Welcome to the go-to guide for the Add Content feature. This article will walk you through the following:

What is the Add Content Feature?

Add Content allows you to add any document into our system which is hosted online by its own URL address. This gives you the ability to include content that isn't already within your monitoring without it being added to the wider Meltwater database.

Why would you use this feature? Let's say you have a monthly newsletter you send out and you include posts from an internal blog. With the Add Content Feature, you can add that blog post into our system and have it sent out with the rest of your news or social media.

When adding new content you can select from one of the following media types: Editorial News, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Blogs, Forums, Comments or Product Reviews

Once the content is included via Add Content, this will be available to be included within your Search results, Tags, Dashboards, Newsletter or Newsfeed.

How to Add Content

Check out this product tutorial which will walk you through these steps on your screen!

  • Select Content from the left-hand side navigation bar

  • Select Added Content

  • On the Added Content page, Select Add Content from the top right corner

  • Enter up to 50 URL addresses of the content with either http:// or https:// and click Next.

  • If any of the documents already exist in the Meltwater system, you will have the option to select it and add it to your list of Added Content; this becomes a 'private' copy of the document for your account.

  • The details from the document will be automatically uploaded to the second page. They can be edited and overwritten as you see fit.

    • Pro Tip: Copy and paste the article text into the description.

    • Pro Tip: You can clear all the completed fields to start over at any point via the 'Clear Form' button in the top right of the content form.

  • If you'd like to include the new content within a new or existing Tag, Select Add Tags

  • Click Add to finish. The content will begin to process from anywhere between 30 seconds to 1-2 minutes. You may continue to use Meltwater as it is processing. When the document is available it will appear in the Add Content content stream.

Add content directly to your newsletter

While composing a new newsletter distribution:

  • Select the add content icon next to your category options

  • Within the popup window, select the new content's media type and enter the URL address. This is the link your newsletter readers will open.

  • Complete the fields in the form. These are the details that will be displayed within the body of your newsletter and recommend copying these from the document you're adding

Protip: We highly recommend filling out all known fields, as this will allow the article to be searchable within your account and appear within search results as well as being added to this newsletter distribution.

  • In the bottom left corner, tick to agree with the Terms and Conditions of sharing content

  • Select Add to save

It is important to know that there can be some time between adding custom content and when it is fully processed by the system. When sending a newsletter, it is ok to send it before the content has been fully processed by the system.

When this happens, custom content may not appear in search results or under tags, but it will still be included in the newsletter.

You will be alerted to when this happens, as seen below.

Are you Missing an Article?

If you're looking to add an article to your search folders which you believe should have been monitored by the system, we recommend reviewing the steps within the How to Locate a Missing Article guide here.

If the article you've added isn't appearing in the search folder you want it to, please check:

  1. Keywords. Are the keywords within the search folder and within the article matching?

  2. Sourcebase. When reviewing the search folder, check that the source base selected matches the country you entered when completing the add content form?

  3. Date. Does the date range within your search folder include the date you entered when completing the add content form?

If you've reviewed these factors and still can't see the article, please reach out to our team via Live Chat within the Help button for further assistance.

Additional Tips to Utilize Add Content

You can modify and customize any document in the system to create your desired output. For example, you can:

  • change the image displayed in the content stream

  • change the title "Featured Article: XYZ" vs. "XYZ"

  • change the description (ingress)

You can add content not already in the Meltwater system and retrieve it with one of your searches. You can create a dashboard from those search results, and the added content will display in any dashboard widget, export, and/or report.

If you have content you want to add to Meltwater that is not already hosted somewhere (does not have a URL), we encourage you to use any free or paid hosting platform to host your content online. You will be able to use that URL in the add content flow and have it show up in your account.

*Important Note: Added content will pull through a desired search folder based off the title or description. The title or description in added content MUST contain a keyword that matches the Boolean criteria for the content to show up in a specific search folder.

How to Add a Source

If you notice for some reason that Meltwater is not monitoring a specific source, you can request the source is added into the system.

To do this, reach out to your Meltwater rep or Meltwater support, and they will file a source request through our feedback page to have the specific source added.

Thank you for reading. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat!

Team Meltwater

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