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Managing Your Influencer Network
Managing Your Influencer Network

Access and filter all of your influencers using tags, custom variables, and more!

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My Influencers in Klear is the place to access a master list of all the influencers and creators in your network you’ve worked with, recently viewed, or added tags or custom variables for. An influencer database is crucial for organizing, tracking, and fostering valuable influencer relationships. You can also run searches across your My Influencers network to build new campaigns or uncover top performers.

The Relationship tab (formerly Manage) in influencer profiles houses your entire collaboration history with each influencer, so you can grow your relationships and stay up to date with influencer on everyone in your network.

Learning Objectives:

  • Access your influencer network and customize the information displayed

  • Create targeted lists

  • Save searches and set a default search

  • Take action within your network

  • Manage your collaboration history with each influencer

This article will cover:


Your influencer network will grow over time. More influencers will appear in your My Influencers network, as you do the following:

  • Add influencers to campaigns

  • View influencers in discovery

  • Tag influencers

  • Assign custom variables to influencers

Accessing My Influencers and Configuring Your View

Your influencer network is accessible within the Influencers tab, located in the My Influencers section. To adjust how your influencer network is displayed, follow the steps below:

  1. The default setting will be on Grid View.

  2. To adjust which influencers are displayed, use the Sort By button to switch between Date Viewed, Date Tagged, Name, or Influence.

  3. To view more information and customize the displayed data, choose Table View.

  4. Using the Table View, you can customize the information shown (including campaign participation, tags, date tagged, email, custom variables, skills, and more). You can also view and create new General Notes tied to each influencer profile from this view.

    1. To customize the information displayed in the Table View, select the Select Columns drop-down.

    2. Choose nine columns to display across four key areas: Klear Insights, Your Attributes, Campaign Performance, and Social Stats.

      Note: Column customization will display selected options per user.

Creating Targeted Lists

Building targeted lists across your influencer network can help you streamline influencer selection for new campaigns, build long-term relationships, and scale your influencer brand strategy. To create targeted lists across your network, follow the steps below:

  1. Use the + Add Filter button to create a targeted list of specific influencers across your network.

  2. Make your selection across any combination of Tags, Custom Variables, and/ or Activity (Recently Viewed, In Active Campaigns, Accepted Campaign Invite).

    1. Tags: Any influencer with a tag

    2. Active Campaigns: Influencers who are members of an active campaign(s)

      1. You can select multiple campaigns to create your unique list view

      2. If selecting multiple campaigns, use the drop-down tooltip to configure your list and apply Any or All rules to your group of campaigns

    3. Custom Variables: Any influencer with an assigned custom variable

    4. Activity: Any influencer:

      1. Recently viewed

      2. In Active Campaigns

      3. Accepted Campaign Invite (including archived campaigns)

        Note: Your database will increase or decrease as you take action with more influencers and assign/remove tags and variables. For example, if you added an influencer to a campaign, but decided not to send a campaign invite or move forward and deleted them from the campaign, they would then be removed from your My Influencers database. However, if you also applied a tag to that same influencer before deleting them from your campaign, they would remain part of your My Influencers database.

  3. Once all desired filters are added, your list will reflect all the influencers meeting your search criteria.

  4. Search criteria rules will default to an OR configuration. To change any parameters to AND, click directly on the OR text and select AND option from the pop-up. For example, if you want to create a list of influencers you’ve added to a campaign and have applied a Beauty tag, use the AND search rules.

  5. To remove any criteria from your search, click the X next to each filter to remove. Keep in mind, that the more AND filter rules you apply, the more limited your results may be.

Saving Searches and Setting a Default Search

  1. To save a filtered search, use the kebab menu next to your selected filters and select the Save button.

  2. Within the Save Filter pop-up, select Create New Filter, enter the filter name in the provided text box, and hit Save.

  3. To set your selected filters as your default view, select the Set as Default checkbox. Once selected, whenever you visit My Influencers, it will automatically display influencers meeting the selected filter criteria.

  4. To manage your existing filters and make any adjustments, select the +Add Filter button and select Saved Filters.

  5. Click Manage Saved Filters, select the meatballs menu next to each saved search to Set as Default, Rename, or Delete Saved Filter.

Taking Actions Within Your Network

Within My Influencers, can perform various actions on influencers in your network simultaneously.

  1. Use the checkboxes next to each influencer to select the group to take action

  2. Select the Actions dropdown button and choose from the following options: Add to Campaign, Add Tag, Remove Tag, Create PDF report, Fetch Email Addresses, Get TikTok Demographics, or Send Mass Email.

  3. For each option, a separate pop-up will appear to define your action (i.e, select which tag to apply, or confirm your choices)

Managing Your History With Each Influencer

Under the Relationship tab in an influencer profile, you can see relevant information about an influencer you or a teammate has updated, including campaign performance data, communication history, notes across campaigns, campaign assets, and more.

The data stored in this section is only visible to you and your team.

General Info

Store the influencer’s information, such as full name, email, phone number, and address.

Custom Variables

Custom variables are unique pieces of information you have collected about an influencer that are specific to your brand, campaign, or influencer marketing program. They can be entered manually or collected through Recruit applications.

Some examples of custom variables could be clothing size, product preferences, birthday, country of residence, etc.

To create or manage custom variable categories, click Manage beside Custom Variables. Note: custom variables are collected and used across multiple influencers and campaigns. Adding, editing, or deleting a custom variable category will be reflected across Klear.

  1. Click +Add New Variable to add a new variable category.

  2. Click the three action dots to edit or delete an existing variable category.

  3. To input an influencer’s custom variable for a specific category, type in their unique information into the corresponding box.

Your Notes

Use the notes section to provide internal information you and your team want to document about the influencer.


View the campaigns that the influencer belongs to and the high-level performance metrics they have garnered for your campaign.

Information and metrics include:

  • Name of the campaign

  • Number of posts the influencer has published for a campaign

  • Number of engagements an influencer has received across all posts for a campaign

  • Reach an influencer has received across all posts for a campaign

  • Estimated media views (EMV) across all posts for a campaign

  • Sales that an influencer has generated for a campaign

  • Click the arrow to view more performance data for a campaign, including performance data by campaign post


See all the messages and emails you’ve sent through Klear.

  1. Click on each section to view your historical messages.

  2. Click Compose Email to create and send a message from this view


Access the assets tied to an influencer from their profile.

  • Agreements: contracts sent and signed for a campaign

  • Link tracking: unique links the influencer uses for your campaign

  • Coupon codes: unique coupon codes an influencer uses for your campaign

  • Product gifting: products sent to an influencer

  • Content approval: content the influencer has sent for approval

  • Payments: a log of payments made to an influencer

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