There are a number of ways to search for data in Explore. Select the way you'd like to start your search and you'll be brought to its search page:

Keyword Search: Type individual terms or phrases into input boxes and our system will create the search. Recommended for simple searches and users who are new to using Meltwater.

Advanced Search: Directly enter queries with ANDs, ORs and NOTs (and our complete list of Boolean operators) for precise control over your results. Best for advanced users and those comfortable using Boolean syntax in searches.

Learn more about Keyword and Advanced Search in a short video on our dedicated article here.

Compare Search: Add up to ten saved searches and show how they compare against one another through different charts and data analytics. Great for share-of-voice analysis and competitive benchmarking. Learn more about Compare Search here.

Combined Search: Join together two or more existing saved searches to create a new search to generate search results. Helpful in managing a large number of searches or for quickly combining topics with your brand's saved searches. Learn more about Combined Search here.

Thank you for reading. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat!

Team Meltwater

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