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Exporting Your Data With the Meltwater API
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The Meltwater API is a tool available to be added to your Meltwater subscription at an additional cost.

If you are an existing API customer and have a technical question about your current API setup, please use the API support portal.

This article will cover:

Meltwater API Overview

The Meltwater API enables customers to integrate insights from media and social data across their business.

Connect the dots with other business data.

Analyze your online data alongside internal business data. Measure how media and social engagement impact your bottom line.

Streamline your reporting processes.

Automate & consolidate reporting on media and social activity. Remove manual processes and human error from your reporting.

Realize additional value from media & social data.

Trigger workflows from business signals make media and social part of your sales intelligence—the possibilities are endless.

Meltwater API features

The Meltwater API allows you to bring content and analytics from the Meltwater platform into your tools and workflows.

Content Export

  • Export media articles and social mentions that match your Meltwater searches and tags.

  • Set up scheduled exports for regular reporting tasks.

  • Run historic one-off exports for research and planning projects.

  • Export larger volumes of data than are available through the Meltwater application.

Fetch Metrics and Analytics

  • Fetch analysis and metrics for your Meltwater searches.

  • Analyze trends and topics.

  • Study high-volume topics without needing to fetch large numbers of documents.

Connect With Your Internal Tools

  • Bring your exported data and analytics into any tool that understands CSV or JSON data formats.

  • Use Meltwater's off-the-shelf BI tool connectors to build reports on media and social data.

Build Automated Solutions

  • Develop in-house custom solutions that integrate Meltwater data into your workflows.

  • Programmatically manage searches, content exports, and analysis requests.

  • Automate your processes and remove human error.

Using the Meltwater API

To help you understand more about how the API works, check out the steps below:

First, reference the Developer QuickStart page.

Note: You need access to the “Data Streams” feature in your API package to use this feature. This is an add-on and not included in the base API packages.

To stream earned media using the API, you need to provide a Saved Search ID, and a destination URL for where you would like data pushed to.

When you create a new data stream the platform will listen for any new documents coming into the platform that match your search. Any matches will immediately be pushed to your destination URL. These matches (documents) will contain a number of fields such as the URL, title, content, sentiment, and so on.

The fields available for documents depend on the source of the document. Learn more about Exports Formats and Fields.

The quickest way to get familiar with data streaming is by reading the Data Streams - Quickstart Guide.

Getting Access to the Meltwater API

The Meltwater API is an additional tool available to add to your Meltwater subscription. Your account manager will work closely with you during the API initial setup.

We offer a range of API packages depending on your needs. Pricing is based upon:

  • The number of content exports you'd like to run each month

  • The volume of mentions/documents you expect to export per month

  • The number of analytics calls you'd like to run per day

  • The option to access real-time streaming of listening data via Data Streams

For more technical details on the API features, learn more about Meltwater API.

Data Use and Restrictions

Data use is intended as an add-on for Media/Social Intelligence use cases.

Data is intended for internal use, not commercial software products.

News: We do not provide article text.

We provide title, ingress/summary. Factiva (Dow Jones) content is not provided due to content restrictions. We do not bypass paywalls.

Social: Terms of Service Compliance for Twitter

We cannot provide the Tweet Text. ‘Hit Sentence’ will be empty as it would provide the text. We provide a Tweet ID that customers can use to ‘rehydrate’ text using the Twitter API themselves.

Other Market Restrictions

Due to our contracts with our data providers, there may be other restrictions on the data we can provide in your market. Your account manager will explain these restrictions.

💡 Tip

Need more help? Feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat or check out our Customer Community.

Find answers and get help from Meltwater Support and Community Experts.

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