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New and Improved Weekly Campaign Summary
New and Improved Weekly Campaign Summary

Get high-level campaign insights right in your inbox

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Running influencer campaigns involves managing multiple components, often happening at the same time. Between vetting new influencers, distributing briefs, coordinating product gifting, or sending payments- there are so many stages to keep track of. While you are on top of the daily ins and outs of your campaigns, we know you are also regularly sharing status updates with your larger team on a weekly or monthly basis. To help you access high-level insights and easily compile these updates, we’ve revamped our campaign summary email.

What’s New?

The new weekly email will feature a new layout for easier reading and include more robust stats beyond how many posts went live for your campaigns. Now, you’ll see updates on the relevant activity for all of your active campaigns from the past week. These could include:

  • Number of posts that went live with the corresponding reach

  • How many products were sold

  • How many influencers joined the campaign

  • How many coupon codes or tracking links were sent

  • How much collaborator feedback was compiled with updates on accepted/declined

  • And more!

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Be on the lookout in your inbox for the new design and updates! Just make sure to have Reports toggled on in your Notifications Preferences in My Preferences.

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