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Publish: Attaching Links in General Compose (available for Facebook, LinkedIn, and X)
Publish: Attaching Links in General Compose (available for Facebook, LinkedIn, and X)
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The attached link process includes the automatic detection of links in all composers (general and channel-specific).

Note: The attached link menu option has been greyed out and is no longer available.

Links should be added directly into the message compose box. The attached link preview will automatically display when a link is present in the compose box.

If multiple links are present in the composer, the last one will be used for the preview.

  • To use a different link as the preview, remove the existing preview and then re-add the preferred link to the composer.

  • You can remove attached links at your discretion.

What if a preview fails to generate?

A warning banner when the attached link preview fails to generate will appear. This is only a warning, so the link can still be used even if no preview image is available.

Instructions are provided in the warning banner for you to include the link as an embedded link, and attach an image or video directly to the post instead.

Once the preview is removed, other media types (i.e. images, videos) can be appended to the message.

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