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Learn the options within your Account Settings including Manage users, Social Connections and Approved Senders

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Welcome to the go-to guide on your Account Settings! The following setting options can be reviewed and updated within the platform.

To get started, select Account within the lefthand side navigation bar.


This article will go through the following:


This page is specific to your user settings, including the ability to reset your password and update your timezone settings.

Note: You will not be able to reset your own email address while logged into the system. If you'd like to update your email address please reach out to our team via Live Chat for assistance.

Within the Profile page, you can update a few items.

  • First name & Last name: make sure to keep your name updated, if you change your name, or go by another name, such as a shortened name (Ex. Dave instead of David). There are a few places within Meltwater that your name will display to other users.

  • Change password: update your current Meltwater password

Regarding SSO:

Meltwater strongly encourages all customers to use SSO, which allows you to set specific password complexity, rotation rules, and leverage MFA. For those customers who do not choose to use SSO, Meltwater’s customer password requirements are 8 characters, with 3 of 4 character types. Password resets are done via an email containing a URL.

Within Preferences, you can update a few more items.

  • Language: choose your Meltwater display language, from one of the 13 available languages

  • Time zone: select your time zone

  • Start page: set the area of Meltwater you would like to start on each time you login

Under Security you can enable Multi-factor authentication. While MFA is optional, it delivers added security for those who enable it. Learn more here.

Note: Due to the existing login and security requirements established with Single Sign-On, if your company has SSO enabled, the MFA toggle in Profile settings will not appear.

Manage Users

You can edit/delete existing users from this page.

To add new users - click on the purple 'Add user' button on the top right-hand corner of the screen (if you do not see this, check your user settings to make sure you are set up as an administrator). Administrators are able to manage multiple users at once. You are also able to set which searches, dashboards, RSS feeds, and tags are visible to your team.

Check out this article if you want to learn more about adding/deleting users on your account.

Per the terms of your Meltwater subscription agreement, all users must be employees of the organization who are subscribed to the Meltwater service, using the service for internal purposes only.

For further details into the permissions users have based on the 'Administrator' or 'Viewer' status, please review this article here.

Integrations and APIs

Integrate third-party applications for a seamless experience. Here you can add your third-party accounts to integrate directly into Meltwater for dashboard widgets, alert notifications, and link shortening.

Check out your Integrations via this direct link or learn more about how you can connect your accounts to Meltwater in this dedicated article here.

Social Connections

Click here for an on-screen tutorial on how to connect your channels.

For further details on how to connect your social channels, please review this article here.

Approved Senders

Adding approved senders to your system can be used to save 'from' email addresses for press releases and newsletters.

Check out this product tutorial which will walk you through these steps on your screen!

For further details on saving Approved Senders, please review this article here.

Further Account Questions

Do you have more questions about your Account Settings? Reach out to our team for further details into your specific account set up. Quick ways to reach out include:

Please see the variety of ways you can reach out for further assistance from our team via this article here.

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Need more help? Feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat or check out our Customer Community.

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