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Connecting your Ads Manager Account to Meltwater Engage
Connecting your Ads Manager Account to Meltwater Engage

Link your Ads Manager Account within Meltwater Engage

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To access the Facebook & Instagram Paid Performance template in Social Analytics (and the ability to engage with dark posts, coming soon!) you will first need to connect your Ads Manager accounts. These connections do not count against the total number of owned or competitor social connections purchased.

It is important to note that Ads Manager accounts can be used for both Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts. One Ads Manager account can be used for multiple Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts. Additionally, multiple Ads Manager accounts can have access to the same Facebook Pages or Instagram accounts.

Steps to connecting Ads Manager

  1. Go to the Paid Connections tab

  2. Select Ad Account

  3. All available Ads Manager accounts associated with the connected Facebook Pages or Instagram accounts will be displayed. Select which accounts you would like to authenticate in Engage

  4. Your Ads Manager account will need to be authenticated every 60 days.

If the associated Facebook Page becomes disconnected from Engage, this will also cause the Ads Manager connections to disconnect. When reauthenticating an Ads Manager account, all paid accounts connected by that user will also be reauthenticated. For example, if you connect 3 different Ads Manager accounts, and after 60 days refresh just one of the accounts, all 3 will be refreshed.

The Paid tab is visible to all users on an account, and you do not need an Engage user seat to access it. You will also not need to be assigned to a paid account and will be able to see all paid accounts in the account picker when using the Social Analytics Paid Performance template.

Both Administrators and Listeners have the ability to add, remove, and reconnect Ads Accounts.

Thank you for reading. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat!

Team Meltwater

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