Influencer tags are one of Klear’s most popular features. They allow you to compile, organize, and manage influencers based on the categories most important to you. We have an exciting update that enhances this feature. You can now filter and view influencers with more than one tag.

Vetting and managing influencers with multiple tags

Sometimes you may assign an influencer with more than one tag. For example, you may tag someone as a beauty influencer and as a mother, or you may tag someone as a beauty influencer and as someone located in the United Kingdom. If you’re launching an activation that requires influencers that match more than one tag you can now filter and view them with multiple tags.

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Similarly, if you’re launching an activation that uses influencers across different categories you can select multiple tags and view any influencer that matches at least one of the tags you’ve selected. For example, you may tag an influencer as “Top Performer - Spring 2022” and another influencer as “Top Performer - Summer 2022.” If you want to view the top performers across multiple campaigns you can now view influencers with different tags together.

Measuring campaign performance with multiple tags

If you’re running a big activation with multiple subsets of influencers you will want to measure your campaign performance across all influencers and across each subset. This will help you analyze and benchmark which subsets have the most impact on your brand. For example, you may be working with influencers in more than one country and they may be promoting more than one product. In this example, we recommend tagging each influencer with their location and with the product they’re featuring in their content. Now in Measure, you can filter using multiple tags so you can report on specific subsets of influencers. Evaluating the performance of each subset will help you make strategic decisions that increase the success of future campaigns.

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How does it work?

When filtering influencers in Profiles or your campaign’s Measure tab you’ll receive a pop-up box that contains all your tags. Click on each tag you want to apply. Once selected, the tag will move to the top of the pop-up box and a checkmark will appear beside it. Your results will automatically refresh with these changes. Click outside the pop-up box to close it.

By default you will see influencers tagged with any of the selected tags, meaning an influencer must be tagged with at least one of the tags selected. If you wish to find influencers assigned with more than one tag, click on the three dots beside the tag drop-down, and select “ALL of the selected tags.” You will now see influencers that have been assigned every tag you’ve selected.

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If you want to deselect a tag, click on the tag drop-down and click on the tag you wish to deselect. Your results will automatically refresh with these changes.

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