In this article we will breakdown accessing Meltwater and how to login.

How to login to Meltwater

Forget your Password?

How to login to Meltwater

To access Meltwater directly, you can either:

From the login page:

1) Enter your email address. Then, click next.

2) After clicking Next, Step 2 will ask for your password. The email address from step 1 will be pre-filled, and you will only need to enter your password. If your password is saved in your web browser, it will still auto-populate here. Meltwater’s customer password requirements are 8 characters with 3 of 4 character types.

  • Meltwater strongly encourages all customers to use SSO, which allows you to set specific password complexity, and rotation rules, and leverage MFA. SSO users will follow the same steps as above.

  • You will only begin using this login process once after you have logged out, or are inactive within Meltwater for 7 days.

Forget your Password?

If you do not know your password or have forgotten follow the steps outlined below:

1) Go to the Meltwater login page (

2) Enter your email

3) Click the “Forgot Password?” option

You will receive an email prompting a password reset.

If you need further assistance resetting your password, you can reach out to our Support Team via email at or check out our article, Contact support, for additional options.

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