Welcome to your go-to guide on the 'More from Meltwater' apps icon.

Meltwater has made several acquisitions this year, and we are working on bringing those products into our Media Intelligence platform for a more unified user experience.

Our next step towards this unification is the introduction of the new 'More from Meltwater' apps icon!

What is 'More from Meltwater'?

This feature will allow any Meltwater user with an account to one of Meltwater's other products, the ability to navigate directly to that application, all within the same login session. No extra logins, passwords, or URLs needed.

Currently, this is only available for any user with both a Meltwater account and a Klear account. This will save you time by more easily logging in, and also allows you to use the same login and password for both your Meltwater and Klear accounts for increased efficiency, and security.

Click the Meltwater Apps icon, and view the current 'More from Meltwater' products.

Today, the options are Klear and Linkfluence. Additional products may be added in the future.

When you click on Klear, a new tab will open, already logged into your Klear account, via https://klear.com/. Your Meltwater login credentials are now your Klear login credentials as well. Same username and password for both. This is a part of our increased security login process launched earlier this year.

What if I don't have the products listed in the Meltwater Apps icon?

If you do not have an account for one of the current Meltwater products listed in the Application Selector, don't worry! Clicking on either Klear or Linkfluence will instead take you to a more information page via the Meltwater website, where you can sign up for more information on these additional products.

The direct links to these sites are below.

We will continue to add additional Meltwater Apps to this icon in the future, so keep an eye out for updates!

Thank you for reading. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat!

Team Meltwater

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