Welcome to your go-to-guide on the Meltwater API! Bring online data inside your business to gain new insights with APIs to export and integrate media data into your business.

The Meltwater API is an additional tool available to be added onto to your media monitoring platform.

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The Meltwater API

The Meltwater API makes the flow of information smooth and simple. Create the exact search criteria, leverage our more robust metadata, and immediately receive real-time streams of the most relevant content through your integrated applications. Whether you want to leverage the suite of over 500 apps within Zapier (the third-party web platform) or a higher-level, direct integration, our REST API will instantaneously push important information to your own infrastructure and workflows

What can I do with the Streaming API and the Export API?

‘Connect the dots’ with other business data

Analyze your online data alongside internal business data. Measure how media and social engagement impacts your bottom line.

Create a ‘Single Source of Truth’ across your Business

Consolidate data from multiple systems into a data warehouse to provide a single-source-of-truth for reporting and analytics across your business.

Trigger Events based on Media/Social activity

Build custom solutions that trigger business workflows and escalations when your company or competitor is in the spotlight.

API set up

The Meltwater API is an additional tool available to be added onto your media monitoring platform. As such, your account manager will work closely with you during your API initial set up. Here is an overview of the process:

  • Set up your monitoring search. Export APIs are powered by the same search you’ve setup in your dashboards.

  • Log into your Meltwater Developer Portal account. These login details are unique to this portal and will be provided by your account management team.

  • Configure your export. Configure how frequently you want the data export refreshed (daily, weekly, monthly, one-off) using the Export UI or API.

  • Access data through the API or BI Connectors. Access exported data through the API, or access in Tableau/PowerBI.

Data formats and contents

News and Social data is provided in industry-standard JSON format, providing enriched data for use in your analytics.


Document Preview: Title, link to article, opening sentence, hit sentence

Publisher / Author: Publisher Name, Geo, Author

Enrichments: sentiment, key phrases

Impact: Potential reach, Twitter/Facebook/Reddit social echo

* Field availability dependent on source

Data refresh rates

If you need data more frequently than one per day, developers can use the Export API to run a ‘one time’ query to export data more frequently eg hourly.

Here’s how:

POST /export/v1/exports/one-time to run an export

GET /export/v1/exports/one-time to get a list of one time exports

GET /export/v1/exports/one-time/{id} to check if an export is complete and get the URL to the data

DELETE /export/v1/exports/one-time/{id} to delete a one-time export.

Compliance: data use and restrictions

News: we do not provide article text.
We provide title, ingress/summary. Factiva (Dow Jones) content is not provided due to content restrictions. We do not bypass paywalls.

Social: Terms of Service Compliance for Twitter
We cannot provide the Tweet Text. ‘Hit Sentence’ will be empty as it would provide the text. We provide a Tweet ID that customers can use to ‘rehydrate’ text using the Twitter API themselves.

Data use is intended as an add-on for Media/Social Intelligence use-cases.
Data is intended for internal-use, not commercial software products. Twitter data cannot be provided to commercial software product companies.

Thank you for reading. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us via Support@api.meltwater.com!

Team Meltwater

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