Welcome to your go-to-guide on getting started with the Meltwater platform.

If this is your first time using the application, here's how to successfully kick off the relationship!

Learning resources


Learning resources

Step by Step Product Tutorials

How you'll learn: Learn workflows while you're within the Meltwater Platform! Each screen tutorial will direct you to the relevant section of the app.meltwater.com platform and prompt you through each step with helpful tips and best practices.

Check out all the Step by Step Product Tutorials Available

On-Demand Training Videos

How you'll learn: Each training video will provide an overview of a key area of the platform and teach you how to use the application, including helpful tips and best practices.

These short videos run for a maximum of 6 minutes, check out the list of videos within this training video article.

Live Training

How you'll learn: Be guided through workflows and key product features by a Meltwater Product Expert via webinar. These live, interactive trainings are targeted at specific product features and give you the opportunity to ask questions while learning with other like-minded new users.

These live trainings are scheduled for different timezones and run for a maximum of 60 minutes including time for questions. Check out the next available Live Training here.


Ready to get your platform settings finalized and start using the system? Let's do it!
Each of the following areas is fundamentals to the Meltwater platform and will direct you to relevant articles. While exploring the Help Center, you'll notice these articles are designed to help you to become a product expert through:

  • Step by step guides

  • In-app tutorials

  • Short training videos

  • Workflow GIFs

  • Highlighted Pro-tips

Monitoring & Searching

Meltwater's extensive news and social media monitoring capabilities tie into all the features within your system set up.

To begin learning about your monitoring settings, select the 'get started' article on the feature within your account that will be used for monitoring. This will either be named Search or Explore:

Get started with Search

Get started with Explore

Take Action! Learn about how your monitoring searches are set up using Boolean with the first part of our training series on How to Master Boolean Search.


As part of your social media monitoring, you'll need to connect your Facebook and Instagram pages as a 'Monitored Connection' within your settings

Take Action! Review our article to connecting your social profiles for tracking social media here.

User Settings

Ensuring each member of your team has access to the platform, mobile app and notifications start with their user settings.

Check out this product tutorial which will walk you through the steps to add a new user on your screen! Learn to manage or change your user settings via this dedicated article here.

Take Action! Review your list of current users and ensure your colleagues have set up their login details to receive an 'active' status.

Take Action! If you will be using the Newsletter or Influencer Outreach features, take a moment to set up your Approved Senders within your Account Settings. Check out more details on Approved Senders settings within this dedicated article here.

Manage Digest Reports

Digest Reports are email distributions that can be customized to send users the latest media results from your monitoring. These are scheduled updates that are commonly customized to be delivered to your email inbox at the start of your work day.

Check out this product tutorial which will walk you through the steps to create a new Digest Report on your screen! Learn more about how to customize and manage your Digest Reports via this dedicated article here.

Take Action! Review your list of current digest reports and customize the settings to align with your need to be updated on the latest news and social media posts.


Mobile App

Downloading the mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store can help you stay across your news and social media updates from your phone.

Learn more about the app features within these dedicated articles here: iPhone or Android, such as the customizable for alerts only during specified hours, on the go searching and overview analytics.

Take Action! Get started with Explore within your mobile app by running a practice search and reviewing the results

If you'll be using Meltwater Engage to interact with your social media profiles, there is a unique Engage Mobile App also available from the App Store and Google Play Store. Check out further details about the Engage Mobile App here.

Beyond the fundamentals

Now that you've learnt the fundamentals of your platform, start reviewing the other features within your platform via our other 'Get Started' articles:

Get Started with Search

Get started with Alerts

Get started with Explore

Get Started with Analyze

Get Started with Social Media Monitoring

Get Started with Inbox

Get Started with Account Settings

Get Started with Newsletter

Get Started with Newsfeed

Get Started with Meltwater Engage

Get Started with Media Relations and Press Releases

Get Started with Insights Reports

Thank you for reading. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat!

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