An Overview of Meltwater

Designed for new users as an overview to help get set up, learn the basics, and find additional support options.

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Welcome to Meltwater! We know trying to learn a new software can be a challenge. That's why we've created this help article! This article is designed to help you get started on your path to setting up and maximizing your experience with Meltwater.

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Table of Contents

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    • For first-time users during onboarding. Learn things like:

      • Accessing Meltwater

      • How to navigate Meltwater

      • Update your profile and preferences

      • Manage other users

      • Connect social channels

      • Download the mobile apps

    • Get started with Meltwater Fundamentals. Explore Meltwater's Product Lineup. You can dive into the specific product(s) you have access to. These products include:

      • Explore & Monitor

      • Engage

      • Analyze & Report

      • Distribute & Alert

      • Influence

    • Learn about some of the more advanced functions of Meltwater, including:

      • Alerts

      • Tags

      • Labels

      • Third-party Integrations

      • RSS feeds

    • Discover the additional ways to get assistance when using Meltwater, including:

      • Meltwater Academy

      • Live Chat & Email Support

      • Step-by-step Product Tutorials

      • Help Center

Meltwater Basics - First-time setup

This area is designed to assist with the first-time setup and basics of Meltwater during your onboarding journey.

    • Meltwater consists of several different applications, all within one platform. The navigation bar and home screen allow you to easily move around Meltwater.

    • View the number of users, saved searches, and dashboards for your account, which upgrades your account has access to, and more.

    • Update your name and change your password, as well as set your preferred language, time zone, and even start page.

    • Add, update, and remove users from their accounts within the Manage Users table.

    • Connect social channels to Meltwater for use with social listening, competitive benchmarking, paid analysis, publishing, engaging, and analyzing.

    • Meltwater offers two separate mobile apps, each for a different use case: Meltwater Mobile, and Meltwater Engage.

Meltwater Fundamentals - Getting started

Meltwater Advanced - Going deeper

    • Learn all of the available Boolean operators for use when fine-tuning your search results.

    • Get real-time notifications for the topics you choose, in the places you work most.

    • Organize relevant content for dashboards, and reports, or curate and share content with stakeholders.

    • Categorize and organize your saved searches for easy access and collaboration.

    • Integrate third-party applications directly to Meltwater, or integrate Meltwater into your Business Intelligence (BI) tools via the Meltwater API.

    • Add any online document to Meltwater, to be included with your monitoring results.

    • Third-party data can be added to Meltwater through an RSS feed, to be used as inputs to your Newsfeed, Newsletter, Digest Reports, dashboards, and Monitor.

Meltwater Learning Resources and Support - Get additional help

    • Video-based courses & certifications to help you get started. Learn the basics or tackle advanced use cases in 30 minutes!

  • @MeltwaterLearn - YouTube Channel

    • View Product Training Videos, Product Updates, Customer Stories, etc.

    • Live, interactive training with a Meltwater Product Expert. In-depth topics and overviews of specific Meltwater products with the opportunity to ask an expert.

    • Reach out for help 24/7 via, or chat directly with a product expert now, via live chat.

    • Search for additional help articles and browse by collection.

Meltwater Additional Resources - Other things to know

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Need more help? Feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat or check out our Customer Community.

Find answers and get help from Meltwater Support and Community Experts.

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