Set up your Alerts with Slack Integration

Automate your Alerts with Meltwater's Slack integration

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Introducing a new delivery option to receive your Meltwater Alerts - Slack! At this point, nearly all organizations use some form of collaboration tool to conduct business. With the ability to push Alerts via a direct Slack integration, your organization will receive your alerts in the most modern and convenient way.

Here is an overview of Alerts if you are new to Meltwater or need a refresher.

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Slack Integration Value

By enabling this integration right from the platform, you and your team can begin receiving automated, AI-powered alerts sent directly to Slack. Having a centralized channel with all Alerts flowing in will allow teams to better collaborate and act on business critical news, market shifts, trends and competitive intelligence.

Slack’s collaborative nature allows your teams to act quickly on market movements, alert relevant internal departments in a timely manner and make better informed decisions powered by rich insights.

How does it Work?

It is recommended that you connect your organization’s Slack to Meltwater in one of two places. This action will only need to be performed once by one team member. After a connection is made on an account it will be connected for everyone.

1. Integrations & APIs tab under Account:

2. Alerts tab under Content: (Users can adjust delivery options on existing alerts or when they click ‘Create Alert’ in the upper right corner.)

Existing Alert:

Create New Alert:

Once connected, any new alert that a user has set up with Slack as the delivery option will begin flowing in to the connected Slack channel.

Adding and Updating Slack Channels?

We recommend creating a dedicated public Slack channel with an obvious name like ‘Meltwater Alerts,’ and make sure all users on the account are in that public Slack channel that is connected to Meltwater. As mentioned above, all alerts created by any user on the account with ‘Slack’ as the selected delivery option will flow into the connected channel.

You can connect Meltwater to any of your company's public Slack channels. After a connection has been made, users with the admin setting can edit or remove the connection at any point. By editing the integration, you can opt to connect a different public Slack channel to have your alerts delivered.

At Meltwater, we know that you care about how your personal information is used and shared, and that is why we are committed to respecting your privacy and helping protect the security of your personal information. Learn more about our Privacy Policy.

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