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Social Influencers Platform, Klear, is a state of the art Influencer marketing platform where influencers across Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and blogs, best suited to market one's products or services, can be found. The platform also provides instant access to influencer analytics, audience demographics, workflows to manage influencer programs, and a monitoring section where monitoring reports can be created.

Please see further details into each area of the system below or a detailed user guide here:

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Campaigns and Monitors

The first step to setup your account is to create brand and keyword monitors. These will allow us to track mentions and influencers engaged with your brand, competitors or campaign hashtags.

For brand monitors, click the “+” sign and insert the different social handles for the brand you are looking to add.


Keep in mind the hashtag will reflect the exact username. Depending on a brand’s username, you may need to add additional hashtags. For example, if our handle was @Meltwater_com, we would automatically collect #Meltwater_com. As such, we would want to add #Meltwater as an additional keyword.

For keyword monitors, click the “keywords” tab at the bottom of the homepage. Click the “+” sign to add your keyword monitor.


For Twitter, keyword monitoring is fully boolean and also works in any language. Please see the instructions in the platform for how to optimize your Twitter monitor.

At this moment, we don’t support monitor edits. Create a new monitor if a change is required.

Please see further details on Campaigns and frequently asked questions within this article here.


To discover new influencers use the search bar to select the social media platform you want to look through, as well as a Topic and Location. There are over 60,000 topics to choose from.


Search by location: sometimes I get influencers, not from the country I posted, why?

Klear’s technology provides searches for two location types. The audience location and user location. In the search engine’s initial page, on the influencers tab, the location search is set to find influencers based on the location of their audience. That being said, once the results have been shown, you can switch the audience location to the user location using the filters on the right side. This way you can also find influencers who are in their chosen location.

What happens when I filter my search by multiple topics?

Filtering by multiple topics in the search engine, will narrow the results and not broaden them.
For example, if you search for influencers in the topic “lifestyle” and then choose to add the topic “sports” to it. This will create a list of influencers who are influential in both topics.

Social Profiles

To discover new influencers use the search bar to select the social media platform you want to look
through, as well as a Topic and Location. There are over 60,000 topics to choose from.

Each profile on the results page has key information to help you quickly decide if they are relevant enough to invest your time and vet them further.


Please see the frequently asked questions on Klear Social Profiles within this article here.

To learn more about how Influencer's scores are calculated, please review this article here.

To learn more about the 'topics' and 'Categories' for each influencer, please review this article here.

Vetted Influencers

Vetted Influencers are now available as part of the search engine, as an additional search filter. This allows you to combine advanced filters, and you will notice the "V" mark on their avatar that marks they are vetted. There is also an "includes pricing" filter available.

Klear Vetted Influencers are people looking to collaborate who have been vetted by the Klear team. They include info on previous brand collaborations, pricing, intro and more. Users can send them a message on Klear to collaborate.

General vetted updates:

  • 3,000 Vetted Influencers

  • 1,778 include vetted posts

  • 916 include pricing info



Portfolio posts include:

  • Landscape mentions (from your monitors),

  • Sponsored posts (include #ad or #spon)

  • Vetted Posts (have been uploaded by influencers)

These have all been combined into a portfolio for each influencer, and are grouped by the mentioned brand, with an indication of where it came from.

This includes search engine results and profiles. The 3 images that are shown in the search results are sorted by this order: vetted, landscape, include image, sponsored.

*Prior to this change Sponsored posts and vetted posts were grouped, while now they are grouped according to the brands that were mentioned in these posts. This means you now see more brand images in the portfolios.


  1. Profile portfolio section. Top posts are shown in the content section beneath

  2. Full portfolio content in profile

  3. Portfolio of sponsored posts, in search results

  4. Even when no monitors defined, you see many brands in the portfolios

Instagram Stories

Influencers must have an Instagram business account and authenticate it. Stories are saved, stats include actual views and #replies. A dedicated campaign invite landing page allows clients to send their influencers a request to authenticate their account.

Live Example

The Details:

  1. Instagram Stories that mention your monitor will be tracked in campaigns.

  2. Tracking works like any other Instagram post, if there is text in the story that mentions your hashtags or Instagram handle, it will show up.

  3. The influencers you track must have an Instagram business account and authenticate it for you to access their stories analytics. The Instagram account must also be connected to a facebook page. Any account can transform into a business account easily, instructions here

  4. Tracking starts from the moment they authenticate.

  5. Stories are saved and can be viewed on the platform, they do NOT get deleted.

  6. Stats on each story include the unique views of the story (counted as reach), and the number of messages it received (counted as engagements). These are also aggregated to top-level metrics of the campaign.

  7. How to authenticate an influencer: Send them an invite to join your campaign (via the share drop-down), where they will be able to authenticate their Instagram and Youtube accounts. Further features are planned for this campaign 'portal' in the future.

Watch this video to see the flow the influencer will go through.

  1. The campaign invite is branded according to the logo and color you select in the settings.

  2. A "V" check on the network's icon next to his name marks they have authenticated their account.

  3. Besides Instagram stories, authenticated Instagram Influencers will have:

  • Real reach per post (from Instagram), unique/total.

  • Audience Demographics from Instagram.

4. Youtube authentication provides audience demographics for YouTube.

Thank you for reading. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat!

Team Meltwater

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