How To Share Dashboards With Stakeholders

Learn how to manage and share your dashboards in a reporting format

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We've made dashboards shareable to make it easy to communicate results and insights with Stakeholders. The article below will cover the following:

In a few simple steps, you can share a link to an interactive, customizable presentation. To ensure easy access, recipients do not require a Meltwater log-in, however, you can add password protection to the link should you need that for security reasons.

If you'd like to update the colors within your graphs before sharing the dashboard, please review our color customizing article here.

How to Share a Dashboard

Within your Explore search folder:

  1. Select Share

  2. Select Share Dashboard from the drop-down menu

  3. Your slides will open in a pop-up (pick up at step 3 below)


Within your Dashboard:

  1. Select Actions

  2. Select Share Dashboard from the drop-down menu


3. Edit your Slides to make custom changes, or select Share Slides if you want to continue without making edits.


4. Use the left-hand panel to scroll through your widgets


5. Edit any widget by clicking the pencil in the upper right-hand corner, changing your text, and clicking the checkmark.


6. Add summary, divider, and conclusion slides to structure the presentation of your data so that it is easier for your stakeholders to consume.


7. Click share. Enter the password you would like to use for your Shareable Dashboard and click open in the new window to view your Shareable Dashboard.


8. Voila! You have your Shareable Dashboard and can share it with anyone - as long as they have the password!.


Download to PowerPoint, PDF, or Add to Google Slides

Besides generating a link to share your dashboard as we've outlined above, you also have the option to download reports to PowerPoint (PPT), PDF, or Add to Google Slides.

On the final step of sharing your dashboard, you are presented with the following options.

Download PowerPoint and download PDF will download both options directly to your computer. You are then able to open, edit, and share them how you normally would files of this type, outside of Meltwater.

When you select Add to Google Slides, you will be prompted to choose which Google account you want to sign in to.

Choose the appropriate account to link, then click continue.

Your slides will then be generated and opened in a new tab, directly within your Google slide instance, where you have full control for editing, collaboration, and exporting!


We understand that in addition to sharing dashboards online, sometimes you may also need to have a hard copy. To create a hard copy, please follow these steps within a Google Chrome web browser:

  1. Open your created Sharable Dashboard link

  2. Use the Print option within your web browser

  3. Select 'Save as PDF' or your printer as the destination

  4. Under Layout select Landscape

  5. Under More Settings make sure the scale is set to 70

  6. Under More Settings make sure 'Headers and Footers' is unchecked

  7. Select Save or Print.


Does the generated Shareable Dashboard link include live data?

The content and graphs displayed in the Shareable Dashboard link show a snapshot in time. The snapshot illustrated reflects the date range chosen on the original dashboard.

Can I insert images in the Summary, Divider, or Conclusion slides?

You can include text and links, but images are not currently supported.

Are the widgets clickable?

All widgets will display additional information when hovered over, but cannot be clicked on. You can also select and deselect data points or zoom in and out for some widgets. The only widget that is truly clickable is the Content Stream, which will allow you to click on each article and open the web link. The Content Stream is limited to the last 25 articles.

Can the Shareable Dashboard be sent to anyone?

Yes, you may share the link with anyone. In order to view the content, you must enter the password.

Is there a limit to how many people can access the link?

Nope, you can share the link with as many people as you want!

Will the Shareable Dashboard ever expire?

Yes, Shareable dashboards will load for 180 days. The user who created the dashboard will have the ability to delete it if needed.

How can I view the Shareable Dashboards I've created?

You will see a table of all shared dashboards on the dashboards tab under the subtab "SHARED".

We created Shareable Dashboards Pro to give clients (and their clients) the ability to click on a significant point on a chart or graph and drill down to the content that drives that point.

Shareable Dashboards Pro

This is an add-on tool which you are able to purchase if it is a good fit for your needs. The tool gives you the ability to click on a significant point on a chart or graph and drill down to the content that drives that point. Read below to see the additional benefits of this tool:

  • Allows you to drill down on largest data points within most widgets/charts for up to 25 articles

  • Ability to save up to 100 shared dashboards

  • Ability to remove meltwater watermark/logo and replace with something custom

*For some data points, it will not always be possible to drill down to content.

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