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Compare top-line performance metrics across all your Klear workspaces at a glance.

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We have introduced a new Workspace Dashboard, providing visibility into top-level activity and metrics across all workspaces. Learn more below:

What is it?

Workspaces in Klear allow cross-functional teams to organize and run campaigns in separate environments while staying consistent with their overall influencer workflow. To provide visibility into top-level activity and metrics across all workspaces, we have introduced a new HQ Dashboard.

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What's the Value?

The day-to-day workflow for running campaigns may look similar for teams big and small. But for brands and agencies supporting initiatives across multiple products and markets, there are more KPIs to track and stakeholders to manage. This makes it hard to stay organized, compare performance, and uncover insights. The HQ Dashboard keeps senior leaders on top of what’s happening across all workspaces at a glance without having to dig into the weeds. This will help:

  • Pinpoint which initiatives are driving the most success

  • Ensure top-level KPIs are on track

  • Compile top-level reporting

  • Compare performance over time to uncover trends

How does it work?

Visually, the HQ Dashboard looks similar to the Campaign Dashboard on the homepage. Instead of recapping activity on a campaign level, you’ll be able to view metrics across your Workspaces.

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Metrics Included:

The top bar of the dashboard provides a roundup of aggregated key metrics, including the number of workspaces and the total posts, engagements, engagement rate, reach, EMV, and sales (if applicable).

  • The row for each workspace will include the same breakdown pertaining to that specific workspace and also include the number of campaigns and (active) influencers

  • The EMV and Sales data will be displayed/converted into the currency selected in the primary account.

  • The default timeframe will show activity from the last week. To change, select the Timeframe drop-down and choose from either: Last Week, Last Month, Last Quarter, Last Year, or Default time (the time frame that was set in each campaign settings).

  • To customize which Workspaces are displayed, select the three dots next to Your Workspaces to configure your view.

Who Can View?

The Workspace Dashboard will only be visible on the homepage of the primary account. Only users of the primary account will be able to view the Workspace Dashboard.

Ex. If you have Workspace A (primary account) with 2 users, Workspace B with 1 user, and Workspace C with 1 user. Only Workspace A and its 2 users will have access to the Workspace Dashboard.

If you don’t currently have Workspaces activated in your Klear account and would like to learn more, contact your Account Manager today.

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