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The article below walks you through the process of managing your searches within Explore. Read below to learn more!

Searches and Boolean

Explore allows you to search across multiple media types at once, review the results and gain further insights from the instant analytics.

How to build a new search

  • Select Explore from the left-hand side navigation bar

  • Select Searches

  • Enter your first word or phrase into the Search box and press Enter on your keyboard. If you'd like to write your keywords in Boolean, select 'Advanced Search' on the right of the search bar.

  • Use the three Keyword boxes to specify the words you want to include/exclude from your search.

  • Adjust the Date Range and Search Filters (Further details below) to broaden or narrow your results.

  • Select Apply Filters to review the content matching your keywords. If there are irrelevant results, add keywords to the three searching boxes to further refine the results

  • Click Save in the top left-hand corner

  • Enter a Name for the search folder and select your Search Type of News search, Social search, or Broadcast search.

  • Click Ok to finish your setup

Your searches can also be quickly benchmarked via the Compare option, allowing you to generate 'share of voice' graphs that compare the results within your searches, learn more about Compare within this article here.

Search terms can be structured using Boolean Search Language to refine the results, please review this three-part series on how to use Boolean via this article here.

Please review further boolean which is specific to Explore searches via this article here.

Switching Between Saved Searches

Explore allows you to easily switch between your saved searches, without needing to go back to your saved searches library!

To switch between searches, Click the name of your search to launch the dropdown menu which includes all saved searches, as well as labels (with subfilters), and a find bar.

Select a new Search, and it will load in Explore! Available when using a Keyword, Advanced, or Combined search.

Search Filters

Using filters, you can narrow down the results of your search to a more granular level, depending on your needs.

  • Untitled Filter Set (First option): This dropdown includes Quick Picks, these are pre-defined source selections specific to your region. You can also select from Filter Sets that you have saved from previous searches

  • Source type: Display only results from specific media channels (such as Twitter or Facebook)

For further details into each of the Media Types which can be searched across within Explore, please review this article here.

  • Language: Display only results in specific languages

  • Location: Display only results from specific countries and locations

  • Keyword: Display only results that contain a specific word or phrase

  • Sentiment: Display only results with a specific sentiment (such as Positive or Neutral)

  • Author: Display one of your Author lists or create a new one to be applied. Author Lists allow you to create a list of Twitter handles or Reddit users, and use the list as a filter to find documents from those handles and users. Learn more about Author Lists here.

For further details on how to refine and save your filters, please review this article here.

Protip: You can export a random sample of your content to include up to 20k results.

Researching large topics (COVID-19 vaccine, Tokyo Olympics Sentiment, Future of

Cryptocurrency) pulls in a high volume of results. Being able to export a randomized sample of content, allows you to get a pulse on the conversation which will better inform you of key messages, sentiment, and media prominence to better refine and inform your research efforts.

For more information on all exporting options, please review this article


You are able to tailor the layout of your page via views to structure the page display in different ways. The options available are

  • Content and analytics

  • Content

  • Analytics


The analytic widgets on each tab provide you with further insights in the media coverage within your search.

For information on the widgets in the Overview tab, please review this article.


For information on the widgets in the Analytics tab, please review this article.


For information on the widgets in the Twitter Insights tab, please review this article.



Now that your Explore search has returned the results you are looking for, there are a few ways to sharing this content with others.

Once you've selected content, this can be shared via email or by exporting the content to an excel spreadsheet. For further details on how to export content to excel, please review this article here.


A Shareable Dashboard can also be created from your results via the 'Actions' button. For further details into creating this dashboard, please review this article here.

Thank you for reading. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat!

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