Within our products Search and Explore, saved searches can be organized into categories for quick access via Labels. Here are some examples of labels that may be useful to you:

  • Brand

  • Competitors

  • Campaigns

  • Customer Service

  • Industry Topics

  • Crisis Monitoring

The following steps contain screenshots from Explore. It will look very similar under Searches.

Creating Labels

To get started grouping your saved searches with Labels, please follow the below steps to create a new Label:

  • Select Explore or Searches from the left-hand side navigation bar

  • If you are assigning one search to a Label, hover over the saved search and select the three actions dots. Select 'Label'

  • If you are assigning multiple searches to a Label, use the left-hand side tick boxes to select all searches and select the Label icon.

  • Within the popup box, start typing in the desired name of the new Label. Once typed, click "Create Label" then "Apply". If you already have a Label select the existing Label via the tick box and then click "Apply".


Managing Labels

Under the Searches tab, you can view all saved searches or refine the list via your existing Labels listed on the left-hand panel.

  • Hover over the saved search and select the three actions dots .

  • Select 'Label'

  • untick the selected tick box for this saved search

  • Select 'Apply'

Delete a Label

  • From the left-hand side navigation bar, Select 'Content'

  • Select 'Labels'

  • Hover over the saved Label and select the three actions dots

  • Select 'Delete'


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