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Learn more about using Engage Publish to help you post content at the best time.

What is it?

Introducing Best Time to Post, an AI-powered tool designed to help you pick the optimal time to schedule and post social content.

What's the value?

The timing of a social media post is crucial in ensuring its optimal visibility and engagement from fans. Best Time to Post takes the guesswork out of picking when to schedule content for, by using AI to suggest the most optimal times to maximize engagement. Our algorithm uses a vast pool of data from various time zones to provide you with precise timings for your social media posts, tailored to each day of the week and each social media platform.

Streamline workflows by instantly receiving recommendations on the best times to schedule content, directly within your normal publishing workflow.

How does it work?

Meltwater regularly collects and synthesizes data on all social posts and their engagement both published from Meltwater and native social channels. This data forms the backbone of our algorithm, ensuring a wide-reaching and comprehensive understanding of social media interactions.

We refine this data to meet each social media channel's specific requirements. Engagement patterns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube are each distinctly modeled. We are able to calculate the expected engagement for each hour of the day, providing a unique engagement model for each day of the week, per social channel.

Our refinement process extends further to normalizing the data for each specific day and different time zones. We develop separate models for each day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) and for each of the three major timezone clusters (EMEA, AMER, APAC). This allows us to compute the probability of engagement for each hour compared to the other hours on that same day.

This enables us to accurately capture the natural ebb and flow of social media engagement throughout the day, helping us identify peak hourly periods when your audience is most active and responsive.

This empowers you with actionable insights to strategically time your posts for maximum impact and engagement.

In Publish, under the Post Time drop-down, users must select Schedule date and time.

Beside the date and time selector, will appear the new Best time option.

Clicking Best time will open a new pop-up, featuring a bar chart, and up to five (5) suggested times to schedule the post.

The bar chart features engagement rate averages per hour for the selected day.

These recommended times are based on the average number of engagements across 4.1 billion pieces of collected social content.

Select a recommended time for your post, and click schedule to finish.


Q: What if I select more than one social channel?

A: The recommendation will take all selected social channels into account. This is based on the percentage of volume on those channels. Meaning, if Facebook has a higher engagement percentage than LinkedIn, naturally the recommendation will favor Facebook, to maximize engagement.

Q: In which time zone does the Best Time to Post display?

A: The Best Time to Post recommendations are shown in the time zone that corresponds to the user's account settings.

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