Welcome to your go-to-guide on Analyze. Analyze helps you to create your analytics with a focus on ease of use and advancing analytics to insights.

Social Analytics

Social Analytics allows you to measure your social channel performance individually

or aggregate data from multiple profiles so you can report back on the success of your social media channels. These reports incorporate your engagement data from Meltwater Engage and defined competitors.

Check out our dedicated Get Started with Social Analytics article

Earned Media Analytics

These analytics allow you to use your pre-configured searches with our specially designed dashboard templates to further analyze your monitoring results.

Create a new Dashboard

  • Select Analyze from the left-hand side navigation bar

  • Scroll down to Earned Media, under the dashboard template you'd like to use select Create

  • On the new page, select 'Add Search'

  • Select the Search, Tag or incoming RSS Feed you'd like to analyze via the inputs list. You can select up to 10 inputs to compare in your Dashboard.

  • To save your Dashboard, select Save in the top left

  • Enter a name and select Save

  • Within Explore, select the search's name to open the folder

  • Click the purple Actions button and select Create Dashboard

  • To save your Dashboard, select Save

  • Enter a name and select Save


Learn more about the Analyze sections

What are the highlights of this coverage?

This section is designed to provide a high-level overview of the coverage for the chosen date range. It also provides context as to how this coverage compares to the previous date period, enabling you to quickly see any trends as to how your coverage is performing.


What are the top documents from my coverage?

This section identifies the top documents within your coverage based on the highest reach, most syndicated and top social echo, allowing you to quickly review the content creating the most impact.


How much coverage is being received?

With visualizations graphically showing the media coverage's performance, you can identify any important events via a Share of Voice, Media Exposure (current date range) and comparison to last year.


Who is talking about this coverage?

This section highlights the publishers of the media coverage by the highest volume of coverage and their potential reach. Here you can quickly identify when you have been mentioned by your key publications or sources that would be of interest to you due to their size or volume of content they are publishing.


What are the top entities and keywords for this coverage?

This widget shows the entities that appear most frequently as identified using algorithms. An entity is a keyword that is usually classified as a common noun or proper noun.

How large of an audience is this coverage reaching?

Finally, visualizing the potential audience size that your coverage has reached via a Share of Voice and Potential Reach graph (current date range).
Learn more about how article reach is measured within our dedicated article here.


What is the sentiment of this coverage?

This provides a look at each document and boils the article's tone into either positive, negative, or neutral derived from our natural language processing algorithms.

Learn more about Sentiment in our dedicated article here.

Event Analysis Dashboard

From the Brand dashboard, you can drill down into certain widgets. This drill down view is called Event Analysis. With Event Analysis you can compare a point in time against the prior 14 days to determine why there may have been a change in their media coverage.

Event Analysis can also be pulled from Smart Alerts Spike Detection.

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