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Engagement Rate for Sponsored Content
Engagement Rate for Sponsored Content

Compare an influencer’s Instagram engagement metrics

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When sourcing influencers for your campaign, looking at a variety of factors helps you decide who is the best fit for your brand. One of the key metrics to consider is engagement rate, which gives insight into how well influencers are connecting and sparking interaction with their audience. With the rise of branded partnerships, naturally there’s been an increase in sponsored content more regularly featured in influencer feeds.

During the vetting process, it’s important to take this into consideration and make sure you partner with influencers who create authentic branded content that performs in line with their organic posts. To help with this process, we’ve introduced a new Instagram metric allowing you to view the “Sponsored Content” specific engagement rate for influencers.

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Where can I see this?

When viewing an influencer profile, hover over the Instagram icon within the “Engagement” box to access the new popup. This popup now shows two rows of engagement rate metrics:

  • The first row includes engagements for “All Content” which captures all content over the last 6 months (including sponsored posts)

  • The new second row includes engagement rate specifically for “Sponsored Content” which only factors in branded posts to calculate the metric.

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