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This help center article is designed to assist with answering the most common questions users have when using Meltwater.

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I forgot my Meltwater password, what should I do?

Enter your email into the Meltwater login page ( and click the “Forgot Password?” option. The user will receive an email prompting a password reset.

How do I add a new user?

New users can be added from Account -> Manage Users ( You will see the “Add User” icon in the top-right of the page.

Can I change the email address of an existing user?

No, the user will need to be deleted from Meltwater and re-added with the updated information.

How many searches do I have?

Click the “Account” tab from the product navigation menu ( to see the number of allotted and remaining searches, users, dashboards, etc. for your account. You can also contact your Meltwater representative for specific subscription details.

How can I find the reach of an article or source?

Running a URL search will allow you to see the reach of an article or source. Within Search or Explore, you will use this format in your boolean: url:”_ - within the quotes you will paste the link to the source or article (ex. url:” It is important that the date range is wide enough, and that the source base is set to All Sources when running this type of search.

How do I export articles?

Within Search, Inbox or Explore, load the articles you'd like to export. Via the tick box, select the results. If you have used the 'tick all' option and have more than 25 results in your list, please note the alert with a prompt to 'Select all'. From the quick toolbar, select the Export icon.

View the How to Export Content and Data help article for more information.

What is Reach?

Reach estimates the potential viewership of any particular article based on the number of monthly unique visitors to the specific source. We are thrilled to provide you with these metrics through our partnership with SimilarWeb, a leading internet technology company that provides marketing data and analytics.

View the Reach help article for more information.

How do I delete or remove content or articles?

Within Search, Explore, or Inbox, the Hide icon removes the article selected from your results across the whole platform. Note that this will exclude the content from all other search folders, exported spreadsheets, dashboards, and reports.

View the How to Remove Content help article for more information.

How can I remove duplicate articles?

Display Settings allow you to specify what types of information to display, and how to group the content. Within Search or Explore, select Display Options, and choose grouping based on similar, exact, or none.

View the Get Started with Inbox help article for more information.

How do I add my own content?

Select Content from the navigation menu followed by Added Content. Added content will pull through the desired search folder based on the title or description. The title or description in added content MUST contain a keyword that matches the Boolean criteria for the content to show up in a specific search folder.

View the How do I Add Content? help article for more information.

Where do I connect social channels for social monitoring?

Facebook and Instagram require that you connect a profile to gain access to the public content made available through the API. You can connect profiles from Account > Social Connections > Public ( Twitter does not require a profile connection for social monitoring.

View the Managing Your Monitored, Owned, and Paid Connections help article for more information.

What sources are covered in a social search?

All Meltwater accounts will have access to content from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Blogs. Larger social packages also include access to Instagram, Product Reviews, Comments, Forums, and Reddit.

How far back can I search?

News content will be available in Meltwater going back to around 2009. Social content is stored on a 15-month rolling period. The max search range for both will be one year at a time.

How do I share a dashboard?

Within a dashboard or Explore search click Actions -> Share. This will generate a slideshow presentation with the widgets displayed in your dashboard. The link to the slideshow report will be password protected and can be shared with anyone. You can also follow the steps outlined here to export the Shareable Dashboard to a PDF.

How do I add contacts to a list?

You can add contacts to a list from the Meltwater database or import your own contacts.

View the How To Create And Organize Media Lists help article for more information.

Can I add publications from a source search to my saved lists?

No. Only individual contacts can from the Meltwater database can be added to saved lists.

I don’t see the option to choose myself as a sender for Newsletters or Outreach releases. How do I become a sender?

Meltwater requires you to set up an “Approved Sender” for any user that would like to act as the “From” email address on a Newsletter or Outreach email. Navigate to Account -> Approved Senders ( and select the “New Email Account” icon in the top-right to add senders to your account.

View the How to Add an Approved Sender & Email Delivery Settings help article for more information.

Can I set up daily reports?

“Digest Reports” can be set up from Report -> Digest Reports. Click the “Create Report” icon to add a new report. Users have the ability to customize the frequency, recipients, and included searches.

View the How Do I Create or Edit A Digest Report? help article for more information.

How can I be notified of new mentions?

“Every Mentions” alerts will notify users via email and/or Slack whenever a new article or post appears in a search. Navigate to Content -> Alerts ( and click “Create Alert” to add a new Every Mention alert.

View the Get started with Alerts help center article for more information.

How do I access support?

The Meltwater Help Center is a great resource to answer any questions you may have when using the platform. You can search for guides and tutorials directly from Meltwater by clicking the “Help” icon in the top-right of your page. Additionally, you can connect with one of Meltwater’s product support representatives by sending us an email to or by starting an in-app live chat which can also be found under “Help”.

I’d like to set up a training call.

We recommend attending a product training session! This is a live session held by a certified product expert who will walk you through how to better utilize the Meltwaters offerings. Please select the training, day, and time that works best for you through this link: Live Trainings

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