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Meltwater Integrations & APIs

Learn about the different third party applications that can integrate directly with Meltwater

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Third-Party Integrations and APIs can both be found in the Accounts drop-down in the left-hand navigation bar.

There are currently five integrations you can make directly within Meltwater

And four Business Intelligence (BI) tools that Meltwater can integrate its data into via the Meltwater API

Google Analytics

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You can add your Google Analytics account to integrate your website's engagement data with your media data within dashboard widgets.



Connect your Slack account to automate Meltwater alert delivery directly to a specific channel.

Learn more about Connecting Your Slack.

Microsoft Teams

Connect your Microsoft Teams account to automate Meltwater alert delivery directly to a specific channel.


Connect your account to shorten links in Meltwater Engage when Publishing, to utilize Link Click analytics, directly within your account.

Learn more about Connecting Your


DingTalk - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

Connect your DingTalk account to automate Meltwater Smart Alerts directly to the app.

Learn more about Connecting DingTalk.

Generic Webhook

Receive Smart Alerts through any messaging service by integrating a Generic Webhook.

Learn more about Connecting a Generic Webhook.



Domo offers a connector for the Meltwater API that allows you to bring content into their platform.

Learn more about Importing Data Into Domo.

Power BI

Power BI

API customers can easily bring results of API exports into Power BI to build custom dashboards and reports.

Looker Studio

There are a number of options for importing export results from the Meltwater API into Looker Studio.

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