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Within the Meltwater platform, the Help Assistant in the top right-hand corner is your guide to a collection of resources and direct assistance from a member of our team.


The Help Assistant offers a number of ways you can solve an issue you're having:

1. Search across our Help Articles

Looking for a 'how-to guide' or tips and tricks on your product features? Our Help Articles are full of content from getting started through to the finer details of each feature.

2. Chat with our Support Team

Click on the "Live Chat" icon in the Help Assistant to message with a global Client Support representative. Click on this link to learn how to access live chat on your screen!

If you are reaching out to the team regarding a specific article or search, please share any information or URL address you have to help them quickly help with your request.

3. Access Guided Tutorials that walk you through key workflows

These tutorials will prompt you through workflows of your system on your screen. Everything from setting up a new search, to sending a press release or adding new content. Check out a full list of tutorials within this article here.

4. Submit and access status of Support tickets

If you have filed a support ticket through our in-app Help Center, click the "File a Help Ticket" icon to access your emails to our Client Support team.

5. Acess our System Status page to see scheduled maintenance windows

The performance status of our application is available at all times to keep you across everything going on in the backend of the system. 💡Tip! Set up email alerts from our System Status page so that you get notified of scheduled downtime and when our system performance is impacted.


Thank you for reading. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat!

Team Meltwater

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