Meltwater Community, Product Training & Support

Connect, learn and empower other Meltwater users through mCommunity & mAcademy

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Meltwater Overview & FAQs

Learn the basics for setup, go deeper with advanced topics, access additional help, and check FAQs.

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Everything Boolean - Resources for Searches

Learn all about Boolean, and how to use it effectively to get the most out of Meltwater.

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Search, Explore & Monitor - Media Monitoring & Social Listening

Learn Meltwater features from Boolean to sharing content within Monitor and Explore

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Analyze & Report - Analytics, Dashboards, and Reports

Learn about Analyze, Dashboards, & Reports

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Distribute & Alert - Newsletters, Newsfeeds, and Alerts

Learn about Meltwater's extensive tools to engage with stakeholders

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Media Relations - Find & Reach Journalists, or Distribute Releases on the Wire

Learn how PR Pros do Media Relations with Meltwater

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Engage - Social Media Management

Learn how to optimize your social media management through Meltwater Engage tools including: Conversations, Publish and Social Analytics.

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Influencer Marketing

Learn the basics on Meltwater's Social Influencer platform, Klear.

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Radarly - Consumer Intelligence

Your one-stop-shop to make insight gathering quicker, better, and more intuitive.

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Learn how to create and share curated content pages through

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Renewing your Subscription with Meltwater

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