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Send emails to hundreds of influencers at once to maximize your campaign outreach.

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With so many creators and influencers producing valuable content for brands, marketers are looking to scale their influencer strategy to make it bigger and better. But this means increasing outreach and sending dozens of extra invites to finalize your partners. This process can take days to prepare emails and hit send over and over. We’ve heard from many customers about the importance of sending outreach emails to multiple influencers at once, and we’ve listened. This is why we’re excited to launch Klear’s new Mass Email Outreach!

What is it?

Mass Email Outreach streamlines your outreach efforts letting you email hundreds of influencers at a time- giving you hours back in your day to spend more time running campaigns, strategizing for your brand, and building your network.

Mass Email Outreach also makes it easier to structure your entire workflow, so you can reach out to influencers before adding them to a campaign. This means you can bypass unnecessary campaign setup steps before you reach that stage, and keep campaigns dedicated to your actively engaged influencers. Simply use tags to earmark influencers during your discovery search to access and include them in your mass email outreach when the time comes.

What's the value?

Stay Personal & Collaborate With Your Team

When sending a mass email- all influencers will get an individual email to their inbox and you’ll be able to customize your template to include fields with the influencer name and social details to maintain a personal touch.

You can also now integrate more than one email address for your team to collaborate and divide outreach to influencers. This will allow you to reach more influencers and build connections faster without responses getting bogged down in one inbox.

Build Your Network With a 360° Recruitment Approach

We built Mass Email directly into Klear’s Recruit module to enable you with the tools to enrich and centralize your overall recruitment process. With this, you’ll be able to embed a link to an active Application form directly into your email outreach for influencers to apply to your campaign. Once an influencer fills out your Application form- their application will be filtered into applications to review their information, vet their social profiles, and fast-track them into a campaign.

If you aren’t currently utilizing Recruit, learn more here and talk to your account manager today to see how you can amplify and scale your recruitment strategy with Recruit!

How does it work?

Mass emailing influencers is a simple process. You’ll just need to set up a few things to access this new feature & make sure the information you need is loaded into the outreach form.

Connect or Reconnect Your Gmail to Klear:

Even if you had previously connected your email, you’ll need to reconnect in order to access this new feature.

  • In Account Settings under the Integrations tab scroll down to Email Provider and hit the Connect Your Email button and follow the steps to integrate by entering your email and choosing Gmail as the provider.

  • To connect another Gmail account, hit the +Connect Another Address button once your first integration is complete.

Connect or Reconnect Microsoft Office/Outlook to Klear

  • In Account Settings, click into the Integrations tab

  • Within the Email Provider section, hit the Connect Your Email button

  • Enter your Microsoft email account within the pop up and hit the Log In button

  • Select the appropriate Microsoft email provider to complete your integration. Note: This integration is currently only available with Gmail, Microsoft Office 365, and Outlook. Yahoo, iCloud, and AOL are currently not supported at this time.

  • To connect another Microsoft account, hit the +Connect Another Address button once your first integration is complete.

Prepare your Influencer List:

Before you can hit send on your email, you’ll need to decide to who you want to send it. This can be done in one of two ways:

  • Using Tags: Add all the influencers you’d like to email to a new or existing tag in your Klear account. Note: It’s recommended that you send no more than 300 emails per day per email account, so plan to create additional tags if you will exceed this number. (ex. Summer Campaign Outreach 1, Summer Campaign Outreach 2)

  • Uploading a CSV: Using the provided template, prepare the list of influencers. Note: Email address will be the only required field (in case you don’t have all details yet.)

Set Up Your Email Configuration:

Once you’ve prepared your list, you’ll access Mass email under the Recruit module to set up your email template. You’ll now see two tabs in Recruit: Application Forms & Mass Email- select Mass Email.

  • Click the Send Mass Email button and your email outreach builder will pop up.

  • Update the name of your email outreach for future reference.

  • Select the recipients through either Tags or CSV.

    • If using tags- use the Select tags drop-down and check off the tag (or tags) you will be using for your outreach

    • Once you’ve made your tag selections- you’ll see how many emails were found in your list. Note: You can hover over the number to see the list populated.

  • Select the email address you are sending your outreach from. If you have more than one address connected, you can choose the correct one from the drop-down.

  • Review the pre-populated subject line and make any adjustments you’d like

  • Review the populated body of the email and make any adjustments to the copy. Note: You populate select variables in the email and subject line using the brackets at the bottom of the screen. You can also manage your existing template at the bottom.

  • Use the dropdown to select an active Application form to include within your email and confirm the CTA text.

    • If you don’t want to include an Application form, uncheck “Add link to an application form” and the Apply button will disappear from your email.

  • Once your email is ready to send, hit the Send Email button to send it off! From here your influencer will receive your outreach to their inbox. Note: If they reply to this email, this will currently not be logged within Klear.

Track The Status Of Your Emails:

After your email is sent, you’ll be able to easily track the status of your emails through the Mass Email tab. This will update in real-time to show: the number of recipients, percentage sent, number of opens, number of clicks, and number of applications (if you included an Application form).

If you click directly into your email campaign, this will expand your view to see stats per recipient. From the Show All Recipients dropdown, you can select a subset of the list to further filter your results. The View Content button will surface the email that was sent to the influencer for reference.

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