Welcome to your go-to guide on managing the users on your account!

Looking to add or delete a user on your account? Read below to manage or change your user settings:

How do I add a new User?

Check out this product tutorial which will walk you through these steps on your screen!

  • Select Account

  • Select Manage Users

  • Click on the Add User button in the top right-hand corner of the page

  • Complete the Add User form. For further details of User Permission, check out the bottom of this article.

  • Once created, the new user will be sent an email invitation requesting that they set their password.

  • Select your time zone during the initial user setup to receive reports during the correct business hours.

  • Select Save

Now that you've added a user, check out this product tutorial which will walk you through to add them to the recipient list for your Digest Reports.

How do I delete a User?

Check out this product tutorial which will walk you through these steps on your screen!

  1. Go to the Manage Users

  2. Click on the action bar (three dots) to the right of the user you wish to remove and select "Delete"

Different types of users: Administrators and Viewers

  1. Administrators have the ability to create, edit and delete searches and dashboards. They can also update other users' settings such as adding users and assigning users to social profiles for Meltwater Engage.

  2. Viewers can conduct ad-hoc searches but cannot save them. They can also configure their own reports and personalize how they consume content streams in the application.

Only Administrators can change a user type, to do this please follow these steps:

  • Visit the Manage Users page

  • Select the three-dot dropdown menu on the user in the list, select Edit

  • Update the selection under Users Role

  • Select save

If the user is currently logged into Meltwater when this change has been made, please ask them to log out and re-enter their credentials to see the changes reflected in their account.

Viewer Capabilities and Restrictions


Viewer users will be able to access all available features in the Inbox including:

  • Creating/editing the list of favorite inputs

  • Changing the Inbox date range

  • Selecting one or multiple articles

  • Tagging articles

  • Sharing (Email, FB, Twitter) articles

  • Changing article sentiment

  • Translate article

  • Export articles

However, Viewers will not be able to create reports from the report settings button in the Inbox.


Viewers will not be able to create new dashboards, but they will be able to set a saved dashboard as the home dashboard. Viewers also are not able to create reports via the report settings button. They will be able to invite collaborators and email the dashboard.

Viewers are not able to edit the dashboard or specific widgets.

Dashboard widgets can be expanded and all of the available functions of the content stream are able to be used. For graph widgets, Viewers are able to click on data points in the graph and change the display for viewing only. Viewers also have the ability to export dashboards as PDF, Image, Excel (Raw Data), and Excel (Analytics).

Media Relations

All features in Media Relations are available for Viewers.


Viewers can view and create new searches but are not able to save or delete searches. A prompt will come up to save the search if a user navigates to another page, but the user will not be able to.


Viewers have access to all available features for Tags.


Viewers are able to create distributions for existing newsletters and modify existing newsfeeds.

If you would like to add another Approved Sender to your press release distribution options, check out our how-to guide here.

Advanced User Permissions

Advanced user permissions allow administrators to grant the same Admin and Viewer access for users, at that Meltwater module level. Meaning, you can set a user's access specifically to Explore, and different permission for managing users.

This feature also introduces the No Access role. No Access will remove a user's ability to see or navigate to a specific Meltwater module. For example, a user with No Access to Explore, will not see Explore in the Navigation bar, on the home screen, nor will they be able to navigate to it via direct link (i.e. https://app.meltwater.com/explore/list).

Advanced User Permissions is an enterprise feature. For access to this feature, reach out to your account manager.

How to Update a User's Visibility

The Visibility option allows you to customize the features which can be viewed within your Meltwater system for each user. This is ideal for meeting the unique needs of each user, such as ensuring your C Suite only views their top 5 search folders.

You can enable or remove the visibility of:

  • Dashboards

  • Searches

  • Tags

  • RSS Feeds

Any Administrator users can update the visibility settings of all users within your account. These updates can be done in bulk by selecting multiple users at once or individually.

  • Select Account

  • Select Manage User

  • Via the tick box, select the users to have their visibility updated

  • Select Set Visibility

  • Via the tick box, deselect the searches to remove them from the view of the selected user

  • Select Save

How to help your New User get started

Now that your New User has been added, they will also be sent an email prompting them to log into the system and set up a password. To help them get started, we'd recommend sharing the Get Started as New User article (link).

We have this article as a go-to guide for new users and includes links to training materials, videos, and basic areas of the platform they will want to become familiar with.

Thank you for reading. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat!

Team Meltwater

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