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Learn how to publish content to your LinkedIn profile in Meltwater Engage.

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Before creating a LinkedIn post, you first need to connect your LinkedIn account in your account settings. Learn more about Connecting your Owned Social Accounts.

Creating a LinkedIn Post

To create a LinkedIn post in Engage, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Engage drop-down in the left-hand navigation bar

  2. Select Publish

  3. Click Create in the top right-hand corner

  4. Click Post

  5. Select the check box to the left of the LinkedIn account(s) you want to publish to

  6. Compose your post

    1. Write and edit the text within the post. The body of text can also include embedded & attached links. These will be automatically shortened and hyperlinked, but will not show the 'card' below the post. When including a direct mention, begin entering the Company Page's or Personal Profile's social handle and then select the page from the dropdown list. This functionality does not work from the cross-channel editor, only the LinkedIn editor.

      Note: Due to a product update if your Linkedin Profile was connected before August 10, 2023 you must reconnect on the social connections tab before ANY LinkedIn mentions will work.

    2. Image attachment. LinkedIn posts can include up to 9 images

    3. Animated GIFs. You can post up to 1 GIF with a maximum file size of 5MB.

    4. Video attachments are supported up to the file size of 2GB and a maximum playtime of 10 minutes

    5. Links. This feature has been disabled. Add links directly in the compose box. Learn more here.

    6. Emojis

    7. LinkedIn posts can include text up to 3,000 characters.

  7. The metadata (title, description, and image) for links in LinkedIn posts can be customized during the publishing process. To start, after adding a link to the compose box for a post, click Edit, on the LinkedIn preview. Note: you can only customize metadata via the LinkedIn-specific channel composer.

  8. After clicking edit and opening the channel-specific composer for LinkedIn, hover over the link preview, and click the pencil icon in the top-right-hand corner.

  9. This will open the link editor screen. From here, you can customize the Title, Description, and Thumbnail for your link.

    1. Title - 400 character limit

    2. Description - 256 character limit

    3. Image - 1 image limit

  10. After making your changes, click Save link to continue editing your post. Click Save again when you are satisfied with your post.

  11. You can Select a Reviewer, this is an optional step where you can assign someone to review this post. Learn more about Assigning Posts for Approval.

  12. You can apply tags to your post. Applying tags to social media content is great for campaign management, organizing your content, and reporting. Learn more about Managing Social Posts with Tags.

Note: Attachments - LinkedIn posts can currently only support one attachment type at a time, such as an image or an attached link.

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