Welcome to our guide to removing content from your results!

Content filters into your search folder when it matches all three criteria below:

  1. It matches the monitoring keywords

  2. It matches the date range that has been selected

  3. The publication is included in the source base used for the search folder

If you would like to change one of these settings to remove an article, please update the search folder it has filtered into. To learn more about how to edit your search folders please review this article here.

To remove articles, social posts or clips from your search results you can either:

Use the 'Hide' function

or edit your Search folders

'Hide' function


Within Search or the Inbox, the Hide icon removes the article selected from your results across the whole platform. Note that this will exclude the content from all other search folders, exported spreadsheets, dashboards and reports.

Please see a screen tour of how to 'hide' an article within the platform via this link.

This can also be reversed to 'unhide' if you'd like to include the article again later. Please see a screen tour of how to 'unhide' an article within the platform via this link.

  • Load the content you'd like to tag in a content stream such as Search, Explore or Inbox.

  • Via the tick box, select the articles. A select all tick box is available next to the number of results

  • Select the Hide icon


Remove keywords/content with Boolean

If you would like to remove or make sure you do not see specific content, you can adjust your search query to make sure certain keywords are not included in your results:


When we convert the above search to Boolean, it looks like this:

((apple) AND (iwatch OR watch)) NOT ("apple juice" OR "apple sauce")

If you would like to learn more about searching with Boolean, check out this article here.

Thank you for reading. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat!

Team Meltwater

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