How to Use Author Lists in Explore

Filter your Twitter and Reddit results by preferred authors of interest

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Author Lists allow you to create a list of Twitter handles or Reddit users, and use the list as a filter to find documents from those handles and users. For Twitter, you can also use the list as a filter to find Twitter documents to those handles.

These can be used to help you:

  • Track when a specific group mentions your organization or a topic (journalists, news, industry influencers, etc.)

  • Track when competitors are mentioned with relevant topics, such as complaints or questions (lead-gen opportunities)

  • Monitor influencers and partners during campaigns to ensure mentions are on-brand and using agreed-upon assets

  • Monitor mentions to influencers and partners with sensitive/critical search terms e.g. to know when fans are criticizing or accusing them (racism, discrimination, bullying, violence, fraud, etc.)

Creating Author Lists

You can create an Author List via the Explore library landing page, the filter bar, as well as after selecting authors in the Authors tab.

To create an Author List from the Explore library landing page, select the Author Lists tab and click "Create Author List".


To create an Author List from the filter bar, click the "Author" filter drop-down and select "Create List". A pop-up box will appear.


To create an Author List after selecting your authors via the Authors tab, click Add to List. In the pop-up, at the top of your list of current Author Lists, is an option to 'Create list'.

1. Type in the name of your list


2. Select your list type:

  • "From" is used to find documents from the specified list of authors (most popular use case)

  • "To" is used to find documents to the specified list of authors and works for Twitter only


3. Enter in the social handles and/or users:

  • One handle/user per row

  • The @ symbol is not required

  • Handles are case sensitive and must match the handle exactly (e.g. we want to use @Meltwater not @meltwater)

  • You can enter a maximum of 5,000 handles and users per list

  • Twitter and Reddit are supported


4. Once complete click save.


Applying an Author List

To apply an Author List to a search, in the Filters bar click the Author drop-down and select your list. You can select more than one list, however, the cumulative number of handles and users within the selected lists must not exceed 5,000.

Once you've selected the list(s), click Apply Filters to apply this filter to your search.


If you want to search for documents from an Author List without a keyword search, please use a single asterisk "*" as your query (see use cases below). Do not use any other Boolean hack.

This can help you discover topics a key group is interested in!

Managing Author Lists

Users can manage Author Lists from the Explore library landing page.

Hover over a list and click the ellipsis menu on the right-hand side. This menu gives the following options:

  • Duplicate

  • Edit

  • Delete


To read about other filters available in Explore please review this article here.

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