How do I add an Incoming RSS feed?

Learn how to integrate third-party data to Meltwater through an Incoming RSS feed

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Third party data can be added to Meltwater through an RSS Feed. RSS can be used as inputs to your Newsfeed, Newsletter, Digest Reports, most Widgets and the Inbox for web and mobile.

When looking for an RSS feed to be incorporated, websites or blogs often highlight if they have an RSS from their page with the following RSS icon.


You'll be able to tell if it opens to an RSS feed if the layout of the page is written in HTML coding.

Adding an Incoming RSS Feed

Check out the steps below walking you through how to add an RSS feed.

  1. Select Content in the left-hand side navigation bar

  2. Select Incoming RSS Feed

  3. Select Create Incoming RSS Feed

  4. Input the Feed URL and Select I Agree with the Terms and Conditions. Select Next

  5. A preview of the content will load. Enter the name of the feed, note that this will be displayed in other areas of the platform and your reports that this feed is added to.

  6. Select Save


Integrate your RSS into other features

Now that your RSS Feed is bringing content into your platform, you can include this data in to multiple sections of your platform:

Search Folders

To include your RSS feed data into your existing searches this can be done via the sourcebase for the searches. For further details, please review Filtering News Results by Source and Criteria in Explore for steps to building a Custom Source Selection.

Digest Reports

When creating a new report or editing an existing one, select Inputs and scroll to the bottom of the dropdown menu to select the RSS Feeds to be included. For further details on how to edit your reports, check out How Do I Create or Edit a Digest Report.


RSS feeds are available as inputs into your widgets within Dashboards both when initially creating the dashboard or adding new widgets. As all widgets are not compatible with RSS Feed data, when selecting a widget to add to your dashboard please check the widgets information details on the right-hand side.

Newsletters and Newsfeeds

Incorporating RSS Feed data into your Outputs is also available under the dropdown menu for inputs. If you have combined your RSS Feed data into your search folders which are already sending content to your Newsletter or Newsfeed, please note that this will be sharing the data through to your output without the need for the RSS Feed to be selected within Outputs.

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