Welcome to your go-to guide on easily shorten links in Meltwater Engage through an integration with Bit.ly!

Authenticate Bit.ly

Authenticating your Bit.ly account to be connected to Meltwater is required to be able to shorten links within Publish. If you have not connected an account, there will not be an option to shorten links in your Meltwater Engage.

Bit.ly accounts are free and easy to set up, learn more about setting up an account from their help center article here.

  • Go to your Meltwater Settings, select Integrations and APIs from the dropdown list

  • Within the Bit.ly option, select connect

  • A pop-up window will load requiring you to log into your Bit.ly account, follow the prompts to authenticate the connection

This authentication will not expire and will only need to be connected once. At this time, you can only connect one Bit.ly account to be authenticated and used within Meltwater Engage.

Shortening links while publishing

Now that you've authenticated your Bit.ly account within Meltwater, you'll be presented with a check box option to shorten links you've added to social posts using Attach Link.

  • Within Publish, begin composing your social post. Link shortening can be used in either cross-channel or individual channel posts

  • While editing your post, select the Attach Link icon and enter the URL link, select add

  • On the preview of the attached link, select the check box to shorten the link

Since the Bit.ly links are attached links, you will be unable to add an image or video to your post. If you would like to add an image, simply copy and paste the created link into the text box, delete the attached link, and attach your image or video. Deleting the attached link will not delete the Bit.ly link, as it has already been generated in your Bit.ly account.

Within your Bit.ly account, you can utilize Link Click analytics to review the engagement with the links in your post. If you'd like one link for the same post across all social channels, you can shorten the link from the cross-channel editor. To track Link Clicks per social network for your reporting purposes, you will need to go into the individual channel editors in Meltwater Engage, attach and shorten the link.

Thank you for reading. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat!

Team Meltwater

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