Dashboards to the workspace. New searches, Dashboards, or other assets created within a workspace will only be seen in that workspace. They can be shared to other Workspaces via this configuration tool.

  5. Once you've created a few workspaces, you can toggle between them using the Workspace Switcher - it's below the company switcher on the top right of the navigation header. Note the Workspace Switcher will only appear if a user is in more than one workspace:


Q: How do I get access to Workspaces?

A: Contact your Meltwater Account Representative.

Q: How do I make sure I'm getting the most out of Workspaces?

A: Workspaces help you segment your organization into teams or groups with a similar scope, removing excess clutter and allowing for stronger customer focus.

  • Examples: Workspaces can be created based on departments such as Communications, Marketing, HQ, Research, Education, Finance.

  • Workspaces can also be broken down by Agency clients (Coke, Nike, Pepsi, Taylor Swift).

  • Alternatively, by geography (North, USA, Canada, South, UK, etc).

Q: Who can see content (searches or dashboards, tags, etc) that is added to a Workspace?

A: If an asset (such as a search) is moved into a Workspace, that search can be viewed by users on that Workspace. It can also be viewed by users not in any Workspace.

Q: Can anyone access the Workspaces configuration tool?

A: No. The only users who can create/manage/delete Workspaces are those with the Manage Users - Admin permission. Those with Manage Users Viewer or No Access status will not have the ability to configure Workspaces.

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